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HSK 2 Traditional

HSK 2 Characters 1-150

jiù - then; at once; just; only; with regard to
yào, yāo - to want; to need; will/shall; important | demand; request
知道 zhīdao - know; be aware of
ba, bā - particle indicating polite suggestion; | onomatopoeia | bar (serving drinks, providing internet access, etc.)
dào - arrive (at a place); until (a time)
duì - correct; a pair; to face; be opposite; to; towards
yě - also; too
hái, huán - still; yet; in addition; even | repay; to return
ràng - ask; let; yield
gěi, jǐ - to give; to grant; (passive particle) | provide
guò - to pass; to cross; go over; (indicates a past experience)
dé, děi, de - obtain | must | (complement particle)
zhēn - real; true; genuine
zhe, zháo, zhuó - -ing (indicating action in progress) | to touch; to feel | to wear; apply
可以 kěyǐ - can; may; possible; okay
bié, biè - don't do something; don't | depart; | other; difference; distinguish
zǒu - to walk; to go; to move (Kangxi radical 156)
告訴 gàosu - to tell; inform
因為 yīnwèi - because
zài - again; once more
kuài - fast; quick; swift
但是 dànshì - but; however
已經 yǐjing - already
為什麼 wèishénme - why?; for what reason?
覺得 juéde - feel; think
tā - it
cóng - from; obey; observe
zhǎo - try to find; look for; seek; to give change
zuì - the most; -est; (indicator for superlative)
可能 kěnéng - possible; maybe
cì - (mw for number of times of occurrence); nth; order
chū - go out; occur
孩子 háizi - child; children; son or daughter
所以 suǒyǐ - so; therefore; as a result
liǎng - two; 2; both; (unit of weight equal to 50 grams)
cuò - mistake; error; blunder; miss an opportunity
děng - to wait; rank; equal; etc.
tí - topic; subject; question on a test or assignment
wèn - ask; inquire
問題 wèntí - question; problem
一起 yìqǐ - together; in the same place
開始 kāishǐ - begin; to start; beginning
時間 shíjiān - time; period
事情 shìqing - matter; affair; thing; business
一下 yíxià - a little bit/while; one time; once
非常 fēicháng - extremely; extraordinary; very
希望 xīwàng - to hope; wish for; to desire
准備 zhǔnbèi - prepare; get ready
bǐ - compare; (indicates comparison) (Kangxi radical 81); to gesticulate as one talks
jiàn - (mw for things, clothes, and items)
意思 yìsi - meaning; idea; opinion
第一 dìyī - first; number 1
jìn - enter; come in
大家 dàjiā - everyone
xīn - new; Xinjiang autonomous region (abbreviation)
nín - you (polite)
穿 chuān - to wear; put on; penetrate
sòng - deliver; to carry; to give; send
wán - to play; have a good time; visit; enjoy
cháng, zhǎng - long; length | grow; chief (Kangxi radical 168)
小時 xiǎoshí - hour
wán - to finish; be over; complete
měi - each; every
公司 gōngsī - company; corporation
幫助 bāngzhù - help; assist; aid
晚上 wǎnshang - evening; night
說話 shuōhuà - to talk; speak
mén - door; opening; gate (Kangxi radical 169)
nǚ - woman; female (Kangxi radical 38)
máng - busy
mài - to sell
gāo - high; tall (Kangxi radical 189)
房間 fángjiān - room
lù - road; path; journey; route
dǒng - understand; know
正在 zhèngzài - in the process of (doing something); currently
xiào - to laugh; to smile
yuǎn - far; distant; remote
妻子 qīzi - wife
丈夫 zhàngfu - husband; man
lí - leave; depart; go away; apart from
wǎng - to go (in a direction); towards; in the past
nán - male
眼睛 yǎnjing - eye
快樂 kuàilè - happy
雖然 suīrán - although; even though
早上 zǎoshang - (early) morning
yào - medicine; drug; cure; chemical
身體 shēntǐ - health; (human) body
hēi - black; dark (Kangxi radical 203)
咖啡 kāfēi - coffee
rì - sun; day; date; time (Kangxi radical 72)
休息 xiūxi - to rest; take a break
wài - outer; outside; in addition; foreign
生日 shēngrì - birthday
哥哥 gēge - older brother
piào - ticket; bank note; a vote
手機 shǒujī - mobile (cell) phone
xǐ - to wash; bathe
跳舞 tiào wǔ - to dance
弟弟 dìdi - younger brother
妹妹 mèimei - younger sister
hóng - red; symbol of success; bonus; popular
màn - slow
jìn - near; close (to)
bái, bó - white; snowy; pure; bright; empty (Kangxi radical 106)
姐姐 jiějie - older sister
介紹 jièshào - to introduce; recommend; introduction
yú - fish (Kangxi radical 195)
lèi, lěi, léi - tired | accumulate; implicate | rope; bind together
kè - class; subject; lesson; course
上班 shàng bān - go to work; be on duty
旁邊 pángbiān - side, beside
運動 yùndòng - (physical) exercise; movement; sports; campaign
去年 qùnián - last year
報紙 bàozhǐ - newspaper
顏色 yánsè - color
機場 jīchǎng - airport; airfield
唱歌 chànggē - sing (a song)
qiān - one thousand
好吃 hǎochī - tasty
考試 kǎoshì - test; exam; to give or take a test
左邊 zuǒbian - the left side; the left
xìng - surname; family name
bǎi - hundred
xuě - snow
guì - expensive; noble; honorable
生病 shēng bìng - get sick; fall ill
游泳 yóuyǒng - to swim
牛奶 niúnǎi - cow's milk
右邊 yòubian - the right (as opposed to left) side
便宜 piányi - cheap
公共汽車 gōnggòng qìchē - (public) bus
起床 qǐ chuáng - get out of bed
打籃球 dǎ lánqiú - play basketball
雞蛋 jīdàn - (chicken) egg
踢足球 tīzúqiú - to play football/soccer
líng - zero; remnant
手表 shǒubiǎo - wristwatch
旅游 lǚyóu - trip; journey; tour
服務員 fúwùyuán - waiter/waitress; server; attendant
賓館 bīnguǎn - guesthouse; hotel
教室 jiàoshì - classroom
跑步 pǎo bù - to run; to jog
yīn - cloudy (weather); yin (the negative principle of Yin and Yang); secret; the moon; negative; shade
面條 miàntiáo - noodles
鉛筆 qiānbǐ - pencil
火車站 huǒchēzhàn - train station
西瓜 xīguā - watermelon
羊肉 yángròu - mutton; lamb
qíng - clear; fine (as of weather)
Created by: Saffanese
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