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Midterm 3: GTA Meme.

"Aw shit, here we go again..."

Which of the following technologies transparently distributes traffic across multiple servers by using virtual IP addresses and a shared name? Network Load Balancing
From where would you add Network Load Balancing to a Windows Server 2012 R2 computer? Server Manager
Which PowerShell cmdlet here will correctly install NLB and the NLB management console? Add-WindowsFeature NLB,RSAT-NLB
Which PowerShell cmdlet is used to delete an NLB cluster? Remove-NlbCluster
When you configure port rules for NLB clusters, you will need to configure all of the options listed here, except for one. Which option in this list will you not configure for a port rule? The node IP address the rule should apply to
Which of the following is a constraint of using NLB clusters in unicast mode that you will need to design for? You will need separate cluster and management network adapters if you manage the nodes from a different TCP/IP subnet than the cluster network.
Which NLB control command would be the correct one to use to gracefully prepare a node for a planned maintenance activity? Drainstop
Many components can be configured redundantly within a server system. Of the components listed, which one is typically not available in a redundant arrangement in a single server system? Mainboards (motherboards)
What is the function of port rules in an NLB cluster? They define which ports are balanced among the hosts of the cluster
A production-ready failover cluster requires what minimum number of nodes? Two
What type of quorum configuration can sustain the loss of one-half of the cluster nodes (rounded up), minus one? Node Majority
In a failover cluster configured on Windows Server 2012, how are heartbeats transmitted? UDP port 3343 unicast
Which storage technology is a low-cost option that typically requires the cluster nodes to be physically close to the drives? SAS
Cluster Shared Volume, in Windows Server 2012 R2, offers faster throughput when integrated with what? Server Message Block (SMB) Multichannel
Which PowerShell cmdlet would be used to add a new resource group to a failover cluster configuration? Add-ClusterGroup
What mode of Cluster Aware Updating has an administrator triggering the updates manually from the orchestrator? Remote-updating mode
When configuring shared storage for a cluster, there are several requirements that you must keep in mind. Of the items listed here, which one is not a requirement when configuring the shared storage? The disks must be only GPT, not MBR.
Which of the following improvements did CSV bring to Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 (Choose all that apply) Support for BitLocker volume encryption [&] Support for SMB 3.0 [&] Allows Windows to scan and repair CSV volumes with no offline time
The High Availability Wizard allows you to configure several pre-selected high availability roles in a cluster. Which of the following are options that are available to choose from? (choose all that apply) Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) [&] Exchange Server
What new management functionality is introduced with SMB 3.0? PowerShell cmdlets for SMB
How does the Scale-Out File Server provide for multiple nodes to access the same volume at the same time? CSV and CSV Cache
How do you change the value of the preferred node in a cluster? List the servers in the preferred order
How does the selection of the preferred node affect failover of the cluster resources? Allows you to control which node the resources come online on after a failure.
When using VM Monitoring for Hyper-V VMs, what event ID will be logged when a monitored service is deemed to be unhealthy? 1250
Which of the following PowerShell cmdlets correctly configures VM Monitoring for the DHCPClient service on the VM named VM42? Add-ClusterVMMonitoredItem-VirtualMachine"VM42"-Service DHCPClient
Which of the following features of the General Use File Server clustering role is the only change from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012? Support for SMB 3.0
When creating a new General Use File Server Role, which SMB settings are enabled by default, but can be disabled if desired? (choose all that apply) Enable continuous availability [&] Encrypt data access
In regard to Live Migration, which of the following prerequisites must be met before attempting the Live Migration? (Choose all that apply) All hosts must use processors from the same manufacturer [&] All hosts must support hardware virtualization
When performing a Live Migration, there are several options available to choose from that control how the LM will occur. Which of the following is not one of these options? Move only the snapshot files
Quick Migration occurs within the confines of what? A failover cluster
When importing a VM in Windows Server 2012 R2, you have three options available to select from that affect how the import is performed. Which of the following is not one of those options? Restore the virtual machine (create a new unique ID)
You want to use Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 in your network to allow you to perform P2V migrations. What operating system must you install on the server to house SCVMM? Windows Server 2012 R2 only
Before you can work with OVF files on your SCVMM server, what must you first do? Apply the OVF Import/Export tool
When performing a P2V migration using SCVMM, there are several limitations that must be observed. Which of the following source operating systems would be disqualified from a P2V migration? Windows Server 2003 SP1 32-bit
Offline P2V migrations are the only available migration method for what types of source servers? (choose all that apply) Servers with FAT32 volumes [&] Servers that are domain controllers
Which of the following should be configured so that when you shut down or reboot a Hyper-V host, the VMs are migrated to another Hyper-V host? Drain on Shutdown
Which of the following is a distributed file system protocol used to access files over the network that is used with UNIX and Linux file server clients? NFS
What feature or role must you install to extend the Active Directory schema with UNIX attributes? Server for NFS
Which of the following protocols is not supported by BranchCache? NFS
Distributed cache mode is designed for branch offices with what number of clients? Fewer than 50
When configuring the BranchCache hash publication options in Group Policy, you have three options available. Which of the options listed here is not available to configure? Disallow hash publication on shared folders on which BranchCache is not enabled
Before you can audit access to files, what must you first do? (Choose all that apply) Specify files to be audited [&] and enable object access auditing
What feature, first available in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, enables you to configure object access auditing for every file and folder on the computer's file system? Global Object Access Auditing
How is Identity Management for UNIX installed? Using dism.exe
To create an NFS shared folder on a cluster, you need to install which of the following items on each cluster node? [All of the above]
Which of the following statements are true concerning Kerberos armoring? (Choose all that apply) Fully encrypts Kerberos messages [&] increases Kerberos processing time
What must you specify to create a claim type? A specific attribute in Active Directory
What is created so that files are automatically scanned and classified based on their content? Classification rules
What should you configure if you want to limit access to files with certain classifications within a folder to a specific security group's members? A central access policy
Before you attempt to implement file classification, which of the following tasks should you not first determine? The schedule of defragmentation
What windows Server 2012 R2 feature allows you to define computer-wide auditing of the file system or the registry? Global Object Access Auditing
Which of the listed PowerShell cmdlets would be correctly used to modify a Central Access Policy in Active Directory? Set-ADCentralAccessPolicy
After you have deployed a proposed Dynamic Access Control policy in staging mode, how do you check to see what is happening? Look in the Security logs for Event ID 4818
Which of these represents the largest benefit realized from classifying files and folders? Tasks for files and folders can be automated
How are NAS devised typically accessed over the network? (Choose all that apply) Using SMB [&] Using NFS
What is the underlying network protocol used by iSCSI storage network? IP
What role can you install in Windows Server 2012 R2 to provide iSCSI storage to other clients? iSCSI Target Server Role
What is the name of the high-availability technology that enables multiple TCP/IP connections from the initiator to the target for the same iSCSI session? Multiple Connection Session
What protocol is used to automatically discover, manage, and configure iSCSI devices on a TCP/IP network? ISNS
What is the name given to the new Windows Server 2012 R2 capability that allows an administrator to completely remove binaries from the disk for an unneeded role or feature? Features on Demand
After you have removed the binaries for a feature from your Windows Server 2012 R2 compuer, what status will be displayed for that feature if you run the dism /online /get-features command? Disabled with Payload removed
How are SAN devices typically accessed over the network? (Choose all that apply) Using Fibre Channel [&] Using iSCSI
Fibre Channel of Ethernet (FCoE) is capable of __________ per second or more 10 gigabits
What command-line tool is installed when you install the windows Server Backup feature? wbadmin.exe
The maximum amount of time you have to bring a system back online before it has a significant impact on your organization is known as what? Recovery time objective
Which of the following would not be a good usage of manual backups? making normal backups without a schedule
What is contained within the backup <date><id number> folder created by Windows Sever Backup? (choose all that apply) Virtual hard disk (VHD) files that are basically duplicates of your volumes [&] XML files that provide backup history details
When you select the "Faster backup performance" option for your backups, what is the net result of this configuration? (Choose all that apply) Incremental backups are performed [&] windows keeps a shadow copy of the source volume
By default, where will backups of DHCP be sent when you configure backups to occur? %systemroot%\windows\system32\dhcp\backup
What is the minimum forest functional level your Active Directory forest must meet to enable the Active Directory Recycle Bin? Windows Server 2008 R2
What Windows feature captures and stores copies of folders and files at specific points in time, allowing users or administrators to recover accidentally deleted or overwritten files as well as compare different versions of the same file? Shadow copies for Shared Volumes
Which of the following statements is true concerning incremental backups in Windows Server Backup? you can restore from a single backup
What type of backup allows you to recover the server to another server with the same or different hardware? Bare Metal Recovery
Regarding Shadow Copies for Shared Volumes, how many copies per volume can be retrained before the oldest shadow copy is permanently deleted? 64 copies
Which of the following can only be recovered using WinRE and the Windows Installation media? System Volumes
Which of the following backup configurations does not include the system state data? Incremental backups
What is the functional difference between a non-authoritative restoration of Active Directory versus an authoritative restoration? The objects that are restored in the non-authoritative restoration could be overwritten during the next replication cycle
When using the shutdown /r command, what happens when you add /o to the command? The server will reboot and open the Advanced Boot options menu
Which of the following represents the correct command to use to set the boot timeout value that controls the length of time the computer waits to load the default operating system? Bcdedit/timeout<value>
Which of the following represents what an operating system GUID would look like in the BCD store? 849ab759-2b7d-11e2-9a4d-10bf4879dbe3
Which of the following system state items will only be found on a domain controller? SYSVOL
Which of the following WinRE Command Prompt tools would be most appropriately used to cause the computer to boot to a different partition at the next startup? Bcdedit
What must you use to apply encryption to replication traffic for Hyper-V replica? X.509
When configuring the subject common name (CN) on an X.509 digital certificate to be used for Hyper-V replication, what value should be used for the subject CN if a standalone server hosts the VM? The FQDN of the Hyper-V host
In order for a digital certificate to be considered valid, what condition must it generally meet? (Choose all that apply) The certificate must terminate at a valid root certificate [&] The certificate must not be expired or revoked
When configuring a multi-site cluster using Windows Server 2012 R2, how can you configure data replication to occur? (Choose all that apply) Block level hardware-based replication [&] Software-based file replication [&] Application-based replication
What network services will you require in the remote site used to host a multi-site cluster? (Choose all that apply) AD Domain Service [&] DNS
In a Windows Server 2012 R2 failover cluster, after how many missed heartbeats in a row will a node become failed? 5
Which of the following is used to create a second replica from another replica? Hyper-V Extended Replication
Which Global Update Manager mode is the default All write and local read
What is the primary security implication of choosing the Kerberos authentication option over the certificate-based authentication option when configuring Hyper-V replication? The data will not be encrypted while in transit on the network
What database engine is used for the DHCP database in Windows Server 2012 R2 Jet
By default, after how much time has elapsed in an active DHCP lease will a Windows client computer attempt to renew the lease? 50% of the lease time
What term describes the network transmission method where packets are sent from one host to all other hosts? Broadcast
Which of the following represents the correct default subnet mask used with Class A networks?
IPv4 addresses use an address space that is ______ bits long, as compared to IPv6 addresses, which use an address apace that is ______ bits long. 32, 128
When configuring Split Scopes for DHCP, what is the traditional percentage split of the scope range? 80% to the primary server, 20% to the secondary server
On what port does DHCP failover listen for failover traffic? TCP port 647
What term describes the network transmissions method where packets are sent from one to a specific group of other hosts? Multicast
Which of the following represents the best usage of a superscope in DHCP? To add more IP addresses in a new subnet
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