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.PNG Supports advanced transparency with a relatively average file size, can be interlaced, optimizing for internet use.
Bitmap Graphics Use square pixels arranged in a grid that have assigned colors, lose clarity when viewed up close or zoomed in, also referred to as raster graphics
Budget The amount of money needed or available for a project
Color gamut The range of colors that is defined by the color profile; when working within a given color profile, color choices are selected from the gamut
Deliverables Completed products requested by client
Embedded images Contained within graphic document which can increase file size; must re-import changes made to original
Fair Use A legal allowance of using COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE owner, provided the circumstances are reasonable and do not make the material less profitable
Font Families Collection of fonts that fall within a group or subset that are visually similar, but with minor variations
Intellectual Property Original creations of the mind tat can be protected by law; literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, images, names, etc.
Kerning The amount of horizontal space between pairs of individual characters
Lossless Compression Every single bit of data that was originally in the file remains after the file is uncompressed, all of the information is completely restored, GIF is a lossless format
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