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食物 shíwù food
mǐ rice
炒飯 chăofàn fried rice
粽(子) zòng(zi) a pyramid-shaped mass of glutinous rice wrapped in leaves
包子 bāozi steamed stuffed bun
月餅 yuèbǐng/ yuèbing moon cake
牛排 niúpái beefsteak
沙拉 shālā salad
咖哩 kālǐ curry
奶油 năiyóu cream, butter
青菜 qīngcài vegetables
南瓜 nánguā pumpkin
玉米 yùmǐ/yùmi corn
洋蔥 yángcōng onion
咖啡 kāfēi coffee
開水 kāishuǐ boiling/boiled water
奶茶 nǎichá milk tea
炸雞 zhájī fried chicken
薯條 shŭtiáo French fries
雞塊 jīkuài Chicken nugget
披薩/比薩 pīsà / bǐsà pizza
點心 diănxīn/diănxin snack
巧克力 qiăokèlì chocolate
葡萄 pútao grape
băo full
kě thirsty
kăo to roast, to barbecue, to bake
做菜 zuòcài to cook
菜單 càidān menu
點菜 diăncài to order dishes
年級 niánjí grade
班級 bānjí class
小學 xiăoxué primary school, elementary school
中學 zhōngxué middle school
校長 xiàozhăng principal
寒假 hánjià winter vacation
暑假 shŭjià summer vacation
請假 qǐngjià to ask for leave
小學生 xiǎoxuéshēng an elementary school student
句(子) jù(zi) sentence
故事 gùshi story, tale
作文 zuòwén composition
圖片 túpiàn picture, photograph
科學 kēxué science
美術 měishù art
數學 shùxué math
體育 tǐyù physical education
功課 gōngkè homework
本子 běnzi book, notebook
運動會 yùndònghuì sports day
練習 liànxí (to) practice
準備 zhǔnbèi to prepare, preparation
加油 jiāyóu to cheer on
賽跑 sàipǎo (to) race
比賽 bǐsài match, competition; to compete
參加 cānjiā to join, to attend
排隊 páiduì to stand in line
膠水 jiāoshuǐ glue
蠟筆 làbǐ wax crayon
交/交給 jiāo / jiāogěi to hand over, to deliver
dài to take, to bring
fān to turn over, to turn around
jiāo to teach
Created by: yochen860
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