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B767 Memory Items


1) CABIN ALTITUDE 1) Don the oxygen mask 2) Establish crew communication 3) If supernumerary: MN DK ALERT USE OXY 4) Check the cabin altitude and rate. 5) If the cabin altitude is uncontrollable:Without delay, F L C descend to the lowest safe altitude or 10000 feet,
1) CABIN ALTITUDE (part 2) whichever higher To descent move the trust levers to idle, Extend the speed brakes If structural integrity is in doubt limit airspeed and avoid high maneuvering loads Descend at VMO/MM0 Reference CABIN ALTITUDE OR RAPID DEPRESSURIZATION Q R H
2) ABORTED ENGINE START during a ground start, an abort start condition occurs. 1) FUEL ONTROL switch (affected side) CUT OFF Reference QRH ABORTED ENGINE START CHECKLIST
3) DUAL ENGINE FAILURE One of these occurs on both engines: • Engine flame out • No response to thrust lever movement 1) ENG START selectors (b) FLT 2) Thrust levers (b) IDLE, 3) FUEL CONTROL switches (b) CUT OFF, then RUN 4) if engine stalled or EGT limit:FUEL CONTROL SWITCH (aff. Side) confirm. CUT OFF, then RUN
3) DUAL ENGINE FAILURE (part 2) If engine appear stalled or EGT approaches the Standby Engine Indicator placard limit,FUEL CONTROL SWITCH (aff. Side) confirm. CUT OFF repeat as necessary Reference QRH DUAL ENGINE FAILURE CHECKLIST
4) ENGINE LIMIT OR SURGE OR STALL One or more of these occur Engine indications are abnormal if are rapidly appr. or exiting limits Abnormal engine noises/ vibrations No response to thrust lever movement or abnormal response Flames E. inlet/exhaust 1) A/T ARM switch. OFF 2) Trust lever (affected side) Confirm Retard until engine indications stay within limits or the thrust lever is at idle Reference QRH ENGINE LIMIT OR SURGE OR STALL checklist
5) A P U FIRE Fire is detected in the A P U 1) A P U fire is switch Confirm Pull, rotate to the stop, and hold for 1 second Reference QRH A P U FIRE checklist
6) ENGINE FIRE or Engine Severe Damage or Separation L ENGINE FIRE R ENGINE FIRE One of these occur Engine fire warning Airframe vibration with abnormal engine indication Engine separation Engine seizure 1) A/T ARM switch OFF 2) TL (affected side) Confirm Idle 3) FUEL CONTROL switch (es) Confirm Pull CUT OFF 4) Engine fire switch (es) confirm Pull
6) ENGINE FIRE or Engine Severe Damage or Separation (part 2) 5) If the engine fire war. Lights is illuminated Engine fire switch (es) Rotate to the stop and hold for 1 sec If after 30 sec the engine fire warning lights stays illuminated: Engine fire switch Rotate to the other stop and hold for 1 second Ref. QRH
7) ENGINE TAILPIPE FIRE. An engine tailpipe fire occurs on the ground with no fire warning 1) FUEL CONTROL switch (es) CUT OFF Ref. QRH ENGINE TAILPIPE FIRE checklist
8) Airspeed Unreliable Airspeed or Mach are suspected unreliable Identify reliable airspeed indication or to continue the flight using the unreliable Airspeed table in the performance inflight chapter 1) Autopilot disengage switch. PUSH 2) A/T ARM switch OFF 3) F/D switches (b) OFF 4) Set gear up pitch attitude and thrust: Flaps extended. 10° and 80% N1 Flaps up. 4° and 75% N1 Reference QRH Airspeed Unreliable checklist
Created by: Gbaron
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