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ASM Block 7 (N)

In a vacuum bag set up, what material is used to wick the excess adhesive from the repair? Bleeder material
What inert fillers can be used to make a potting compound? Micro balloons, Cab-O-Sil
What substance causes a resin to cure? Curing Agent / Excelerator
Which matrix system undergoes a chemical change when it cures and cannot be reheated and re-formed? Thermoset resin
Which thermoset matrix can not be used on structural components? Polyester
What transfers stresses between the load carrying faces /skins? Core
Why is core density important? To maintain strength in the structure
What is a laminate? 2 or more layers or plies of advanced composite fibers bonded together under heat and pressure
What part carries loads in a sandwich constructed panel? The facing laminate
How are advanced composites better than metals? They are more resistant to fatigue
A composite is made of what? Fibers and a resin system
The fibers give the component _______ and ________ strength Shear, Tensile
What is the hardest and strongest advance composite fibers? Boron
What is an advanced composite? Embedding high stiffness composite fibers in a resin matrix
What indicates the direction in which the strength lies and runs with the roll? Warp
What is the term used to identify the fibers running perpendicular to the roll? Fill
What is the stitching that runs up both sides of the fabric to keep the fibers from unraveling? Selvaged edge
What are threads of a different color than the parent fibers running 2 inches apart indicating the warp and 6 inches apart indicating the Fill? Tracer threads
What code is used to translate the engineers angles to the Repair site? Standard industrial laminate orientation code
What are the two types of Quasi-isotropic lay ups? Symmetrical laminate and balanced laminate
What inspection method is generally effective up to a surface thickness of .080? Tap testing
What are used to define patch layout and aid in constructing and laying up repair patch plies? Cutting templates
What are overlay plies? Additional plies that add strength to the original plies
When performing a step-joint repair how are the damaged plies removed? Seperately
What are the three common Repair joints? Scarf, step-joint, overlap
Which common repair simply covers the damaged area with a patch? Overlap
On what type of structures are scarf Repairs typically used? Laminates on highly loaded structures
Scarf ratios are determined according to what? The loads that must be transferred
What grit sandpaper is used to rough sand by hand to scarf into the laminate? 80-150 grit
Sounds good me
Describe what a “J” type plug is A black colored plug connector with round pins
What is a “K” type plug? Yellow colored plug connector with flat pins
What is the most commonly used plug? The “J” plug
What minimum temp should you attain when welding TC’s? 800 degrees F
What is Repairable Damage? More severe. Holes, tears, gouges, seperations, and cracks in the skin
What is Negligable damage? Relatively minor damage
How many thermocouples can be assigned per zone? 3
The time between soaks at which the temp is either rising or falling is called what? Ramp rate
The ramp rate should fall between how many degrees a minute? 3 degrees to 10 degrees
What is the maximum number of soaks that can be programmed? 6
Once an alarm has been sounded, what key do you press to acknowledge that a problem exists? E
If an alarm has sounded and a visual flashing “T” is displayed, what are you going to trouble shoot? Thermal couple
If an alarm has sounded and a visual flashing “V” is displayed, what are you going to trouble shoot? Low vacuum, leak in the bag
If an alarm has sounded and a visual flashing “P” is displayed, what are you going to trouble shoot? No heat
What is the most commonly used repair method for damaged core? Wet lay-up
The curing of repair plies and simultaneously bonding them to the prepared structure during the same cure cycle Co-Cured
When a patch is pre-manufactured (cured) then bonded to the structure during another cure cycle Pre-Cured
What are the three different repair methods for damaged core? Wet lay-up, Co-Cured, Pre-Cured
What grit sandpaper do you use for rough sanding? 80-150
What grit sand paper do you use when you are finish sanding? 150-240 grit
What special tools are needed to remove composite materials for repairs? Carbide or cobalt cutters, diamond coated/Dusted Cutters
What is E-Glass? The most common type of all purpose fiberglass cloth. Used in electrical applications, radomes, antennae, and computer circuit boards
What is S-Glass? Standard for special higher performance applications such as aerospace and ballistics. 40-70% stronger than E-Glass
What are the three main types of raw fiberglass? Woven glass cloth, chopped fibers, fiberglass mat
What is Carbon/Graphite fibers? The most commonly used advanced composite for aircraft structures
What is Carbon/Graphite Type 1? Very stiff and used in aerospace applications
What is Carbon/Graphite Type II? High strength and most commonly used in aircraft industry
What is Carbon/Graphite Type III? Moderate strength ised in toolimg and carbon brakes
What is another name for Aramid? Kevlar
What are the two most common Aramid types? Kevlar 29, and Kevlar 49
What is Kevlar 29 used for? Ballistics, armor rope, and cable
What is Kevlar 49 used for? Structural grade aircraft repairs
What are the three steps to damage assessment? 1st: locate the damage 2nd: evaluate and clean up the damage 3rd: re-evaluate after damage removal has been done
What are the three ways to locate the damage? Visual inspection, tap testing, and NDI
What are the three classifications of damage? Negligible, Repairable, and Non-Repairable
What kind of damage does vibration cause? Worn, elongated mounting holes, and de-lamination of cracks
What kind of things cause Ground Handling damage? Careless maintenance practices, dropped tools or equipment,
What is a surface scratch? Damage that does not affect parent laminate fibers or the internal structure of a composite
What is a dent? A hollow or low place usually caused by an impact
What is a de-lamination? Separation between two or more laminate plies
What is a disbond? An adhesive failure or seperation at the bond line
What will cause an adhesive failure in a repair? Contamination
What are the two types of thermoset resins? Polyester, Epoxy
What are thermoplastic resins? Non-curing resins that can be heated and re-shaped after hardening
What is Sol Gel? Primer for bonding
Resins and pastes are considered what stage? Stage A
What stage are scrim cloth and micro beads? A-stage
What stage are adhesives and pre-pregs? B-stage
What are micro-balloons used for? Filler material
What is Cab-O-Sil used for? Thickening agent
What are chopped glass fibers used for? To add strength
With a filler compound, when should you add heat? Only once the resin begins to harden
What is the purpose of the Cure process? To achieve the maximum strength in the repair
What are the two types of fabric separators? Porous and non-porous
What is the purpose of the insulator material? Prevent heat loss/transfer
What are the three types of sealant material for vacuum bagging? Sealant tape, Dux seal, Double sided tape
If using a heat lamp, how hot should it get? 150 degrees
What are the different types of moisture detection? X-Ray, Desiccant color changing pen, weight method
When using a router, how deep should you go? 1/4 or larger
What are templates used for? Guide the router while cutting
What are the three types of core damage? Crushed core, water intrusion, corrosion
What is the primary load carrying element? Fibers
What are the two types of woven glass cloth? E-Glass, S-Glass
What is the most advanced composite? Carbon/Graphite
What type of composite construction has equal strength in virtually all directions? Quasi-Isotropic
What advanced composite structure has plies oriented at right angles from each other? Cross ply
Thermal couple placement: How far should thermocouples be placed from the adhesive line? 1/2 inch
Thermal couple placement: How far must the control TC be from the heater blanket power cord? 90 degrees
Thermal couple placement: How far should the TC’s be from the A/C power cord? 1 inch
What is the sanding template used for? Protects undamaged area
What is the cutting template? Used for cutting patch plies, has ply direction, silok
What is the stacking template? Similar to the cutting template, has ply orientation, silok, used to stack your plies
What is fiberglass made of? Glass marbles and other materials
What is Non-Repairable damage? the maximum allowable damage described bt the T.O. Depot Level
What is the Most Critical step of the repair process? Surface Prep
When doing a water break test, how do you know when the surface is clean? When the water spreads out and forms a continuous film on the surface
How is Sol Gel applied? Spraying, brushing, or dipping
What is the most commonly used matrix in aerospace composite structures? Epoxy
What is the purpose of Pressure Plates/Caul Plates? Equally distribute pressure and heat across the repair
What is the purpose of a heat blanket? To provide heat to the repair site to cure the repair adhesives
What is the purpose of a Thermal Couple? To accurately sense temperatures
Name the four different kinds of advanced composites. Fiberglass, Graphite, Aramid, Boron
What does a matrix provide? Compression strength
Created by: Tphan4462
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