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灰色 huīsè gray
紫色 zǐsè purple
橘色 júsè orange
kuān wide
zhăi narrow
xì thin; fine
比較 bǐjiào to compare
bǐ to compare
biān side; edge
上衣 shàngyī top
洋裝 yángzhuāng dress
內衣 nèiyī underwear
內褲 nèikù underpants
口袋 kǒudài pocket
手帕 shǒupà handkerchief
手套 shǒutào gloves
眼鏡 yănjìng glasses
圍巾 wéijīn scarf
家具 jiājù furniture
líng bell
屋頂 wūdǐng roof
沙發 shāfā sofa
書架 shūjià bookshelf
書桌 shūzhuō desk
鏡(子) jìng(zi) mirror
桶(子) tǒng(zi) bucket
盒(子) hé(zi) box; container measure word for things in a box
袋(子) dài(zi) bag
毛巾 máojīn towel
牙刷 yáshuā toothbrush
牙膏 yágāo toothpaste
手機 shǒujī cell phone; mobile phone
垃圾 lèsè garbage
東西 dōngxi thing
xìn letter; mail
郵票 yóupiào stamp
卡片 kăpiàn card
報紙 bàozhǐ newspaper
湯匙/勺子 tāngchí/sháozi spoon
盤(子) pán(zhi) plate; individual measure word for plate-shaped things.
茶壺 cháhú teapot; teakettle
jiù old
乾淨 gānjìng clean
luàn messy
整理 zhěnglǐ to put in order; to arrange
guān to close; to shu; to turn off
bān to move
dào to empty
yòng to use
zhăo to find; to look for
shuā to brush
jì to send; to mail
Created by: yochen860
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