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Formatting Data

Excel for Microsoft Office 2016

What is the first step to change the look of a cell? select the cell to be formatted.
Is your worksheet a good place to experiment with numerous fonts and styles? Why/Why not? No. Visually the data on your spreadsheet will be easier to read if it is aligned properly.
Is it a good idea make titles larger, and bolded or to color the labels? Why/Why not? Yes, they will be more eye-catching
Numbers should be.....? right-aligned, because of how we read numeric data
Headings should be.....? Aligned with their data or at least be centered above data?
Labels that are considerably longer than their data....... should be rotated or wrapped within a cell.
When cells are selected together what do they form? a range
What do you do to select cells? Drag the mouse from one cell to another.
For ranges that extend beyond the window...... Click the first cell in the range, scroll until the last cell is visible, and hold the Shift key while clicking the last cell in the range. This can also be done with the SHIFT & ARROW keys on the keyboard.
When the row number or column letters are clicked on what is happening? All the cells in a row or column are being selected
If you want to draw the reader’s eye to the information what letter formatting is useful? Bold and italic
What considerations need to be taken in to account when changing the font in a worksheet? Company standards and readability for the worksheet title, other labels will be easier to read in a sans serif font, such as Calibri or Arial.
Underline is not usually a good choice for font style because? It competes with the cell border and is also associated with hyperlinks.
What consideration(s) need to be thought and possibly executed when using color? If the file is to be printed. How it will look if printed.
Cell alignment can be? left, center, or right
What needs to be done to apply font or alignment formats? First select the cells to format and then use commands in the Font group and Alignment group on the Home tab.
Why does Excel have many cell-border options? A spreadsheet is about presenting data in cells.
Applying solid borders to all sides of cells containing data is typically used for what reason? To make printouts easier to read.
The Bottom Double Border is typically useful for? totals
How is a cell border changed? Select the cells to format and then click the arrow in the Border command on the Home tab to display choices.
What is the danger of having long labels? columns that are much too wide poor readability of the worksheet
Shorter labels are? easier to read, can it be effectively descriptive with fewer words?
A cell should contain a single data item, such as? Name,First and Last Name column is not a good idea depending on the project.
if a long label is needed? you can either wrap the text in a cell or rotate it with Wrap Text and Orientation commands.
Where are Wrap Text and Orientation commands located? In the Alignment group on the Home tab.
Centering data across many cells is defined as what? merging cells
Merged cells are what? They are cells that have been combined into one larger cell.
What are the steps to merge cells? Select the cells to merge and then click Merge & Center on the Home tab.
How are merged cells reversed back to single cells? Select the merged cell, click the arrow in the Merge & Center command, and then click Unmerge Cells.
What is a theme? A theme is a named set of colors, fonts, and effects. It has several cell styles associated with it.
What is a cell style? A formatting function that is used to apply several formats at once to a selected cell or cell range.
How are cell styles applied? With options in the Styles group on the Home tab. Click the More button at the end of the group to expand the list to see the Themed Cell Styles.
Any cells with applied styles that are changed from the Page Layout tab will automatically be updated to match what? Theme and/or Color
Created by: mtooner
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