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Maciocia (UpperJiao)


Heart Qi Def Ht5, P6, B15, Ren17, Ren6 ________________________________________________________________ T:pale; P: thready, weak or a missed beat pulse.
Heart Yang Def Ht5, P6, B15, Ren17, Ren6 + Du14 ________________________________________________________________ T:pale, swollen and DELICATE tongue or a PURPLISH DARK tongue; P: deep, weak or knotted.
Heart Blood Def Ht7, P6, Ren14, Ren15, Ren4 + B17, B20 (move/make) ________________________________________________________________ T:pale, thin SLIGHTLY DRY; P: thready and WEAK.
Heart Yin Def Ht7, P6, Ren14, Ren15, Ren4, Ht6, Sp6, Kd7, Kd6 ________________________________________________________________ T:red, no coat; P: thready and rapid.
Heart Fire Ht9 (all Ht Excess), Ht8, Ht7, Ren15, Sp6, K6 ________________________________________________________________ T:red; P: rapid.
Heart Phlegm-Fire Ht7, Ht8, Ht9, P7, Ren15, Sp6(Fire pts); B15, B20, Ren12, S40, P5(Phlegm pts); ________ Liv3, Liv2, Du20, G13, G15, Du24, P7 (P-F pts). ________________________________________________________________ T: yellow, sticky coat; P: rolling, rapid & FORCEFUL.
Heart Phlegm Ht9 (all Ht Excess), P5, B15, S40, Ren12, B20, Du26 (Ht phlegm only) _________________________________________________________________ T:swollen body, white, sticky coat; P: string-taut & rolling.
Heat Blood Stasis (No Ht 9 since Ex&Def) P6, P4, Ht7, Ren17, B14, B17, Sp10, K25 _________________________________________________________________ T: purplish dark with PURPLISH SPOTS; P: thready and hesistant or knotted.
Heart Yang Collapse (3 Rens, 3 Dus, 2 Xus, 2 common pts) Ren6, Ren4, Ren8, Du4, S36, P6, B23, Du20, Du14, B15 _________________________________________________________________ T: very pale or BLUISH PURPLE, SHORT; P: feeble fading pulse.
Lung Qi Def Lu9, Lu7, Ren6, B13, Du12, S36 _________________________________________________________________ T:pale, thin white coat; P: weak, DEFICIENT.
Lung Yin Def Lu9, Ren17, B43, B13, Du12, Ren4, K6, Ren12, Lu10 _________________________________________________________________ T:red with a small amount of coating; P: thready, rapid.
Lung Dryness Lu9, Ren4, K6, Sp6, Ren12 _________________________________________________________________ T: DRY; P: empty, especially on the right posiition.
Lung Wind-Cold Lu7, B12, Du16 _________________________________________________________________ T:thin white coat; P: superficial, tense.
Lung Wind-Heat Li4, Li11, Lu11, Du14, B12, xDu16x, G20 _________________________________________________________________ T:thin yellow coat; P: superficial, rapid.
Lung Wind-Water Lu7, Li6, Li7, Li4, B12, Ren9, B13 _________________________________________________________________ T: white-slippery coat; P: superficial, rolling
Lung Damp Phlegm Lu5, Lu7, Lu1, Ren17, S40, P6, Ren22, Ren12, Ren9, B20, B13 _________________________________________________________________ T: white, sticky coat; P: rolling.
Lung Phlegm Heat Lu5, Lu7, Lu10, Li11, Lu1, B13, Ren12, S40 _________________________________________________________________ T: red, yellow-sticky coat; P: rolling & rapid.
Lung Phlegm Fluids Lu5, Lu9, Ren17, B13, S40, B43, Ren12, S36, Ren9 _________________________________________________________________ T: pale body, thick-sticky coat; P: thready & rolling, soft.
Created by: ZiaAtayan