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Herb IV Midterm Shen

Herbs That Calm the Spirit (8 Excess; 4 Deficiency)

Long Gu Dragon bone
Mu Li Oyster shell
Ci Shi Magnet stone
Zhu Sha Red sand (aka Cinnabar)
Zhen Zhu Margaria (aka Pearl shell)
Hu Po Succinum (aka amber stone)
Dai Zhe Shi Haematitum (aka hematite stone)
Suan Za Ren Sour jujube seed
Bai Zi Ren Arbor Vitae seed
Yuan Zhi "profound willpower" aka milkwort root and Polygalae...
He Huan Pi "double or collective happy pill" aka Mimosa bark
Ye Jia Teng "night communication vine" aka Fleece flower stem
Su He Xiang Rose maloes resin (Styrax...)
An Xi Xiang Benzonium aka Benzoin
She Xiang Moschus... aka Musk deer naval gland secretion
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. Enters HT & KD. And LIV to anchor LIV Yang. Long Gu (dragon bone)
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. Enters HT & KD as would be expected. But also enters LIVER to Anchor LIV Yang. Long Gu (dragon bone)
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. Does not enter HT. Only LIV & KID. Also anchors LIV Yang. But also "preserves leakage of fluid." Mu Li (oyster shell)
"Aids KD to grasp Qi," enters same meridians as Mu Li (LIV & KD). Ci Shi (magnet stone)
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. "Prevents putrefaction" Expels phlegm. ENTERS ONLY HT MERIDIAN! (Think Heart-> Red) Shen Disorder (?) Zhu Sha (red sand/cinnabar)
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. Enters HT & LIV. Settles Heart, tremors, palpitations. Clears LIV to aid vision and TREAT CATARACTS! (Cheaper substitute is Zhen Zhu Mu) Zhen Zhu (pearl shell) aka margarita
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. URINARY BLADDER! As well as HT and LIV. Use for UTIs as well as Blood Stasis. UTI (promotes urine-> think Yellow-> amber) as well as other infections. Promotes healing/reduces swelling. Is sweet and neutral. Succinm aka Amber stone
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. Enters HT, LV and Pericardium!! So cools Blood and stops bleeding. (Think Blood, Hema->) Is bitter and cold. Also calms rebellious qi. Haematitum aka Hematite stone
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. GALLBLADDER here! In addition to HT, LIV, SP. (For HT & LIV deficiency.) Prevents SWEATING! Augment LIV blood. Nourishes HT Yin (don't they all?) I think SPLEEN is the the key here-> Think sour.. Suan Za Ren (sour jujube fruit seed)
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. Nourish HT and KD Yin. Enters HT, KD, LI and SP. For constipation of deficiency type. Moistens LI. Helps to control sweating (KD). Bai Zi Ren (arbor vitae seed)
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. One of the few (the only) to enter LU channel-- to expel Phlegm and clear orifices. Use for abscesses, swelling (infections). Is thinleaf milkwort root.. Yuan Zhi (polygalae...) "profound will" kind of goes with HT & LU
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. Another GALLBLADDER one. But this one is used for Liver Qi Stagnation and to relieve constraint on LIV. Also for pain, swelling and Blood stasis. It is a bark but is sweet and neutral! Double Happy Pill (He Huan Pi) aka Mimosa bark (maybe think Mimosa-> Bloody Mary and relive pain and Liver?)
Calm Spirit/Anchor Yang. HEART & LIVER. Nourish Heart Yin and Blood. Used for insomnia and Bi Syndrome (unblock channels). "Night communication vine" aka Ye Jia Teng
Created by: mrbarr