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Korean four needle

Jue Yin & Shao Yang

Which has the Wind attribute refers to dynamic, always moving energy that spirals and pulls inward - analogous to a tornado character? Jue Yin
Which has this energy is puffed up and huge, like a balloon. It also has an astringent effect? Jue Yin energy
Which has comes from feelings of acknowledgement, praise and honor that come from the acquisition of knowledge, power or fame? Jue Yin satistaction
What energy adds feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem? Jue Yin energy
Which meridian energy relate to the acquisition and storage of knowledge - includes: memory, understanding and communication? Hand Jue Yin PC -intellect
Which meridian energy is associated with creating the strategy for the overall planning of the bodies functions. Contributes to its mental and physical defense? Foot Jue Yin LIV meridian- power and strength
Satisfaction which comes from the feeling of acquiring knowledge, power or fame and receiving positive praise and honor for these accomplishments VS? Dissatisfaction which derives from feelings of inferiority, shame, embarrassment, anger or humiliation
Appropriate Amount • Feelings of satisfaction in the context of: • a scholastic spirit • a leadership spirit • pride in accomplishment • competitiveness • desire to win • self-confidence • self-esteem • Feelings of dissatisfaction which come from • criticism • disapproval • fault finding • putting others down •inadequacy negativity • feelings of inferiority • sarcasm • humiliation
Excess Amount • arrogance • egotism • stubbornness • domineering personality • belligerence • attitude of superiority • condescending attitude • self abasement • defeatism • shame • ignorance • inhuman actions • aggression • murderous spirit • desire for revenge
Which Pts use for HT arrhythmia, palpitations, chest discomfort, pain or stuffiness especially when caused by excess Shao Yang energy? PC JG
Which Pts used for strong feelings of shame and inferiority in regards to test anxiety, failing an important test or loosing an important job or election? PC JG
Which Pts used for students with test anxiety or for someone who doesn't like to study. The pulling and holding inward characteristic of the 6 Energy factor of Wind functions to improve their mental storage capacity and self-confidence? PC JG
Which Pts can be used for conditions of dementia and forgetfulness? PC JG
In regards to the storage of memories and knowledge, the Hand Jue Yin-PC is balanced by the XXXX XX XX which is related to the draining of memories and knowledge? the Hand Shao Yang-SJ
the XX XX counteracts an excess of Foot Shao Yang GB energy PC JG
Which meridian contains feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence? PC
Which Pts is related to the mental activity of storage of knowledge? PC JG
Which Pts can be used for chest discomfort and symptoms caused by feelings associated with excess Shao Yang energy including shame, embarrassment and inferiority? PC JG
Which Pts can be used for arrhythmia, palpitations, chest pain or stuffiness associated with excess Shao Yang feelings of shame, inferiority, embarrassment? PC JG
Which Pts is used for the same symptoms of HT disorders and chest discomfort HT JG but it is indicated when they are caused by emotional unhappiness, romantic conflict and suppression of passion
chest discomfort caused by excess feelings of ShaoYang energy PC JG
• mass in the armpit area• numbness or pain along the inside of the arm• "goose palm wind" syndrome PC JG
• sweating palms due to anxiety or nervousness PC JG - especially in relation to test anxiety for students
headaches, migraines, dizziness due to a suffocating sensation? PC JG
Which points to increase ventilation which clears out the feelings of suffocation and stagnation like stuffiness of the head with breathing discomfort due to lack of ventilation? PC JG
Which points to increase ventilation which clears out the feelings of suffocation and stagnation like gas intoxication and unconsciousness caused by lack of ventilation? PC JG
bloating caused by indigestion with belching, borborygmus, flatulence PC JG : this is from the analogy in nature of a stagnant pool of water - characteristic of adding Wind gets things moving and releases the stagnation.
low appetite - use XX XX if there is no effect after SP JG. PC JG- Jue Yin energy pulls inward and could help increase the desire to eat
Which energy has the action of pulling inward and astringing? Jue Yin energy
Which Pts could be used when there is a leakage of body fluid that feels like a faucet that can't be turned off like frequent urination, rhinorrhea, diarrhea, spermatorrhea? PC JG
Which Pts is used to address problems with brain marrow? KID JG
Which Pts is used for students with headaches and fatigue from studying too much? PC JG
Which Pts is used for unconsciousness, shock (indicates there is no energy in PC meridian)? PC JG– stimulate PC 9 for unconsciousness
Insomnia PC JG can be used secondarily to the HT JG
What Pts is good to the feelings of inferiority and inadequacy • for a person who suffers from a sense of ignorance, sarcastic, defensive behavior? PC JG adds feelings of self-esteem
Tiredness, slackness or exhaustion of energy after extreme happiness or joy? - the PC protects the HT
What Pts is used for the person is overly worried about making a mistake due to lack of self-confidence and self-esteem? PC JG
Which Pts inhibits the body from generating warm Wind? PC SG
What Pts is used for patient doesn't respond to the Foot Shao Yang GB JG? PC SG
What Pts is useful for someone who has too much self-esteem which has turned into arrogance? PC SG
What Pts is used to counterbalance arrogance in relation to the excessive amount of money and material possessions someone has acquired? The Hand Yang Ming LI JG
Which Pts is used for someone who talks excessively about themselves and how "superior" they are? PC SG
The Huang di Nei Jing describes which organ as “like an army’s general from whom the strategy is derived”? the LIV
What organ is related to the overall planning of the bodies functions? the LIV
What organ is responsible for overseeing the body’s defense, both physically and mentally? the LIV
Which meridian corresponds more to power and strength? The Foot Jue Yin LIV
What organ is analogous to the contraction of the muscles and tendons? Foot Jue Yin LIV
Which Pts can be used for conditions of blood stagnation causing muscular pain and blood deficiency which causes muscle weakness and spasms? LIV JG
Which Pts can also nourish and revive muscles exhausted from physical overwork? LIV JG
Which mindpath Qi displays many of the traits of a strong general such as standing proudly with their chin up and chest puffed out? Foot Jue Yin LIV
Which mindpath can gives someone a positive emotional strength which protects them in the context of daily life? Foot Jue Yin LIV
What characteristic is analogous to feelings of hope? Foot Jue Yin LIV
Which Pts can be used for someone who is physically exhausted and depressed? LIV JG
What factor pulls inward, astringes and inflates to relieve the physical fatigue and adds the emotional feelings of hope and self-confidence to alleviate the depression? Wind
What organ is related to exhaustion in the context of mental feelings of hopelessness and depression? LIV
What organ is related to exhaustion in the context of muscular fatigue due to physical overwork? LIV
What organ is associated with mental exhaustion due to mental overwork, such as can be felt after too much studying? PC
Which Pts can be used for single or multiple disorders which only affect the left side of the body, include joint or hypochondriac pain, numbness, tingling and/or sweating? LIV JG
Which Pts can be used clinically to relieve symptoms of Qi stagnation including distention and bloating of the hypochondriac, chest and abdominal regions? LIV JG
Which Pts can be used for redness, fatigue, photophobia, vision problems? LIV JG
Which Pts can be used for the tendons and sinews and nourishes the muscles with blood, for pain, contraction and stiffness of tendons and muscles due to blood stagnation? LIV JG
Which Pts can be used for muscle weakness and spasms due to blood deficiency? LIV JG
Which Pts can be used for upper back pain, stiffness, tightness and heaviness along the GB meridian distribution? LIV JG- int-ext relationship with GB, also indicates GB SG for these symptoms
Which organ energy is responsible for overseeing the body's defense both mentally and physically? LIV
Which Pts is used for someone who has low self-esteem or lacks confidence? LIV JG
This Pts can be applied for someone who is mentally depressed and exhausted? LIV JG
what Pts stimulates the body to generate Wind with a moving, pulling inward, inflating and astringing action, also cooling? LIV JG
Which Pts be applied to conditions of Qi and Blood stagnation? LIV JG
hyperthyroidism, include heat sensations, palpitations, headache, tachycardia, weight loss, vision problems? LIV JG- due to LIV Yang rising with underlying LIV Yin/blood deficiency
jaundice LIV JG- due to damp-heat in the LIV
STD's due to damp-heat, genital herpes LIV JG in the LIV channel
Headache due to blood stagnation LIV JG
vertex headache LIV JG- caused by LIV blood deficiency.
temporal headache LIV JG- caused by LIV Yang rising
behind the eyes LIV JG- caused by LIV blood deficiency or LIV Yang rising
Eye disorders : near sightedness, night blindness, dryness, eye fatigue? LIV JG-caused by LIV blood deficiency
Eye disorders- eyes suddenly red and painful? LIV JG- Caused by LIV Fire:
Eye disorders - red eyes and vision problems, including those caused by hyperthyroidism? LIV JG- Caused by LIV Yang Rising:
Which Pts is used for low appetite when there is no result from SP JG? can use LIV JG
left abdominal pain with distension LIV JG
In the case of the acid regurgitation is due to stress causing the LIV to overact on the ST? LIV JG
acid regurgitation : Wind is cooling and clears heat? LIV JG -Jue Yin energy astringes which keeps acid in the ST
acid regurgitation : This Pts can be used alternating with ST JG for heavier body types or SP JG for thinner physiques? LIV JG
acid regurgitation could also start out as XXXX which progresses to Qi rebellion or regurgitation Qi stagnation
Acne - especially for Shao Yang excess causing acne in teens LIV JG
Acne LIV JG : LIV blood nourishes skin, Wind is cooling and clears heat from the Upper Jiao. can also be used for acne in adults when caused by Upper Jiao heat.
varicose veins LIV JG - the blood vessels cannot contract strongly enough due to blood stagnation
Which Pts is used for blisters The Jue Yin characteristic of Wind dispels the stagnation and causes the water to flow normally? LIV JG - blisters are considered a stagnation of fluid.
• left side numbness/paresthesia • sweating only on the left side • pain/numbness/paresthesias in multiple left side areas only LIV JG
wind-stroke with hemiplegia - left side hypochondriac pain or mass LIV JG
Shan disorder - left side pain from the lower back to the scrotum LIV JG
impotence LIV JG -the characteristic of Jue Yin energy is to come inward, astringe and inflate analogous to blowing up a balloon
enuresis LIV JG - uses the astringent characteristic of Jue Yin energy
Which Pts can use LIV JG as an alternative to KID JG or UB JG for enuresis LIV JG
Due to Blood Deficiency- muscle weakness, spasms LIV JG
Due to Blood Stagnation- muscle pain, muscle spasms, pulling or contraction symptoms LIV JG
lower abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea LIV JG- due to Qi and blood stagnation
amenorrhea LIV JG- due to blood deficiency, Qi and blood stagnation
PMS LIV JG-due to Qi and blood stagnation
Which Pts is used for mental depression and physical exhaustion. Jue Yin energy adds feelings of self-esteem and moves inward and inflates to add physical energy? LIV JG
hand tremors LIV JG- caused by excess Shao Yang feelings of inferiority due to too much pressure from others?
What Pts is used if the patient doesn't respond to the Hand Shao Yang SJ JG? LIV SG
Which Pts can be used for: Exterior Wind pathogen causing feelings of cold or an aversion to cold? LIV SG
Which Pts is used for sudden, jerky motions such as those associated with seizures and epilepsy? LIV SG - inhibits the body from generating Wind
Shao Yang, this "dissatisfaction"? 1) feelings of inferiority and shame 2) the physical sensation of heat that someone feels when they are criticized or humiliated
The life-giving warmth of Shao Yang energy is commonly used clinically to treat XX&XX conditions causing pain along the XX and XX meridian? cold and damp, hand shao yang SJ, foot shao yang GB
Shao Yang's mental energy is associated with the what desires ? offer advice or guidance - analogous to the advice(GB) going outward from the respected leader to illuminate and guide the younger person to give revolution to change. (SJ) how to best live one's life.
Which meridian is a reflection of Minister Fire's characteristic of going outward to nurture and illuminate - much like the warmth of the sun's rays help cultivate young sprouting plants in the Spring? Shao Yang Meridian energy- fostering one's development in life
Shao Yang feeling related to ? inferiority, jealousy and shame.
At its most extreme, which could manifest as a murderous rage and desire for revenge? Shao Yang Emotional energy
Hand Shao Yang SJ has 6 qi & 5 element of ? Minister fire + Fire
Hand Shao Yang GB has 6 qi & 5 element of ? Minister fire + Wood
Foot Jue Yin LIV meridian balances? Hand Shao Yang SJ meridian
Hand Jue Yin PC meridian balances? Foot Shao Yang GB meridian
Hand Shao Yang SJ meridian has what emotional property? * Draining Memories and Knowledge
Hand Jue Yin PC meridian has what emotional property? * Storing Memories and Knowledge - “mental laxative” to facilitate the mental flow and draining of problematic or traumatic memories, PTSD
Feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem Feelings of inadequacy negativity and inferiority
Feelings of pride in accomplishment and a leadership spirit or scholastic spirit Feelings of shame, disapproval, criticism, sarcasm, fault-finding
The drying warmth of the '6 Qi' factor of Minister Fire plus the warmth of the 5 Element correspondence of Fire makes the Hand Shao Yang SJ meridian excellent for XX&XX conditions along the meridian distribution. damp and cold
Which meridian is Clinically very effective for wrist, elbow and posterior shoulder and neck pain? Hand Shao Yang SJ
XX's feelings of inadequacy may manifest as jealousy or defensive sarcasm intended to 'pop' the inflated energy associated with XX ' feelings of high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. SJ, Jue Yins
Which meridian has the warmth of light and is slightly drying so it can be used for cold discharge? the Minister Fire of Shao Yang -the LI JG which is more appropriately used for yellow nasal discharge
In excess which meridian can become nagging or badgering? Hand Shao Yang
Which meridian would most logically be applied to someone who feels pain with cold and damp symptoms along the meridian pathway? SJ JG - stimulates the body to generate the drying warmth of light
headache due to cold is? Jue Yin headache - The SJ meridian balances the Foot Jue Yin LIV meridian and has the attribute of the warmth of light which counteracts the excess cold in the Jue Yin meridian.
Headache in the Yin Tang are? The SJ JG drains away the negative emotional knowledge or memories that are the cause of the stress.
Alopecia caused by excess damp? This is analogous to the process of hair loss caused by excess damp in the body(too much water in the soil-tree dies). The Light from Minister Fire is warm and drying.
Nasal congestion and runny nose from cold SJ has warming and drying characteristics so it is indicated for clear and white nasal congestion
Insomnia caused by conflict over power or competition SJ JG gives feelings of distancing oneself from the conflict, like looking from a distance and laughing sarcastically at it
SJ SG can be used for? dementia - use the PC JG first to increase storage of memories then alternate with SJ SG which would function to keep the body from draining memories and knowledge. For someone whose desire to give advice becomes excess and turns to nagging or badgering.
Which meridian dissatisfaction relates to feelings within the context of ego, including anger, shame and inferiority? Foot Shao Yang GB meridian -radiating, explosive energy
Both the XX & XX meridians share Shao Yang's negative mental feelings, but they reflect different degrees of intensity? SJ and GB
Which meridian energy is more intense and explosive - more like the energy of lightning. It manifests as the energy associated with criticism of an oppressive situation combined with the spirit of revolution? Foot Shao Yang GB's energy
Which meridian's warm and drying properties make it excellent for pain due to cold and damp anywhere along the length of the meridians pathway? Foot Shao Yang GB
Which meridian can be effectively be used for headaches and migraines in the temporal and occipital regions? Foot Shao Yang GB
Which PTs are good for lateral flank, leg, hip, knee or ankle pain of wind/cold/damp ? GB JG
Insomnia characterized by waking up early with an inability to go back to sleep? GB JG - tonifies a deficiency of the GB organ
Which Pts can adds Minister Fire (Light) to enhance eyesight(just a reduction in vision.)? GB JG - used for impaired vision disorders including night blindness, glaucoma and macular degeneration.
Which Pts is prescribed for prescription as it treats conditions which are a result of the negative effects of stress, anger and frustration? GB SG
Which meridian can be used for could be used for a very timid and shy person who is paralyzed in an abusive situation? GB JG - motivate them to change their circumstances.
Which pts would most logically be applied to conditions of pain caused by cold and damp along the meridian pathway? GB JG stimulates the body to generate the drying warmth of Minister Fire (Light)
Which Pts are good for difficulty digesting food after eating? GB JG stimulates bile function to improve digestion.
Night cramps in the legs is addressed by which pts? GB controls sinews and their agility. 1st LIV JG and then alternated with GB JG.
This Pts used to treat an attitude of excess superiority or belligerence caused by feelings of over-confidence in relation to how much knowledge or power one has? GB JG adds counterbalancing feelings of inferiority.
This Pts is used for presence of negative emotions caused by anger, stress or extreme frustration can generate an excess of Minister Fire, often accompanied with feelings of heat? GB SG - most often used prescriptions.
Which Pts can be used to inhibit the excess energy of giving advice manifesting as harassing, badgering or inciting others to rebel against authority? GB SG
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