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ChinesePod: D1709t

Chinesepod: Upper Intermediate, BBQ and the Little Trumpet -- traditional

燒烤區 shāokǎoqū barbecuing area
天公作美 tiāngōngzuòměi beautiful weather
燒烤 shāokǎo barbecue
帳篷 zhàngpéng tent
燒烤架 shāokǎojià barbecue grill
zhī to set up
無煙碳 wúyāntàn smoke free charcoal
雞翅 jīchì chicken wings
羊肉串 yángròuchuàn mutton skewer
魷魚串 yóuyúchuàn squid skewer
to lay down, to spread
錫紙 xīzhǐ tin foil
茄子 qiézi eggplant
手藝 shǒuyì handiwork, craftsmanship
色拉醬 sèlājiàng salad dressing
調味料 tiáowèi liào spices
生火 shēnghuǒ to make a fire
小喇叭 xiǎo lǎba "little trumpet"
得罪 dézuì to offend
得罪不起 dézuì bùqǐ cannot afford to offend
說壞話 shuō huàihuà to speak ill of
葷菜 hūncài meat dishes
誰跟誰 shéigēnshéi to have a good relationship
熏肉 xūnròu smoked meat
火腿腸 huǒtuǐcháng spam sausage
羊肉卷 yángròujuǎn mutton rolls
丸子 wánzi meat balls
jiāo to pour
烤肉架 kǎoròujià grill
市區 shìqū urban area
老天爺 lǎotiānyé Heavens, God
三腳架 sānjiǎojià tripod
無錫 Wúxī Wuxi city
鋁箔紙 lǚbózhǐ aluminum foil
Created by: chibitrochan