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Although the basic structure of the cell plasma membrane is formed by a lipid bilayer, most of the specific membrane functions are carried out by: BOUND AND TRANSMEMBRANE PROTEINS
Which describes the function of the nucleus? IT CONTAINS THE GENETIC CODE FOR INDIVIDUALS
Which of the following aspects of the function of the nucleus is performed by ribosomal RNA (rRNA)? Providing the site where protein synthesis occurs
Which accurately explains the functions of the organelles lysosomes? They: Are sacs filled with enzymes that breakdown and remove foreign substances and worn-out cell parts
Impairment in the function of peroxisomes would result in: ACCUMULATION OF FREE RADICALS IN THE CYTOPLASM
Although energy is not made in mitochondria, they are known as the “power plants” of the cell because they: EXTRACT ENERGY FROM ORGANIC COMPOUNDS
Semen analysis indicates that the client's sperm have decreased motility. Which of the following cellular components may be defective within the client's sperm? MICROTUBULES
When explaining the function of glycolysis as it relates to anaerobic metabolism, the faculty will mention which of the following key points? Select all that apply. Glycolysis occurs in mitochondrion-lacking cells. &&& Pyruvic acid is an end result from a series of reactions that converts glucose.
Aerobic metabolism, also known as oxidative metabolism, provides energy to the body by: Combining hydrogen and oxygen to form water
To effectively relay signals, cell-to-cell communication utilizes a chemical messenger system to: RELEASE SECREATIONS INTO THE EXTRACELLULAR FLUID
Which identifies correctly how the G protein–linked receptors are similar? They have a ligand-binding extracellular receptor component, which causes changes that activate the G protein on the cytoplasmic side of the cell membrane.
When working with a client who has end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and is receiving peritoneal dialysis, the concept of diffusion can be explained by which of the following statements? “If your potassium level is high, then K+ particles will move from your peritoneal cavity into the dialysis solution, where the concentration of K+ is lower.”
DM1 is HAVE hyperglycemia CUZ he lacks insulin to increase the avail glucose trANPT in his cell membranes. Consequently, his cells lack intracellular glucose, and it accumulates in his blood. Which of the following processes would allow glucose to cross h FACILITATED DIFFUSION
The client asks the health care provider to explain phagocytosis. The provider will respond, “Phagocytosis: Is a process where microorganisms are engulfed and subsequently degraded or killed.”
Exocytosis allows granular content to be released into extracellular fluid by: Removing cellular debris and releasing synthesized substances like hormones
The process responsible for generating and conducting membrane potentials is: diffusion of current carrying ions
Epithelial tissues are classified according to the shape of the cells and the number of layers. Which of the following is a correctly matched description and type of epithelial tissue? Glandular epithelium: arises from surface epithelia and underlying connective tissue.
Which body tissue exhibits the highest rate of turnover and renewal? squamous epithieal cells
While explaining to a post–surgical knee client about the various forms and function of connective tissue, the nurse gives the example of the client's surgical repair of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which is due to: A dense regular connective tissue tear that is usually rich in collagen fibers that allows ligaments to join bone to bone
A student asks the instructor what it means when the book states, skeletal muscles are syncytial or multinucleated? The instructor responds: “If a skeletal muscle is injured and a portion dies, the adjacent sections of that same skeletal muscle fiber do not die because they have their own nuclear material.”
“If a skeletal muscle is injured and a portion dies, the adjacent sections of that same skeletal muscle fiber do not die because they have their own nuclear material.” Tropomyosin attaches globular heads to the myosin filament. &&& Troponin covers the tropomyosin-binding sites and prevents the formation of cross-bridges.
Which of the following statements about how smooth muscle differs from skeletal or cardiac muscle are accurate? Smooth muscle: Select all that apply. HAS 1 CENTRIALLY LOCATED NUCLEUS &&& Has dense bodies attached to actin filaments
A client with a pathophysiologic condition that affects the desmosomes is most likely to exhibit: Separation at the junctions between epithelial cells
When exercising on warm day, the client feel his heart pounding very rapidly. the ability of the aorta to stretch to accommodate more blood circulating during exercise and the warm envir, this is an example of the function of which fibrous protein? ELASTIN
a client who has just been dX with leukocyte adhesion deficiency (LAD), the client asks why he is alwaYS sick nurse responds, “LAD is a rare autosomal recessive disorder that results in recurrent infections because of the lack of transmigration MEANS: YOUR WBC ARE NOT ABLE TO LEAVE VESSELS TO MOVE INTO THE AREA OF INFECTIN
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