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Biochemical tests

Interpret a TSI/KIA tube with red slant and black butt after proper incubation? K/A with H2S+, organism is glucose fermenter with hydrogen sulfide production
What does R/A mean in a LIA tube? Red slant over yellow butt, positive deamination of lysine (negative for decarboxylation)
Decarboxylation of amino acids (lysine, ornithine) is an alkaline reaction which neutralizes the acidic reaction of utilizing glucose and reverts the media color back to its original color. T/F True
What should be present in the indole test tube in order to have a positive result? Tryptophan
Interpret the positive result of PA tube and what reagent is needed? Dark green on slant's surface meaning organism can deaminate phenylalanine to phenylpyruvic acid. 10% ferric chloride
Interpret a green acetamide tube? the indicator? Organism is not able to utilize acetamide as a carbon source. Brom-thymol blue
What makes hot pink color in urea tube? Ammonia
Interpret a red nitrate tube after adding sulfanilic acid, alpha-naphthylamine and zinc dust? Negative for nitrate reduction
Name two genera with cytochrome oxydase activity? Pseudomonas and Neisseria
Name the most probable genera on a positive cetrimide tube? Pseudomonas
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