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AIM Block 1 Quiz

Prep for 1st quiz

What percentage of the earth's atmosphere is nitrogen? 78%
What percentage of the earth's atmosphere is oxygen? 21%
What is the air pressure at sea level? 14.69 PSI
What is the atmospheric pressure (using mercury) at sea level? 29.92 mmHg
What temperature, in Fahrenheit, is used on a standard day? 59°
What temperature, in Celsius, is used on a standard day? 15°
What forces act on an airplane? Lift, Weight, Thrust, & Drag
"As the velocity of a fluid (air) increases, its internal pressure decreases" is represented by what principle? Bernoulli's principle
What are the axes of an aircraft? Longitudinal, Lateral, & Vertical
What are the temperature scales used in avionics? Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, & Rankine
What happens to the air density as altitude decreases? Increases
How much does water vapor weigh as an equal amount of dry air approximately? 5/8
What is the angle created by the chord line and the relative wind called? Angle of attack
What are the types of drag? Parasite, Profile, & Induced
What is the ratio of the wingspan to the mean cord called? Aspect ratio
What is a major factor affecting the physical properties of fluids? Temperature
What is the air flow over the wing the same as half as? Venturi
What will increase if the camber of a wing is increased? Lift
What is used to counteract wingtip vortices? Winglets
What are the small obstructions that impede the smooth flow of air over the wing at high angles of attack called? Stall strips
What increases lift at high angles of attack? Slats
What increases lift by increasing the surface area (most efficient type of flap)? Fowler
What flap deploys downward and does not change the upper camber? Split
What are the types of trailing edge flaps? Plain, Split, Slotted, & Fowler
What kind of tab is used when the need to move the flight control is beyond the capability of the pilot? Servo
What kind of tab is used when an excessive amount of force is required to move a flight control? Balance
What kind of tab is used to create an aerodynamic force that keeps the flight control in a deflected position? Trim
What is movement around the longitudinal axis called? Roll
What is movement around the lateral axis called? Pitch
What is movement around the vertical axis called? Yaw
What is the amount of time it takes for an aircraft to react to its static stability and return to equilibrium? Positive dynamic stability
When all four forces acting upon an aircraft in flight are equal, the aircraft is in? Equilibrium
The speed of sound changes with what? Temperature
What is the amount of water vapor in the air called? Humidity
What is reached when the air reaches a state where it can hold more water at a given temperature? Absolute humidity
What is the imaginary line drawn through an airfoil from the leading edge to the trailing edge called? Chord line
What angle is created between the longitudinal axis and the chord line? Angle of incidence
What is characterized by the temperature the air must be cooled to, at a constant pressure, to become saturated? Dew point
Created by: Cbarrett09
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