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gua lou pi (pericarpium trichosantum) enters all the following channels except A. Lungs B. Stomach C. Spleen D. Large Intestine C. Spleen
Which test/sign identifies either medial meniscus or lateral meniscus? A. Posterior drawer sign B. Lachmen test C. Anterior drawer sign D. Flexion stress test E. McMurray test E. McMurray test
Which cranial nerve is involved in hearing? A. Cranial nerve VIII B. Cranial nerve VII C. Cranial nerve V D. Cranial nerve IV E. Cranial nerve X A. Cranial Nerve VIII
qing pi (citri reticulatae viride) should be used with caution in patients with A. blood deficiency B. qi deficiency C. qi stagnation D. blood stagnation B. qi deficiency
All of the following tests and signs may strongly suggest carpal tunnel syndrome EXCEPT? A. Thumb abduction test B. Tinel's sign C. Lachman test D. Phalen's test E. Finkelstein's test C. Lachman Test
When needling which point should one be careful to avoid the cephalic vein? A. LU-9 (taiyuan) B. LU-7 (lieque) C. LU-5 (chize) D. LU-8 (jingqu) B. Lu-7
Myasthenia Gravis sx: A.drooping eyelid, diplopia, muscle weakness post-exercise, easily tired B.fatigue, poor concent./memory, sore throat, muscle pain, unrefreshing sleep C.bulging eyes, fatigue, weak muscles, sens to cold, brittle nails/hair A
Cold back, profuse and clear urination, pale tongue, & deep pulse. A. BL-23, BL-28, KI-3, CV-3, BL-52 B. BL-23, GV-4, KI-3, CV-4, CV-6 C. KI-3, LU-7, KI-6, ST-36, CV-17 D. KI-3, KI-6), CV-4, KI-10 , SP-6 B
Dry eyes & throat, night sweats, scanty menses, & red peeled tongue. TX: A. Nourish Kidney Yin, Clear Empty Fire, Calm the Mind B. Nourish Kidney and Heart Yin, Clear Heart Empty Fire C. Nourish Liver and Kidney Yin D. Nourish Kidney Yin C
Chronic diarrhea (occurs in the early morning), pain below navel, & cold extremities. T: pale w/ white coating. P:Deep & weak A. ST-36, ST-25, CV-12, CV-6 B. ST-36, ST-25, ST-44, SP-9 C. ST-36, CV-12, SP-3, BL-20, LR-13 D. ST-36, BL-20, CV-4 D
Insomnia. Falls asleep easy,wakes up often. Dry throat. Erect dysf x2 yrs. T: red w/ thin ct. P: empty at deep level & weak,thin in L rear. A. Tonify Kid & Essence B. Ton Ht & Blood, Calm Mind C. Tonify Liv & Yin, Calm Mind D. t Kid & Ht Yin, Calm Mi D
Low back pain &: posture is flexed &forward bent, weak motor & low limb hyporeflexia, prefer to sit instead stand? A. Radicular LBP B. Mechanical LBP C. Back & leg pain d/t lumbar stenosis D. LBP referred d/t pelvis & ab E. Chronic persistent stiff L C
Location of lo-connect pt of ft taiyang A. In depression betw ext malleolus & tendo calc B. 7 cun sup to UB60 on post border of fibula C. Inf to belly of gastroc on line connect UB40 & tendo calc 8 cun inf UB 40 D. Mid between UB 55 & 57 center of gas B
Ab pain, vomiting of worms, cold limbs Roundworms (in SI)
Desire to eat strange objects such as soil, wax, uncooked rice, or tea leaves Hookworms in SI
Itchy anus, worse in evening Pinworms in SI
Constant hunger Tapeworms in SI
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