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Chinese Ch. 3

Character PinyinMeaning
週末 zhōumò weekend
音樂 yīnyuè music
運動 yùndòng To exercise
To play (ball games)
網球 wǎngqiú tennis
棒球 bàngqiú baseball
游泳 yóuyǒng To swim
cháng often
籃球 lánqiú basketball
To kick
足球 zúqiú soccer
覺得 juéde To feel, to think
好玩 hǎowán Interesting, fun
明天 míngtiān tomorrow
早上 zǎoshàng morning
怎麼樣 zěnmeyàng What do you think?
a sentence final particle
做什麼 zuò shénme Do what
好啊 hǎo a OK
晚上 wǎnshàng evening
xiǎng To want, to think
還是 háishì or
ba sentence final particle for a suggestion
可以 kěyǐ could (possibility)
wén language
一起 yìqǐ together
晚餐 wǎncān dinner
cài cuisine
越南 yuènán Vietnam
好不好 hǎobùhǎo How does that sound?
shuō To speak
hòu day after tomorrow
qián day before
現在 xiànzài now
桌球 zhuōqiú table tennis
所以 suǒ yǐ So...
因為 yīnwèi because
攀岩 pānyán Rock climbing
gēn connect subject to somebody
起床 qǐchuáng to get up
Created by: dw90
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