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Korean four needle

Shao Yin & Tai Yang

Which meridian deals with the feelings of loosing oneself within the emotional passions of: • romantic love • aesthetic pleasures • sexual passions? Shao Yin
Which meridian satisfaction comes from feelings of happiness that comes from within - from giving or even sacrificing oneself for passion? Shao Yin
Which season associate with Shao Yin meridian? Summer
Which meridian is the mental core of the body and is more associated with the Shen and feelings of romantic, emotional and aesthetic pleasures? The Hand Shao Yin HT meridian
Which meridian is associated with birth, growth and reproduction and is more related to feelings of sexual pleasure, or feelings of deep concentration and focus like 􀁬being in the zone􀁺? The Foot Shao Yin KID meridian
Shao Yin energy is balanced by XX Energy? Tai Yang
Satisfaction which comes from the feeling of loosing oneself in feelings of romantic love or sexual and aesthetic pleasures VS? Dissatisfaction and fear due to danger in the surrounding environment. Feelings of being highly alert and self-conscious due to fear for ones safety - Tai Yang
Feelings of love, sensuality, sentimentality, artistic senses VS? Feelings of wariness, tension, apprehension, fear
Feelings of happiness, ecstasy, trance, being 􀁬in the zone􀁺, submitting totally to pleasure VS? Feeling highly alert and self-conscious in regards to danger in the surrounding environment.
Sacrificing oneself for others or a cause VS? Emotionally cold feelings of chastity, fear, restraint.
Feelings of hedonism, lecherousness, narcissism, vanity? Feelings of suspicion, doubt, paranoia
Feeling total self-absorbed Feelings of cowardice, mediocrity or betrayal
This is the hottest of the 6 Energies in the body. Its heat can "melt frozen meridians"? Hand Shao Yin HT Energy
clinically the XX XX properties of heat can be used for cold signs related to the HT organ including pain due to cold, cyanotic changes associated with angina pectoris such as blue lips and fingers and limbs which feel cold to the touch. HT JG
Which organ Qi/Yang deficiency signs including chest pain due to cold, arrhythmias, cold hands/feet can be used by this points? HT JG
Which organ Yin/Blood deficiency signs including palpitations, night sweats, pale complexion can be addressed by this points? HT JG
Which points is used for someone who is depressed, who does not have a positive perspective on life; with no sense of humor, artistic sense, passion or cheerfulness? HT JG
Which points could be used for someone who feels suppressed romantically and sexually. This could be seen in a monk, nun, widow or lonely single person? HT JG
Which points could be used clinically for a person with strong feelings of alienation or wariness in regards to other people? HT JG
Which points is giving of themselves causes their feelings of happiness and gratification? HT JG
Which points could be applied to someone who is so self-absorbed and selfish that they are negligent towards their children? HT JG
Which points would add the feelings of 􀁬deriving pleasure from giving to others"? HT JG
Which points is effective for insomnia due to "honey" or romantic problems? HT JG
Insomnia - sleep is related to adequate amounts of blood and yin being able to house the Shen? HT JG
What formula is indicated for cold signs, especially in the upper half of the body and would most logically be applied to Yang deficient patients or patients with depression? HT JG
heart pain due to cold invading the HT. This could be either internal or external cold? HT JG
arrhythmia, heart pain? HT JG
chest distention, shortness of breath, sighing, HT pain? HT JG
mental conflict and suppression of passion causes Qi stagnation in the chest? HT JG
palpitations due to XX Qi deficiency? HT JG
pale complexion due to XX blood deficiency? HT JG
pain from "fire stagnation" - this is intermittent pain with heat sensation in the chest (Ren 17 area) like family conflict? HT JG: All the repressed feelings turn into "fire stagnation" with pain in the chest near the HT - "Hwabyung"
blood deficiency combined with cold causing numbness, itching, weakness, pale complexion? HT JG
blood stagnation with cold causing amenorrhea? HT JG
• related to the HT opening into the tongue. Could be used for alalia (loss of speech). HT JG
• chest pain• anterior shoulder pain• pain in the axilla• medial arm pain HT JG
• "goose palm wind" syndrome - peeling palms HT JG
• sweaty palms (cold sweat) - caused by anxiety/nervousness HT JG
epigastric pain, acid regurgitation? HT JG- This is due to suppressed feelings causing HT Qi Stagnation.
indigestion: • pale complexion / cyanosis • cold hands / lower abdomen • nausea? HT JG- caused by lack of "fire" or heat in the body
upper abdominal distention:a mass in the area which starts below the sternocostal angle,runs in a narrow strip in the center of the upper abdomen to the top of the umbilicus? HT JG
hiccups, burping HT JG- emotionally related disorder of HT Qi resulting in Qi rebelling. Caused by cold or sudden fear.
heat exhaustion with headache, chills, agitation, cold sweat, weak pulse, physical exhaustion, Yang depletion can be treated by? HT JG
Which points can be used for frequent urination due to having a lot of fear and feelings of cold. Fear causes the Qi to descend. • difficult urination • abdominal pain d/t int-ext relation? HT JG
sense of cowardice, fear, wariness, apprehension, alienation, phobias or evasiveness? HT JG
feelings of shrinking or withdrawal that could ultimately develop into hysteria or neurosis? HT JG - caused by fear which is an excess of Tai Yang energy in the body
someone who talks of sexually perverted things often? HT JG- sexually perverted ideas are considered "ugly". HT JG adds beauty to counteract the "ugliness"
signs related to problems with "the HT housing the mind" • raving • amnesia • neurosis • delirium • mood swings • irritability due to fear • hysteria can be addressed by what pt? HT JG
fatigue or exhaustion of energy after extreme happiness (joy scatters the Qi) HT JG
fear for ones safety - like fear of an upcoming medical operation. HT JG: Shao Yin􀁠s warm, happy energy balances the cold fear of Tai Yang energy.
What pts could be used to calm the anxiety associated with withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping cigarette smoking or drugs? HT JG
This pt can be used for excess heat conditions like phlegm fire symptoms: irritability, constipation, red/hot face,mania, loud voice. HT SG
This pt can be used for excess heat conditions like carbuncles from heat. HT SG
This pt can be used for excess heat conditions like epistaxis due to excess heat in the blood. HT SG
This pt can be used for excess heat conditions like mouth ulcers - red color. HT SG
Which organare responsible for: • patience • concentration • perseverance • a powerful ability to focus on goals Foot Shao Yin KD
Stores Essence and governs birth, growth, reproduction and development are depends on what organ? KD organ
Functions of the Gate of Vitality? Root of the original qi, the source of fire for all the internal organs, warms the Lower Jiao and UB
Which pts can be used for problems with Essence storage including nocturnal emissions, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea? KD JG
Which pts can be used for infertility, impotence, irregular menstruation? KD JG
Which Pts can be used for bone weakness and bone marrow disorders including osteomalacia, osteoporosis or osteomyelitis? KD JG
Which Pts can be used clinically for brain marrow problems including dementia and Alzheimers? KD JG- Fills the brain
Which Pts can be used clinically for problems inside the tooth, including toothache, especially in combination with other KID deficiency signs? KD JG -Controls bone: Teeth are considered an extension of bone.
Which organ clinically applicable for edema, frequent urination or enuresis? KID governs water metabolism
• clinically used for tinnitus, deafness KID opens into the ears
Which Pts is most logically indicated for sexual problems with a mental cause including sexual frustration or lack of interest? Foot Shao Yin KID energy, happiness is derived primarily from sexual pleasure and orgasm.
Which energy is associated with concentration, perseverance and a powerful ability to focus on goals? KID
Which organ energy is the feeling of deep concentration, determination and "being in the zone", when everything is forgotten including the sense of self? KID
Which Pts can be used clinically for problems with mental focus and concentration such as ADD or for someone who gives up on goals far too easily? KID JG
The KID JG stimulates the body to generate? Monarch Fire (Heat)
Which Pts be applied for patients with cold signs, particularly in the lower half of the body, who also have reproductive or sexual disorders? KID JG
Which Pts are useful for impotence, infertility (especially if cold signs are present)? KID JG is associated with the body􀁠s inability to create eggs or sperm.
disorders caused by a problem with storing Essence: • nocturnal emission • premature ejaculation • spermatorrhea KID JG
diabetes mellitus KID JG- specifically Lower Xiao Ke caused by a deficiency of KID Yin or KID Yin and Yang
constipation - caused by dryness/ Yin deficiency KID JG
irregular menstruation KID JG- due to KID Yin deficiency
chronic lower back pain, sciatica KID JG - the lower back is the "House of the KID" and storage of Essence. If the reserve of Essence is deficient the body cannot be adequately supported. This results in chronic lower back pain which is exacerbated by fatigue and improves with rest.
irregular menstruation KID JG- due to KID Yang deficiency
Shan disorder (hernia) KID JG- cold and contracted scrotum in males; swelling of scrotum with abdominal pain
Bone wei KID JG- legs become so weak it is hard for the patient to walk. This could be muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis. If there is weakness only with no cold, use LU JG
osteoporosis KID JG is used in the presence of more KID deficiency signs, LI JG is used if there is a weakness of the bodies "frame"
osteomyelitis, withered bone • osteomalacia KID JG
tinnitus, deafness KID JG- especially in older people
toothache, gum pain, periodontitis , thirst, throat pain KID JG- due to KID deficiency or KID Essence deficiency with cold signs.
thin, brittle, dull looking hair; hair loss KID JG
cerebellar disorders characterized by imbalance and incoordination of the limbs? KID JG
vision problems ? KID JG - the LIV stores blood and opens to the eyes. Blood and Essence share the same source. KID Essence deficiency can manifest as diminished vision especially if there are other KID deficiency signs present
• dementia, Alzheimer's Disease ? KID JG- the KID produces marrow which fills the brain.
heat and pain in the sole/plantar aspect of the foot KID JG
lower central abdominal pain KID JG
• pain in the medial aspect of the thighs KID JG
• uterine fibroids KID JG- SaAm believed that KID energy was concentrated in the lower abdomen below the umbilicus. Therefore, any masses in this area, including uterine fibroids, would be addressed with the KID JG.
• UB or KID stones KID JG
asthma, cough with phlegm KID JG- due to KID not grasping the Qi
• pulmonary tuberculosis with bloody phlegm KID JG- due to a severe case of KID Yin deficiency (insufficient Yin to control the empty fire causes bleeding in the LU)
• insomnia • conditions characterized by upper body heat and lower body cold KID JG - KID Yin cannot nourish the HT : KID & HT disharmony
early morning' diarrhea KID JG- due to KID/SP Yang deficiency
indigestion KID JG- caused by inability of KID Yang to warm SP Yang
cold hiccup KID JG- caused by fear. Fearful feelings create cold. Cold affects KID Yang so it can't warm ST Yang. This results in rebellious ST Qi in the form of hiccups.
Which Pts can be used for sexual problems with a mental cause including sexual frustration or either lack or interest or too much interest in sex. KID JG
Which organs are responsible for patience, concentration, of being "in the zone" and a powerful ability to focus on goals? Kidneys
which Pts can be used for someone who has ADD or who gives up on goals too easily? KID JG
Which organs account for high levels of technical skill combined with great dexterity and accuracy? KID
Which meridian is the coldest energy of all the meridians? Tai Yang energy
Which meridian can be used for STD􀁠s with heat signs? Tai Yang
Which meridian energy can balance Shao Yin􀁠s feelings of being unselfconscious and 􀁬loosing one-self in pleasure􀁺 can be used to balance the excess? Tai Yang
Which meridian stands for Warm Red Water : corresponding to Warm Red Body Fluids or BLOOD? Hand Tai Yang SI
Which pts is for any type of blood disorder - especially blood deficiency or heat in the blood? SI JG
Which Pts is very effective for menopausal symptoms or hyperthyroidism? SI JG - Blood has a cooling effect on body temperature
Which Pts is often used for gynecological problems related to blood including bleeding conditions and blood stagnation caused by Qi and blood deficiency? SI JG
Which meridian is used for any kind of blood disorder, especially for gynecological problems, menopausal conditions, hyperthyroid symptoms and internal bleeding conditions? SI meridian
Which meridian's mental traits are are alertness and apprehension in conjunction with happiness? Hand Tai Yang SI
SI JG can be used for ? • indigestion • abdominal distention • borborygmus • pain around the umbilicus • diarrhea • constipation • hypogastric pain • acid reflux/GERD
difficult urination SI JG- HT fire transferring to the SI causing frequent urination with burning sensation, scanty quantity and dark color • red, cloudy or turbid urine
what are the pain relate to SI channel distribution? • pain of the little finger • lateral wrist pain - ulnar side • upper arm - posterior aspect • shoulder pain – posterior • neck pain - especially if problems with rotation • cheek pain • ear problems - tinnitus, deafness
upper and lower back problems SI Meridian
which pts can be used for women's gynecological problems • menopause • uterine bleeding? SI JG
infertility for a very thin person with blood and yin deficiency? SI JG
blood or yin deficiency • hyperthyroidism - tidal fever, palpitations • insomnia, nightmares? SI JG
internal bleeding - epistaxis, hemoptysis, intestinal bleeding, gastric bleeding, hematuria, blood in the stool, hemorrhage? SI JG
blood stagnation , if caused by Qi and blood deficiency causing blood stagnation SI JG- the SI JG and the LIV JG can be alternated for blood stagnation
ulcers in the oral cavity caused by HT fire? SI JG- caused by HT fire
difficult urination with burning, pain, dark scanty urine or hematuria? SI JG- HT fire transferring to the SI
headache SI JG- with empty feeling due to blood deficiency
tinnitus SI JG-caused by blood deficiency; especialy for patients who are thin and pale with poor digestion
eye pain SI JG- SI meridian goes to both the inner and outer canthus
Which is the Coldest temperature meridian? Foot Tai Yang UB meridian
Which meridian mind path dissatisfaction relates to feelings of fear with a high degree of self-consciousness in regards to danger in the surrounding environment ? Foot Tai Yang UB meridian
Which meridian acts like a defensive mental and physical boundary for the body (most superficial meridian). Foot Tai Yang UB meridian
Which meridian can be used for the early stages of a Wind-Cold attack, especially with headache? Foot Tai Yang UB meridian
Which meridian make it applicable for a Wind-Heat attack or a high fever such as is associated with the flu? Foot Tai Yang UB meridian
Which meridian is for any disorders related to the storing of fluids and their excretion as urine, such as UB infections with pain and burning symptoms? Foot Tai Yang UB meridian
Which pts is used for UB and KID stones with hematuria and Urinary Bladder infections with symptoms of lower abdominal pain, heaviness and burning? UB JG
Which Pts is used for lack of lacrimation, occipital headache, posterior neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, sciatica and muscular cramping on the back of the lower legs? UB JG
Which Pts can be used to counterbalance an excess of Hand Shao Yin HT energy which manifests as an overwhelming desire to loose oneself in feelings of hedonistic and escapist pleasures by adding the energy of alert concentration and focus? UB JG
Which Pts used for someone who has excess sexual Shao Yin heat and is lecherous, promiscuous, has too great a desire for sex or manifests other sexually deviant behavior? UB JG
Which Pts applicable for STD's with heat such as syphilis or genital herpes? UB JG
Which Pts would most logically be applied to balance conditions of excess heat and dryness? UB JG
UB JG related to the function of transforming liquids into urine and their storage and excretion ? • Urinary Bladder infections with symptoms of frequent urination, lower abdominal pain, heaviness, burning • UB or KID stones
UB JG related to the UB meridian distribution in the head; E.N.T. disorders? • lack of lacrimation - UB JG adds water to relieve dry eyes • occipital headache • UB 1 and 2 area eye pain • flu with high fever
Which PTs can help with • muscular cramping on lower legs • posterior hip, knee or ankle joint pain? UB JG
leukorrhea - yellow type with more heat than damp, could also be related to STD's treated by what pts? UB JG-External-Internal Relationship - KID problems
excess stomach acid/GERD is treated by what pts? UB JG-especially in a thin person with heat. UB JG is cooling and adds water to dilute the acid
excessive sexual desire caused by excess Shao Yin heat which turns into lechery, sexual perversion, promiscuous or deviant sexual behavior can be treated with what pts?. UB JG- The cold energy adds feelings of sexual purity, chastity, self-consciousness and restraint
Which Pts can be used to counterbalance an excess of Hand Shao Yin HT energy which manifests as an overwhelming desire to loose oneself in feelings of hedonistic and escapist pleasures by adding the energy of alert concentration and focus? UB JG
Which Pts can help HT fire causing manic states with hyper-irritability, anxiety, palpitations, rapid pulse? the Cold and Water properties of the counterbalancing UB meridian help to extinguish the fire.
If the patient doesn't respond to the HT JG what Pt can be used? Foot Tai Yang UB SG
Which Pts can be used for cold conditions such as lower back pain or sciatica due to cold-damp? UB SG
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