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打架 dǎjià to fight
走路 zǒulù (to) walk
跑步 păobù (to) jog
舞蹈 wŭdào dance
滑雪 huáxuě (to) ski
guàng to window-shop
散步 sànbù (to) take a walk
旅行 lǚxíng (to) travel, journey, tour
溜滑梯 liūhuátī slide
網球 wăngqiú tennis
羽毛球 yŭmáoqiú badminton
乒乓球/桌球 pīngpāngqiú/zhuōqiú ping-pong/table tennis
收集 shōují to gather, to collect
卡通 kǎtōng cartoon
漫畫 mànhuà comic book
上網 shàngwăng to surf the internet
gŭ drum
吉他 jítā guitar
小提琴 xiăotíqín violin
拜年 bàinián to pay a New Year call
紅包 hóngbāo red envelope with gift money
壓歲錢 yāsuìqián money given to children as a lunar New Year gift
jié festival
端午節 duānwŭjié the Dragon Boat Festival (falling on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month)
中秋節 zhōngqiūjié the Moon Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival(on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month)
聖誕節 shèngdànjié Christmas
健康 jiànkāng healthy, health
咳嗽 késòu/késou to cough
發燒 fāshāo to have a fever
口罩 kǒuzhào a gauze mask
蛀牙 zhùyá decayed tooth, dental caries
跌倒 diédǎo to fall over
住院 zhùyuàn to be in hospital
受傷 shòushāng be injured/wounded; injury, wound
小心 xiăoxīn careful
卡車 kăchē truck
計程車 jìchéngchē taxi
消防車 xiāofángchē fire truck
救護車 jiùhùchē ambulance
摩托車 mótuōchē motorcycle, scooter
piào ticket
開車 kāichē to drive a car
tíng to park, to stop
迷路 mílù to get lost
dā to travel by or take (a conveyance)
危險 wéixiăn dangerous
安全 ānquán safe
Created by: yochen860
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