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xìng surname
家庭 jiātíng family
客人 kèrén guest
伯(伯) bó(bo) uncle
父母 fùmŭ parents
寶貝 băobèi baby
bāng to help
幫忙 bāngmáng (to) help
事/事情 shì / shìqíng matter
家事 jiāshì housework
打掃 dăsăo to clean
長大 zhăngdà to grow up
容易 róngyì easy
簡單 jiăndān simple
nán difficult
清楚 qīngchŭ / qīngchu clear
xīn heart
bèi/bei back of body; to carry sth on the back
dòng to move
huó alive
tăng to lie
休息 xiūxí/xiūxi to rest
lā to pull
tuī to push
jiē to catch; to pick up someone
zhuā to grab
jŭ to lift
nòng to play with something
guà to hang
tiào to jump
xiāng fragrant
chòu stink
chuī to blow
說話 shuōhuà to speak
Created by: yochen860