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電子郵件 diànzǐyóujiàn e-mail
螢幕 yíngmù screen
雜誌 zázhì magazine
留言 liúyán message, to leave a message
整齊 zhěngqí tidy
亂七八糟 luànqībāzāo messy
饅頭 mántou steamed bun
泡麵 pàomiàn instant noodles
火鍋 huǒguō hotpot
豆腐 dòufŭ tofu
香腸 xiāngcháng sausage
蔬菜 shūcài vegetable
蘿蔔 luóbo carrot
馬鈴薯 mălíngshŭ potato
果醬 guǒjiàng jam
蜂蜜 fēngmì honey
糖果 tángguǒ candy
野餐 yěcān (to) picnic
胡椒粉 hújiāofěn pepper
jiŭ wine
鳳梨 fènglí pineapple
檸檬 níngméng lemon
椰(子) yézi coconut
梨(子) lí(zi) pear
味道 wèidào taste
xián salty
yán salt
là spicy
suān sour
zhŭ to cook
jiān to fry
新鮮 xīnxiān fresh
畢業 bìyè to graduate
討論 tăolùn to discuss
遲到 chídào late
安靜 ānjìng quiet
吵架 chǎojià to argue
夏令營 xiàlìngyíng summer camp
舉行 jŭxíng to hold
活動 huódòng activity
書法 shūfă chinese calligraphy
興趣 xìngqù interest, hobby
文章 wénzhāng article, essay
日記 rìjì diary
字典 zìdiăn dictionary
歷史 lìshǐ history
地理 dìlǐ geography
戲劇 xìjù drama
回答 huídá to answer
答案 dáàn answer
通知 tōngzhī to inform
複習 fùxí to review
學習 xuéxí to learn
選擇 xuănzé to choose; choice
jiè to borrow
tì on behalf of
shì to try
shū to lose
yíng to win
毛筆 máobǐ writing brush
水彩 shuǐcăi watercolor
Created by: yochen860
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