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zhuàng strong
féi fat
lăn lazy
chǒu ugly
活潑 huópō vivacious
認真 rènzhēn serious, earnest
可憐 kělián pitiful, poor
幸運 xìngyùn lucky
商人 shāngrén merchant
作家 zuòjiā writer
記者 jìzhě reporter
演員 yănyuán actor
機會 jīhuì chance
做事 zuòshì to work
成為 chéngwéi to become
辛苦 xīnkŭ to work hard
夢想 mèngxiăng dream
gè each
qún collective measure word for a number of people gathering together, for animals of the same kind, and for lots of close islands
fēng measure word for letters, telegrams, etc.
dù measure word for temperature
duàn measure word for a part of something, for example part of an essay, part of a journey, etc., and for part of some time period.
pén container measure word for the things in a basin.
dǐng individual measure word for things that have a cap, cover, etc.
fú individual measure word for calligraphy, painting, etc.
biàn measure word for the course of an action from the beginning to the end.
piān measure word for writings, etc.
liàng measure word for any conveyance, etc.
shuāng measure word for two things of the same kind to be used together.
gēn individual measure word for long things and for soft and slender things, such as a banana, a lock of hair, etc.
wàn ten thousand
號碼 hàomă number
數字 shùzì numeral
任何 rènhé any
其他 qítā other
所有 suǒyǒu all
許多 xŭduō many, a lot of
有點兒 yǒudiănr a little
qióng poor
零用錢 língyòngqián allowance
gòu enough
不錯 búcuò not bad
ruò weak
qiáng strong
dàn thin
nóng thick
一模一樣 yìmóyíyàng exactly the same
重要 zhòngyào important
特別 tèbié special
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