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tā it
自己 zìjǐ oneself
介紹 jièshào to introduce, introduction
兒童 értóng children
兄弟姊妹 xiōngdìjiěmèi siblings
叔(叔) shú(shu) uncle
孫子/孫女 sūnzi/sūnnǔ: grandson; granddaughter
鄰居 línjū neighbor
照顧 zhàogù to look after
辦法 bànfă way, means, measure, regulation
方法 fāngfǎ method, way, means
習慣 xíguàn habit; to be used to
幸福 xìngfú happiness
méi eyebrow
鬍(子) hú(zi) beard
手臂 shǒubbì arm
肩膀 jiānbăng shoulder
脖(子) bó(zi) neck
皮膚 pífū skin
眼淚 yănlèi tears
sǐ to die
kào to lean against; to depend on
péi to accompany
xǐng awake
bào to hug
àn to press
zhuō to catch
huàn to exchange
cā to wipe
tōu to steal
diū to throw; to lose something
diào to drop
jiàn to see; to meet
wén to smell
yăo to bite
講(話) jiăng(huà) to talk
告訴 gàosù to tell
qīn to kiss
聽說 tīngshuō to hear
cháng to taste
chǎo noisy
cāi to guess
煩惱 fánnăo (to) worry
麻煩 máfán (to) trouble
無聊 wúliáo boring, bored
愉快 yúkuài delightful
決定 juédìng to decide, decision
相信 xiāngxìn to believe
發現 fāxiàn to discover
希望 xīwàng to hope
記得 jìde to remember
感覺 gănjué feeling, to feel
了解 liăojiě to understand
以為 yǐwéi to think, to consider
認識 rènshì to know
著急 zhāojí anxious
傷心 shāngxīn heart-broken
擔心 dānxīn worried
舒服 shūfú comfortable
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