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Friendly Bio. Ch 5

Vocabulary Terminology for Chapter 5 in Friendly Biology

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
Like carbohydrates and lipids, proteins consist of what 3 elements Carbon, Hydrogen, & Oxygen
Unlike carbohydrates and lipids, proteins also always contain 1 other element, which is Nitrogen, (sometimes Sulfur & other elements)
Proteins are built from smaller components or substances called amino acids
Like Lipids, proteins consist of 2 main portions called Common part and the R-group
For each amino acid, the common part is always the same
For each amino acid, the R-group portion is what varies, changes, or is different making it unique
The number of amino acids we know about 50
The number of amino acids required by humans to live 20
Of the amino acids needed for humans to live, how many are unable to be made or created and therefore can only be obtained from our diets 8
The amino acids which we can only obtain through our diet or food are Luecine, Threonine, Valine, Tryptophan, Lysine, Methionine, and Isoleucine --Memory Aid-- LTVTLMI stands for Luckily, The Vital Proteins Must be Ingested.
De to remove
Hydrate water
Dehydrate removal of water
Syntheses to make or produce
Dehydration Syntheses the make through the removal of water
Hydro water
Lysis to cut or take apart
Hydrolysis cutting or taking apart using the addition of water
When two amino acids are linked together what is formed is known as A peptide (Bond is called Peptide Bond)
The process of linking amino acids into Peptides is known as Dehydration Syntheses
When multiple amino acids are linking together what is formed is known as a polypeptide
The component that is responsible for dismantling proteins or combining amino acids into proteins is Enzymes or specifically Proteases, Peptidases
The process of breaking down proteins is known as Hydrolysis
The primary role or purpose of proteins in living things is provide a source of building materials for structure
A common protein found in egg whites and our blood, which is responsible for maintaining appropriate amount of water in our bodies is known as Albumin
A protein found in our blood that is responsible for cot formation is known as Fibrin
Very important group of proteins that work to fight off diseases encountered by living things are known as immunoglobulins (immuno = immune system & globulin = protein)
In mammals, the first milk produced by the mother is full of immunoglobulins and is known as colostrum
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