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MLT-Wound and Mis


What are the sources of organism? 1.Exogenous, S. aureusin nasal cavity 2.Endogenous, Clostridial spore in soil 3.Haematogenous, S. epidermidisfrom skin wound transmit to heart
What are the 5 types of wounds? 1.Traumatic wound, a physical wound caused by an external source, superficial/deep 2.Surgical wound, contamination during the operative procedure 3.Bite 4.Burns 5.Seawater associated wounds
What are the pathogens from the bite? 1.Dog: rabies virus 2.Cat: Pasteurella multocida 3.Human: α-haemolytic Strep or anaerobes
What would cause acute infection in seawater associated wound? Vibrio vulnificus
What would cause chronic infection in seawater associated wound? Mycobacterium marinum
What is the common pathogen in burns wound? Pseudomonas aeruginosa
What are the common causative pathogens in superficial traumatic wounds? mainly skin flora e.g. S. aureus(most important), Strep. pyogene and E. coli
What are the common causative pathogens in deep traumatic wounds? skin flora and exogenous anaerobes
What ____% of gut surgery would be resulted in infection? 25
Pathogen found in Superficial wound infection, deep wound infections, abscesses, burns? Staphylococcus aureus
Pathogen found in Burns, Superficial wound? Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pathogen found in Surgical wound after abdominal surgery, burns, deep wound infection? Enterobacteriaceae
Pathogen found in Superficial wound infection, burns? Streptococci pyogenes
Pathogens found in Bite wound, wound after dental surgery, superficial lwound infection? α-haemolytic Streptococci
Pathogens found Surgical wound after abdominal surgery? Enterococci
Pathogen found Surgical wound after abdominal surgery, deep wound infections? Clostridium
Pathogen found in surgical wound in oral, GI tract and female genital tract? Bacteriode spp.
Pathogen found in Human bite, surgical wound in oral, GI tract and female genital tract? Anaerobic cocci
For sterile specimen, _______ bacterial growth s considered as significant? Any
For non-sterile specimen, follow-up identification is not required in case of mixed growth of ______ organisms unless S.aureus is obtained? >3
For examination of anaerobic culture, _____A______ testing is essential to differentiate the____B_____ anaerobes from _____C____ anaerobes A.aerotolerance B. strict C.facultative
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