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日期 rìqí date
時間 shíjiān time
傍晚 bāngwăn evening
半夜 bànyè midnight
有時/有時候 yǒushí /yǒushíhòu sometimes
剛才 gāngcái just
馬上 măshàng immediately
經常 jīngcháng often
總是 zǒngshì always
從不 cóngbù never
dāng when
jiŭ for a long time
已經 yǐjīng already
永遠 yǒngyuăn forever
過去 guòqù past
最後 zuìhòu last
găn to rush
趕快 gǎnkuài hurry
金色 jīnsè gold
銀色 yínsè silver
dī low
zhí straight
biăn flat
wān curved; to bend
juăn curl
服裝 fúzhuāng costume
西裝 xīzhuāng suit
襯衫 chènshān shirt
領帶 lǐngdài tie
皮帶 pídài belt
制服 zhìfú uniform
牛仔褲 niúzăikù jeans
戒指 jièzhǐ ring
耳環 ěrhuán ear ring
項鍊 xiàngliàn necklace
zhēn needle
xiàn thread
背包 bēibāo backpack
打扮 dăbàn to dress up, to make up
流行 liúxíng fashionable, widespread
生活 shēnghuó life
xiăng to make a sound
地板 dìbăn floor
工具 gōngjù tool
bù cloth
梳子 shūzi comb
玻璃 bōlí glass
浴缸 yùgāng tub
衛生紙 wèishēngzhǐ toilet paper
電風扇 diànfēngshàn fan
鑰匙 yàoshi key
收音機 shōuyīnjī radio
隨身聽 suíshēntīng a type of small cassette or cd player with headphones that you can carry with you
廣播 guăngbò (to) broadcast
新聞 xīnwén news
節目 jiémù show
消息 xiāoxí news
Created by: yochen860
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