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A&P 102 Nutrition

Vitamins and Minerals

Water-soluble vitamins. Bs and C.
Lipid-soluble vitamins. DEAK
Vitamin A Retinal function. Also called carotenes (like beta carotene). Fish, eggs, leafy green vegetables & carrots. Def-vision problems, night blindness.
Vitamin A - Deficiency Vision problems. Night blindness.
Vitamin D Required for calcium & phosphorus absorption in digestive system. Milk, eggs, fish liver. Make our own with sunshine. Deficiency= Rickets or osteoporosis.
Vitamin E Antioxidant, prevents oxidation of vitamin A. Fruits, nuts, vegetable oils.
Vitamin K Blood clotting. Leafy green vegetables. Def=poor clotting, hemophilia.
Carotene Vitamin A
Hemophilia Blood loving. Poor clotting. Deficiency of vitamin K.
Rickets Deformed boned. Def of vitamin D.
Thiamine B1 Carbohydrate metabolism. Lean meats, eggs, whole grains, leafy green vegetables.
Riboflavin B2 Glucose and fat metabolism. Meats, dairy, leafy greens
Niacin B6 Glucose metabolism. Protein and fat synthesis. Liver, lean meats, peanut butter, legumes.
Folic Acid B9 Nervous system health, fetal development. Leafy green vegetables, liver, whole grains.
B12 Red blood cell production. Dairy, meats, liver. Def may lead to anemia.
Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Collagen production. Hormone synthesis. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables.
Anemia May be caused by deficiency of B12. Lack of red blood cell production.
Scurvy Lack of vitamin C in diet. Connective tissue problems - collagen. Red /bleeding gums. Sailors and pirates took limes with them to prevent.
Non-organic molecules that our bodies use for various functions. Minerals
Calcium Ca Bone and tooth health, nervous system function. Found in milk, green leafy vegetables, legumes. Deficiency=osteoporosis, stunted growth.
Phosphorus P Bone and tooth health, ATP synthesis. Milk, green leafy vegetables, legumes.
Potassium K Nervous system health. Helps maintain osmotic pressure. Avocados, meats, peanut butter, bananas, potatoes.
Sodium Na Maintain osmotic pressure. Nervous system health. Table salt, cured meats. Excess contributes to hypertension.
Chloride Cl Helps maintain osmotic pressure. Nervous system health. Table salt.
Magnesium Mg ATP production. Dairy, legumes and nuts, green leafy vegetables
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