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Etymology Vocab

These are 5 root words with 2 examples and sentences each.

Ambi= both Example 1- Ambidextrous= using either hand Sentence- My brother shoots with either hand, he is AMBIDEXTROUS. Example 2- Ambiguity= multiple meanings Sentence- The AMBIGUITY begins to disappear as more explanations are made.
E= out of; from Example 1- Elect= choose out of Sentence- This Monday we will go to the voting polls to ELECT a new mayor. Example 2- Excise=remove; cut out Sentence- It will take several hours for the surgeon to EXCISE the massive tumor.
Im= into Example 1- Imbibe= to absorb Sentence-She was unable to IMBIBE cocktails with her friends, but Mariel had fun at the party. Example 2- Impact= to have a strong affect on someone Sentence- Her dad's words had a powerful IMPACT on her self-esteem.
Trans= across Example 1- Transient= lasting for a short time Sentence- The snow is TRANSIENT and will melt as soon as the sun comes up. Example 2- Transfusion=adding blood to the body of a person or animal Sentence- HIV used to be spread through blood TRANSFUSION.
Anthrop= Human, Man, People Example 1-Anthropology=the study of mankind Sentence-John's degree in ANTHROPOLOGY helped him work in a history museum. Example 2-Anthropoid=human-like in shape Sentence-While visiting the zoo, we watched a monkey peel a banana in an ANTHROPOID way.
Created by: dasiasmith1205