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MLT-Mol Diagnostic


What is the protein based method for bacterial identification in advanced diagnostic? MALDI-TOF MS
What are the Nucleic acid based method for bacterial identification in advanced diagnostic? 1.Species-specific PCR (IS6110PCR for M. tuberculosis) 2.Broad range PCR
What are the Biochemical based method for bacterial identification in advanced diagnostic? 1.Vitek 2 2.Phoenix 100
What are the methods for drug resistance detection in advanced diagnostic? 1.Resistance gene specific PCR 2.PCR sequencing 3.MALDI-TOF MS
Prokaryotic ribosomes consist of ___A___ subunit (small sub unit) and ____B____subunit (large sub unit) -> complete ____C_____ ribosome A:30S B:50S C:70S
What is the composition of 30S subunit? 1.16S ribosomal RNA 2. 21 proteins
The gene coding for 16s ribosomal RNA is referred to as _______? 16S rDNA
What are the 2 characteristics making 16S rDNA ideal for bacterial identification? 1.Highly conserved 5' and 3': Universal primers 2.The central region is hypervariable
What are the limitation of 16s rRNA sequencing? 1. Require 2-3 days for the entire workflow 2.Cannot differentiate similar species, like Mycobacterium spp. 3.Easy to be contamined by environmental bacterial 4.Post PCR leads to aerosol, and hence contamination
What are the 3 spatial separation for PCR set up? 1.Area1: Mastermix preparation 2.Area2:Specimen preparation / DNA extraction 3.Area3:Amplification and detection
What is the commercial PCR based test for MTB? Xpert MTB/RIF
What is the target gene for Xpert MTB/RIF to amplify? rpoB gene, specific to M. tuberculosis
rpoB gene encodes ______? Target for rifampicin
Mutation of rpoB gene will lead to ? 90% rifampicin resistance
What is the function of Xpert MTB/RIF? 1.Qualitative detection of M. tuberculosis 2.Detect the rpoB mutation
What is FilmArrayBlood Culture Identification Panel? 1. A nested multiplexes PCR 2. Can detect 24 pathogens + 3 antibiotic resistance genes 3. Bloodstream infection
How many stage of PCR will FileArray PCR perform? 2
What is the purpose of first stage PCR of FilmArray? a single, large volume, massively multiplexed reaction
What is the purpose of second stage PCR of FilmArray? to detect the products from the first stage PCR
How to detect the reaction of the FilmArray? intercalating dye and end-point melting curve
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