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duī (to) stack, (to) pile; collective measure word for a mass of things in piles
積木 jīmù brick
划船 huáchuán to row a boat
溜冰 liūbīng to skate
跳繩 tiàoshéng rope-skipping
釣魚 diàoyú fishing
旅遊 lǚyóu to travel
參觀 cānguān to visit
露營 lùyíng camping
聊天 liáotiān to chat
電動玩具/電玩 diàndòngwánjù/diànwán video game
風箏 fēngzhēng kite
計畫 jìhuà (to) plan
打算 dăsuàn to plan, to intend
網路 wǎnglù internet
油畫 yóuhuà oil painting
影片 yǐngpiàn film
小說 xiăoshuō novel
樂器 yuèqì musical instruments
喇叭 lăba trumpet
笛(子) dí(zi) flute
合唱團 héchàngtuán chorus, choir
捉迷藏 zhuōmícáng hide-and-seek
duǒ to hide
表演 biăoyăn performance, to perform
結婚 jiéhūn to marry
慶祝 qìngzhù to celebrate
紀念 jìniàn to remember, to commemorate
xiě blood
yăng itchy
注意 zhùyì to notice; to watch out
傳染 chuánrăn to be contagious, to infect
昏倒 hūndăo to faint
近視 jìnshì nearsighted
zhuăn to turn
yù to encounter, to come across
出發 chūfā to set off, to depart
發生 fāshēng to happen
離開 líkāi to leave
車禍 chēhuò car accident
地鐵 dìtiě subway, underground
安全帶 ānquándài seat belt
紅綠燈 hónglǜdēng traffic light
方便 fāngbiàn convenient
wù fog
guā to blow (wind)
颱風 táifēng typhoon
空氣 kōngqì air
guāng light
地震 dìzhèn earthquake
災(火災、水災) zāi(huǒzāi, shuǐzāi) disaster
biàn to become, to turn into
溫度 wēndù temperature
shī humid; wet
晴朗 qínglăng sunny
Created by: yochen860
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