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Oncology 08/16/2019

Midterm 09/16/2019

Neoplasm New abnormal growth of cells
Cancer An abnormal tissue that grows and spreads or that may metastasize throughout the body
Carcinoma Epithelial cells
􏰁 Lymphoma Lymph nodes
􏰁 Leukemia A cancer of blood-forming tissues
􏰁 Gliomas/meningiomas Brain
Metastasize Spreads throughout the body and starts in new areas
Low-grade cancer Natural history of slow- development
High-grade cancer: Tendency to grow and spread rapidly
Paraneoplastic Syndrome Group of symptoms indirectly cause by the presence of cancer elsewhere in the body. ( seizures, cognitive changes)
CT Scan Computed Tomography
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
PET Positron Emission Tomography
PET use? Used to look at the structure and function of the body
Biopsies Surgical procedure segment of tumor is removed so that a pathologist may examine and determine a diagnosis.
STAGES OF CANCER Stage 1: localized area 􏰁 Stage 2: spread to adjacent region 􏰁 Stage 3: spread to another organ 􏰁 Stage 4: multiple system involvement
Chemotherapy Drugs used to alter the tumor cells genetic makeup. The idea is that the tumor will stop dividing and multiplying
Neutropenia Severe impairment of the immune response with decreased resistance to infection (cold)
Anemia Decreased hemoglobin levels; fatigue should be respected
Peripheral Neuropathy Motor and sensory involvement of the peripheral nerves (decreased sensory awareness to hand and feet)
Alopecia Hair loss
SIDE EFFECTS OF CHEMOTHERAPY 1. Neutropenia 2. Anemia 3. Peripheral Neuropathy 4. Alopecia 5. Decreased platelet count; decreased blood clotting 6.Reproduction (children by natural means)
Colostomy Opening in the colon
Urostomy Opening between body and urine producing/collecting organs
Chemotherapy May cause decreased FMC (makes changing colostomy and urostomy bags difficult)
Stages of Grief cDenial 2. Bargaining 3. Anger 4. Depression 5. Hope 6. Acceptance
Stoma Opening from the surgically resected site to the outside of the body
Colostomy Opening in the colon
Urostomy Opening between body and urine producing/collecting organs
Chemotherapy May cause decreased FMC (makes changing colostomy and urostomy bags difficult)
Created by: Genevadarcius
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