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Microsoft Word 2007

Review Word Terminology

Ribbon An area across the top of the screen that makes almost all of the capabilities of Word available in a single area
Office Button A button that provides access to a menu that contains commands such as open, save and print. This menu takes the place of the file menu in previous versions of Word.
Header Content that appears at the top of each page.
Field A placeholder that tells Word to supply the specified information in the specified way. (Example: date, time, page)
Font A complete set of characters that all have the same design.
Font Color One of a range of colors that can be applied to text.
Font Size The size of the characters in a font, in points.
Document Window The window that provides a workspace for an open document.
Dialog Box Launcher A button that launches a dialog box containing options for refining a command.
Deselect Clicking away from selected data or controls to release the selection.
Clipboard A storage area shared by all Office programs where cut or copied items are stored.
Column In page layout, the area between margins where text is allowed to flow.
Group A category of buttons on a tab.
Hover To pause the pointer over an object, such as a menu name or button, for a second or two to display more information.
Justify To make all lines of text in a paragraph or column fit the width of the document or column, with even margins on each side.
Live preview A feature of a thumbnail that displays what an option will look like if applied to a document.
Margin Blank space around the column in which text can flow on the page.
Mini Toolbar A toolbar of formatting commands that appears when you select text.
Orientation The direction – horizontal or vertical – in which a page is laid out.
Paragraph A block of text of any length that ends when you press the Enter key.
Point The unit of measure for expressing the size of characters in a font, where 72 points equals 1 inch.
Print Layout view A view that shows how a document will look when it is printed.
Select To make an object, graphic or text active, usually by clicking it once with the mouse.
SmartArt A technology in Microsoft Office 2007 where you can easily create professional business graphics within documents, spreadsheets, presentations and messages.
Tab An area on the Ribbon that contains buttons organized in groups.
Tab stop A location in the text column where text will align after you press the Tab key.
Text Box A box drawn to contain text.
Word Wrap The automatic breaking of a line of text when it reaches the page margin.
Ruler Allows you to change tab and indent settings for documents.
Format Painter Copy document formatting from one area to another.
Thesaurus Suggests other words with similar meanings to the word selected.
Bold Ctrl+B
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Italics Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Align Left Ctrl+L
Center Ctrl+E
Align Right Ctrl+R
To Select a Word Double click the word
To Select a Sentence Press and hold CTRL and click anywhere in the sentence.
To select a line Click in the selection bar next to the line.
To select a paragraph Triple click the paragraph.
To select everything Ctrl+A
Created by: jhand