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AMT 1216

Recip Vocab

Abrasion an area of roughened scratches
Brinelling one or more indentations on bearing races usually caused by high static loads or applications of force during installation
Burning surface damage caused by excessive heat as a result of improper fit or insufficient lubrication
Burnishing polishing of one surface by sliding contact with a smooth harder surface
Burr a sharp or roughened projection of metal usually caused by machine processing
Chafing describes the wear caused by rubbing action between two parts
Chipping the breaking away of pieces of metal caused by excessive stress concentrations or careless handling
Corrosion loss of metal by a chemical or electro process
Crack a partial separation of material usually caused by vibration, overloading, internal stresses, defective assembly or fatigue
Cut loss of metal usually to an appreciable depth caused by a sharp object
Dent a small rounded surface depression usually found in sheet metal usually caused by impact with another object
Errosion loss of surface metal caused by the mechanical action of foreign objects such as grit or fine sand
Flaking the breaking loose of small pieces of metal off of coated surfaces caused by defective plating or excessive loading
Fretting a form of surface corrosion caused by minute movement between two parts clamped together under considerable pressure
Galling a severe condition of chaffing or fretting in which a transfer of metal from one part to another occurs
Gouging a furrowing condition in which a displacement of metal occurs. Gouging is usually caused by a piece of metal becoming trapped between moving parts
Grooving a recess or channel with rounded and smooth edges that usually results from improperly aligned parts
Inclusion presence of foreign or extraneous material that is wholly confined within a portion of metal
Nick a sharp sided gouge or depression with a ā€œVā€ shaped bottom usually caused by careless handling
Peening a series of blunt surface depressions
Scuffing or Pick Up a buildup or rolling of metal from one area to another which is usually caused by insufficient lubrication, clearance or foreign matter
Pitting small hollows of irregular shaped in the surface usually caused by corrosion
Scoring a series of deep scratches caused by foreign particles between moving parts or careless overhaul procedures
Scratches shallow thin lines or marks varying in degree of depth and width caused by improper handling
Spalling a bearing defect in which chips of the hardened bearing surface is broken
Stain a localized change in color that is noticeably different in appearance from the surrounding area
Upsetting a displacement of material beyond the normal surface contour commonly referred to as a bulge or bump
Created by: Ms.Fietzek
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