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第一課-上課了 Lesson-1 in the class

上課 attend class
唸書 study
寫字 write
唱歌 sing
跳舞 dance
畫圖 draw picture
睡覺 sleep
迷糊 confused
我們 we
小狗 little dog
皮球 ball
小鳥 little bird
樹葉 leaf
只有 only
毛毛蟲 caterpillar
下課 finish class
上課唸書 reading in the cass
上課寫字 writing in the class
下課唱歌 singing after school
下課跳舞 dancing after school
在家畫圖 drawing at home
在家睡覺 sleeping at home
我們很迷糊 we are confused
小狗跑 dog running
皮球跳 ball bouncing
小鳥飛 bird flying
樹葉搖 leaves shaking
毛毛蟲爬 caterpillar clawing
誰在寫字? who is writing?
他在做什麼? what is he doing?
大家都在上課 everybody is in class
大家都在睡覺 everybody is sleeping
只有她在睡覺 only she is sleeping
大家都去畫圖 everybody is drawing
只有她在念書 only she is reading
西瓜很甜 watermelon is very sweet
只有蘋果不甜 only apple not sweet
西瓜香蕉都很甜 watermelon and banana are very sweet
他們在做什麼? what are they doing?
哥哥在講電話 brother is taking with phone
誰在講電話? who is talking on the phone?
媽媽在哪裡? where is mother?
媽媽在買東西 mother is shopping
弟弟在哭 younger brother is crying
弟弟在做什麼? what is younger brother doing?
Created by: amywhiteshill
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