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Aircraft Propellers

What operational force causes the greatest stress on a propeller? Centrifugal
What operational force tends to increase propeller blade angle? Aerodynamic twisting force
The acute angle between the airfoil section chord line (at the blade reference station) and the plane of rotation is known as what? The propeller blade angle
The actual distance the propeller moves forward through the air is known as what? Effective pitch
Where are propeller blade stations measured from? Hub centerline
The thrust produced by a rotating propeller is a result of: an area of decreased pressure immediately forward of the propeller blades
What is the curved side of a propeller blade known as? Blade back
Any critical operating ranges to avoid prop vibration would be indicated how? A red arc on the tachometer
What is the primary purpose of a cuff on a propeller? to increase the flow of cooling air to the engine nacelle
Decreasing the oil pressure in the governor accomplishes what goal? Feathering of the prop
What components comprise a typical anti-icing system? a supply tank, pump, stationary nozzle, and a " slinger ring"
How is anti-icing fluid ejected from the slinger ring on a propeller? Centrifugal force
What does the propeller governor control? Oil to and from the pitch changing mechanism
Two-position counterweight or Hamilton Standard constant-speed propellers have the high and low pitch stops located where? In the counterweight assembly
What is the purpose of permanently sealing and partially filling some models of McCauley propeller hubs with dyed oil? make the location of crack readily apparent
What force helps to eject anti-icing fluid on a propeller? Centrifugal
Lubrication specifications such as grease and oil are determined by: Propeller manufacturer
On a constant-speed propeller, increasing the blade angle is aided by: the counterweights
What inspection method would be used to determine if a visible line is a crack? Dye penetrate
What is propeller blade tracking? The process used to determine where the blade tips are in reference to each other
Centrifugal force acting on the propeller blade counterweights increase blade pitch and governs oil pressure for low pitch on what type propeller blade hub? Hartzell aluminum and steel hub models
How would the pilot increase blade angle and manifold pressure while decreasing engine RPM when flying with a constant-speed propeller? Reduce the speeder spring tension by moving the control in the cockpit
How do you counter the effects of dye-penetrant? wash with solvent
When is the centrifugal force acting on the governor flyweights equal to the speeder spring tension? During the on-speed condition of the propeller
When does the centrifugal force acting on the governor flyweights overcome the speeder spring tension? During overspeed condition
Limiting the maximum engine speed during takeoff is done how? the pulley stop screw on a propeller governor
Propeller synchronization is accomplished how? Propeller governors
What is the purpose of the metal tipping that extends along the leading edge of the propeller blade? Prevent impact damage
What position should the propeller be in during all ignition and magneto checking for aircraft with hydraulically operated constant speed propellers? High RPM
From hub to tip is how what are measured? Blade station numbers
Repair of deep scars, nicks, and dents are considered to be a major repair and may only be performed by who? A properly certified repair station or the propeller manufacturer
What fluid is generally used in anti-icing systems? Isopropyl alcohol
A function of the automatic propeller synchronizing system on multiengine aircraft is: to control engine RPM and reduce vibration
Slip rings and brushes are used to transfer what? aircraft electrical power to propeller hub assembly for deicing
A universal propeller protractor is used to measure what? Blade angles
How much fore and aft (longitudinal) clearance is required between the blade cuffs and any stationary parts of the aircraft? 1/2 inch minimum
To achieve final balancing of a wooden propeller, what is sometimes done? The application of more protective coating on one blade than the other
Magnetic particle inspection can be used to test for cracks in what? steel propeller hub
Cold straightening of a bent aluminum propeller blade can only be done by: repair station or manufacturer
What visual indication would reveal a defective spider shaft oil seal when a hydromatic propeller is used? oil leaking around the rear cone
Aerodynamic twisting force does what to the blade angle? Increase
What controls the oil to and from the pitch changing mechanism? Propeller governor
What position is a constant speed counterweight propeller placed in to prevent exposure and corrosion of the pitch change mechanism? Full high pitch
Adjusting the phase angle between the propellers on an aircraft does what? reduces noise and vibration
The antifriction and plasticity of grease can be defined how? reduces friction and easily molds under pressure
When the control lever for a hydromatic constant-speed propeller is actuated, what happens? the speeder spring compression is changed
How should you lubricate a hartzell propeller? remove one of the two zerk fittings for the blade and grease the blade through the remaining fitting
With an increase in engine power, a constant-speed propeller tries to: maintain rpm, increase blade angle, and maintain low angle of attack
Proper operation of electrical deicing boots can be determined how? feel the boot for heating and have an assistant observe the load meter
The curved surface of the blade is what? blade back
Created by: Ms.Fietzek
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