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Automation in the Laboratoy Setting

What are the automations used in the analysis of amniotic fluid Doppler sonography, FatFISH imaging system, MRI
What is done by assessing a pocket of maximal depth of amniotic fluid which is free of an umbilical cord and fetal parts Single Deepest (maximal) Vertical Pocket Method
What is the automated image acquisition and display system intended for the purpose of aiding cytotechnologists in the analysis of cells of interest FastFISH imaging system
What machine can provide a rapid non-invasive, in-vivo estimate of AFV better than an ultrasound MRI
What chromosomes are of interest in FastFISH analysis? X, Y, 13, 18, 21
What does FISH in FastFISH mean Fluorescence in situ Hybridization
Who created the automated cell counter Wallace Coulter
When was the automated cell counter created 1953
What principle was the automated cell counter based on Electrical impedance
What does sideward scattered light determine? Cell granularity
What information does a scattergram convey WBC differential cells
What equipment uses test cassettes CLINITEK Novus
What equipment features Auto-Checks CLINITEK Status
What reagent can be used with CLINITEK Advantus Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips
What year did Sysmex Corporation launch XE-2100 1999
Which was the first analyzer to feature body fluid mode XE-5000
Which analyzer is BD Microtainer compatible XN-550
Which reagents are used together with GloCyte CSF TNC and RBC reagent
What value for WBC is considered critical for individuals less than 1 month of age 40/mL
What is the principle based on the detection and measurement of changes in electrical resistance produced by cells as they traverse a small aperture Electronic impedance
SQA-Vision is used for what Seminal Fluid Analysis
What is the magnification of SQA-Vision x1188 to x1725
What interface is part of the SQA-Vision software Laboratory Information System
What is the minimum volume of semen to test a neat sample >0.5 mL
What is the volume of semen to test a diluted 1:2 sample 0.3-0.5 mL
What is the color of normal peritoneal fluid Pale yellow
Which machine is used in automated synovial fluid analysis XE-2100, Advia 2120 Hematology Analyzer
What should the fluid be mixed in to determine if the fluid is synovial fluid Acetic Acid
What is the most requested chemical test for synovial fluid Glucose
What disorder is considered as septicin Gonococcal Arthritis
What disorder is considered as inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis
Which tests for synovial fluid cannot be automated Culture and sensitivity
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