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VET MM2 Vocab

Multimedia vocabulary words

Animation Object or text that moves during a presentation.
Plagiarism Copying someone else's work and claiming it as your own.
Sequence The following of one thing after another.
Template A master slide that has already been formatted so all the user needs to do is "fill in the blanks."
Copyright A federal law, which gives owners the right to earn money from their work.
Slide Sorter The screen view that allows the user to view, access, or rearrange slides.
Fair Use An act, which allows teachers and students to lawfully use copyrighted materials.
Cite To properly list the resources where you obtained information.
Transition An animation effect that occurs BETWEEN slides.
Placeholder The labels on the slide that show where text and/or graphic images will appear.
Slide A single page of a presentation in a slide show.
Presentation A series of slides that are to be displayed together.
Multimedia The combined use of more than one media; text, image, sound, video etc…
PowerPoint A Microsoft software program that makes multimedia presentations.
Design Template A template that puts the same design on the background of all slides in a presentation.
Created by: Charpman