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B1 POHW Vocab

Vocab Study for Quiz

kale a hardy cabbage with wrinkled leaves
skittered glided, skipped
pickerel type of fairly small pike (fish)
jetty a pier, landing, or wharf
meandered turned, winded around
trundled rolled along
iridescent having an array of colors producing a rainbow effect (like a bubble's surface)
stanchions upright bars, posts, or supports
burl rounded like a ball
lurched sudden movement; swayed, tipped, or rolling movement
frenzied very excited or upset
hoisting raising or lifting something
rummage to actively look or search for something
mottled colored with spots or blotches
earnest showing a serious state of mind; not light or playful (like a judge)
poaching hunting or fishing unlawfully, usually on private property
ecstatic very great joy; overwhelming emotion
incorrigible not able to be corrected or reformed
turret a low (usually rotating) structure
stucco a plaster used to cover exterior walls
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