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Beginning Tr Chinese

不客氣 búkèqì You’re welcome
歡迎 huānyíng Welcome
是的 shìde Yes (formal)
lái To come
小姐 xiǎojiě Miss, Ms.
jiē To pick somebody up
Zhè This
先生 xiānshēng Mr.
hǎo Well
xìng To be surnamed
jiào To be called
Chén Chen
Wáng Wang
對不起 duìbùqǐ I’m sorry
住在 zhūzài To live in
請問 qǐngwèn May I ask you something?
昨天 zuótiān Yesterday
máng Busy
wēn Williamson
育安 yùān My first name
lěng Cold
知道 zhī dào To know
電影 diàn yǐng Movie
xué To learn
學校 xuéxiào School
hěn Very
hǎo Good
日本 rìběn Japan
有一點 yǒuyīdiǎn A little
hán Korea
今天幾號 jīntiān jǐ hào What is today?
手機 shǒu jī Cell phone
現在是幾點 xiànzài shì jǐ diǎn What time is it
tīng To listen
shǒu Measure word for songs
zhāng Measure word for flat objects
zhǐ paper
相片 xiàngpiàn photo
hàn Taiwan and
zhī Measure word for cell phones
Mǎi To buy
東西 dōng xì things
chē car
幾車 jīchē scooter
可是 kěshì but
bǎi hundred
qiān thousand
dōng Measure word for houses
zhāng Measure word for furniture
chuáng bed
běn Measure word for books
shū book
duō many
兄弟姐妹 xiōngdì jiěmèi siblings
先生 xiānshēng Husband
guì Expensive
照片 zhàopiàn Photo
房子 fángzi house
wèi Measure word for people (respectful)
漂亮 piàoliàng pretty
什麼時候 shénmeshíhòu when
下班 xiàbān To finish work
每天 měitiān every day
上班 shàngbān To go to work
睡覺 shuìjiào To sleep
桌子 zhuōzi table
椅子 yǐzi chair
zhī Measure word for pens
電腦 diànnǎo laptop
課本 kèběn Textbook
照相 zhàoxiàng To take photos
zuò To sit
伯母 bómǔ Aunt or polite term for a friend’s mother
nín You formal
看書 kànshū To read
商店 shāngdiàn Shop
Created by: dw90
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