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Herbs IV Midterm

Tonify Yin, Stabilize & Bind, Calm Spirit (Excess & Deficiency), Open Orifices

Sha Shen Glehniae/Adenophorae Radix aka Sand Root From the South (Tonify Yin)
Mai Men Dong Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonici (aka Adenophora Root, Four Leaf Lady Bell Root (Tonify Yin)
Tian Men Dong Tuber Asparagi Cochinensis (aka Asparagus Tube) (Tonify Yin)
Xi Yang Shen Radix Panacis Qinquifolii (aka American Ginseng Root) (Tonify Yin)
Yu Zhu Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati (aka Jade bamboo or Solomon's seal rhizome) (Tonify Yin)
Bai He Bulbus Lilii (aka (white) lily bulb) (Tonify Yin)
Sang Ji Sheng Ramulus Loranthi Seu Visci (aka Mulberry Mistletoe Stems) (Tonify Yin)
Nü Zhen Zi Fructus Ligustri Lucidi (aka Glossy privet fruit) (Tonify Yin)
Gui Ban Plastrum Testudini (aka Freshwater turtle belly) (Tonify Yin)
Bie Jia Carapax Amydae Sinensis (aka Chinese tortoise shell) (Tonify Yin)
Wu Mei Ume plum (black plum)
Wu Wei Zi Five Taste Seed (schisandra fruit)
Shan Zhu Yu ($han) Asiatic cornelian cherry
He Zi Terminalia fruit (Chebulae fr.)
Rou Dou Kou Nutmeg fruit/seed
Ying Su Ke Opium poppy husk (Papiveris Peri)
Chun Pi Alaintus bark
Lian Zi Lotus seed
Qian Shi Eurayle seed
Jin Ying Zi Cherokee rosehip (Rosae lavigatae Sem.)
Fu Pen Zi Chinese raspberry (Rubi Fr.)
Bai Guo (remember also Bai Guo He) Ginko nut/fruit
Fu Xiao Mai Floating wheat
Ma Huang Gen Ephedra root
Hai Piao Xiao Cuttlefish bone
Sang Piao Xiao Mantidis Ootheca (mantis egg case)
Sha Shen Clears heat/Generates fluids. Moistens LU, ST and skin. Stops cough.
Mai Men Dong Clears heat/Generates fluids. Moistens LU & ST. Calms the HT. Use for Shen Disorder.
Tian Men Dong Clears heat/Generates fluids. Tonifies KD Yin. Clears LU Heat.
Xi Yang Shen Clears DEFICIENCY heat/Generates fluids. Overall Yin tonic. Enters LU, HT, KD.
Yu Zhu Tonifies LU & ST. Extinguishes wind. Moistens sinews.
Bai He Tonifies LU & HT. Sweet, bitter and slightly cold. CALMS SPIRIT. Stops cough.
Sang Ji Sheng Tonifies LV & KD. Used for Bi Syndrome, infertility, hypertension. Neutral & bitter.
Nü Zhen Zi Tonifies LV & KD. Improves VISION.
Gui Ban Tonifies LV, KD & HT. Anchors Yang. Cools blood. Stops bleeding. Is salty, sweet and cold.
Bie Jia Tonifies LV & SP. Is salty & slightly cold. Invigorates Blood and is used to promote menstruation and for Blood stasis, tumors, mass.
Wu Mei Is sour and warm. Enters LI, LIV, LU and SP. Stops cough. Stops diarrhea. Stop bleeding. Stops pain. Use topically for warts.
Wu Wei Zi Is sour and warm. Enters HT, LU, KD. Stops cough. Stops diarrhea. Stops sweating. CALMS SPIRIT (Shen Disorder).
Shan Zhu Yu ($han) Is sour and slightly warm. Enters LIV and KD. Stops bleeding. Stops sweating.
He Zi Is astringent, bitter, neutral. Stops cough. Stops diarrhea. Enters LU, ST and LI.
Rou Dou Kou Is acrid and warming. Used to warm Middle Jiao pain. Stop diarrhea. Move Qi. Enters LI, SP, ST.
Ying Su Ke Is sour, astringent, neutral. Used for pain in COPD and cancer. Can be toxic. Banned by acupuncture board. Also stops diarrhea. Enters KD, LI, LU.
Chun Pi Bitter, astringent, cold. Used for HEAT in the Intestines. Enters LI and ST. Also DRIES DAMPNESS and binds intestine. Treats parasites.
Lian Zi Sweet, astringent, neutral. Used to Stabilize Essence, Tonify KD, Nourish HT. Calm Spirit. Stop diarrhea. Enters KD, HT, SP.
Qian Shi Enters KD and SP. Sweet, astringent, neutral. Used to EXPEL DAMPNESS due to DEFICIENCY. Stabilize KD essence. Stop diarrhea.
Jin Ying Zi Stop diarrhea. Enters KD, UB, LI.
Fu Pen Zi Yang tonic! Improves vision. Binds Essence. Retains urine. Sour, astringent, slightly warm. Enters KD and LIV.
Bai Guo Sweet, bitter, astringent. For Upper Jiao phlegm/wheezing and Lower Jiao VAGINITIS and diarrhea. Enters KD and LU.
Fu Xiao Mai Sweet, salty, COLD. Stops sweating. Calms Spirit. (Shen Disorder) Enters ONLY HT MERIDIAN.
Ma Huang Gen Sweet and neutral. Enters only LU. Stops sweating. (The leaf of this plant PROVOKES sweating!)
Hai Piao Xiao Salty, astringent, slightly warm. Controls bleeding. Controls diarrhea. Controls pain. Controls acidity. Promotes healing. Enters LV, KD, ST.
Sang Piao Xiao Sweet, salty, neutral. Enters LIV and KD. TONIFIES KD YANG. Controls acidity. Controls essence.
Long Gu Fossilis Osis Mastodi
Mu Li Ostra Concha
Ci Shi Magnetitum
Zhu Sha Cinnabar (aka Red Sand)
Zhen Zhu ($$) Margarita (aka Pearl Shell)
Hu Po Succinum (aka Amber Stone)
Dai Zhe Shi Hematite stone
Suan Za Ren Ziziphi Spinosae Sem. (aka Sour Jujube seed)
Bai Zi Ren Platycladi Semen (aka Arbor Vitae seed)
Yuan Zhi Thinleaf milkwort root
He Huan Pi Albisiae julibir cx. (aka Mimosa bark)
Ye Jiao Teng Polygoni multiflori caulis (aka Fleece Flower Vine aka Night Communication Vine)
She Xiang Deer naval gland secretion
Su He Xiang Rose maloes resin
An Xi Xiang Benzoin
He Huan Pi Calms Spirit and relieves constraint. For LIV qi stagnation. Also used for Blood stasis (alleviate pain, dissipate swelling). Is sweet and neutral. Enters HT, LIV, GB.
Ye Jiao Teng Calms the spirit. Nourishes HT Yin and blood. Nourishes blood and unblocks channels. Use for insomnia and Bi Syndrome.
Bai Zi Ren Enters HT, KD, LI, SP. Calms spirit. Stops sweating and moistens LI. Nourishes HT and KD Yin. Use for constipation of DEFICIENCY type.
Yuan Zhi Calms spirit, nourishes HT. Enters HT and LU. Expels phlegm. Also used for abscesses and infections.
Long Gu Calms spirit and settles HT. Anchors LIV Yang. For Excess AND Deficiency.
Mu Li Calms spirit. Anchors LIV Yang. Controls KD to preserve fluid. Enters LIV and KD.
Ci Shi Calms spirit. Aids KD to "grasp Qi." Improves vision.
Zhu Sha Clams spirit. Clears heat. Relieves toxicity. (Even though it contains mercury.) Expels phlegm. Use for Shen Disorder.
Zhen Zhu ($$$) (Zhen Zhu Mu is less expensive) Enters HT and LV. Calms spirit and settles heart. Used for cataracts. Tremors
Hu Po Calms spirt and clears LIV. Enters HT, LV, UB. Used for URINARY TRACT INFECTION! Blood Stasis. Tremors.
Dai Zhe Shi Calms the spririt and nourishes HT Yin. Prevents sweating. For HT and LIV deficiency. Enters HT, LIV, GB and SP!
CHAIR'D Mnemonic for Stabilize & Bind
IAEC Mnemonic for Tonify Yin
SSLEIGHH-A Mnemonic for Calm Spirit
CHAIR'D CV function Hemostasis Antiviral/Antibiotic Immune Stimulant Respiratory System Function Diarrhea
IAEC Immune Stimulant Adaptive Ability Endocrine Function CV Function
SSLEIGHH-A Sedative Stimulant Laxative Expectorant Immune Stimulant GI Function Homeostasis Hypnotic Antidepressive
Sweet, cold, enriching and cloying are generally characteristics of what types of herbs? Herbs that tonify Yin
SP/ST deficiency manifested as Damp, Phlegm, distention and diarrhea are indications to avoid what type of herbs? Herbs that tonify Yin
Yin deficiency is typically used to describe conditions of which organs? LU, HT, KD, LIV, ST
Symptoms of Yin deficiency include? Low grade fever, "tidal" fever, night sweats, 5 palms heat, thin red tongue with scanty coating, thready rapid pulse
SP/ST deficiency and PREGNANCY are contraindications for what types of herbs? Aromatic herbs that open orifices and awaken spirit
If closed syndrome is Bi Zheng, what is abandoned syndrome? Tuo Zheng
What are the 2 subtypes of Bi Zheng (closed) syndrome? Hot and Cold
What are the differentiating characteristics of Cold Bi syndrome vs. Abandoned syndrome (Tuo Zheng)? Abandoned syndrome is characterized by open jaw, open fists, feeble breath and incontinence. Cold (closed) syndrome has closed jaw, closed fists, coarse breath and constipation.
What groups of herbs are used to treat Leakage Syndrome? Herbs that stabilize & bind
Sour and astringent are generally characteristics of what types of herbs? Herbs that stabilize & bind
Chronic cough, chronic diarrhea, uterine bleeding, fecal or urinary incontinence, profuse sweating, asthma and even dysentery and miscarriage are symptoms of what condition? Leakage syndrome
Exterior syndrome and/or excess Damp, Phelgm and/or Blood statis are contrindications against what group of herbs? Herbs that stabilize and bind
Overuse of what group of herbs can damage ST Qi and lead to indigestion and loss of appetite? The minerals and shells that nourish HT, calm Shen
Palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, delirium are symptoms of what disorder or syndrome? Shen disorder
Herbs that nourish the HT and calm Shen are generally known as as what? Substances that calm Spirit
Anchoring, settling and calming Shen substances are typically of what kind of materials? Minerals and stones
What herb moistens LU and ST, stops cough, generates fluid and clears heat Mai Men Dong
Which of the following herbs tonifies qi, nourishes Yin and generates fluids? Xi Yang Shen
What herb nourishes LU and KD Yin, generates fluid and clears heat Tian Men Dong
Which of the following herbs moistens LU and ST, stops cough, clears heat, eliminates irritability and moistens intestine?? Mai Men Dong
Which of the following would be the first choice Dui Yao for LU and KD Yin deficiency? Sha Shen & Tian Men Dong
Which of the following would be the FIRST choice Dui Yao for nourishing Yin and stopping cough? Sha Shen & Mai Men Dong
Which of the following would be the FIRST choice Dui Yao for treating HT and LV Yin deficiency and irritability? Sha Shen & Mai Men Dong
Which of the following would be the FIRST choice Dui Yao for anchoring Yang? Gui Ba & Bie Jia
Which of the following herbs enters the HT and LU channels (but also enters KD) and is sweet, slightly bitter and slightly cold? Bai He
Which of the following herbs enter the KD and LV channels and is bitter and neutral? Sang Ji Sheng
Which of the following herbs enters the LV and KD channels and is sweet, salty and cold? Gui Ban
Which of the following herbs enters the LV and SP channels and is salty, slightly cold? Bie Jia
Which of the following herbs enters the LV and KD channels is sweet, bitter and neutral? Nü Zhen Zi (Sang Ji Sheng also enters LV & KD and is bitter and neutral but not sweet...)
Which of the following herbs enters the LV channel and is sour and slightly warm? Shan Zhu Yu
Which of the following herbs enters the HT and LU channels and is sour and warm? Wu Wei Zi
CRACS Mnemonic for Aromatic Herbs That Open Orifices
CRACS CV function Resuscitation Analgesic CNS Stimulant
Created by: mrbarr