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What is indicated by the presence of meat or muscle fibers in feces Vegetable fibers, meat fibers, maldigestion
What could the presence of fecal leukocytes indicate Cancer
What is used for the preparation of a meat/muscle fiber analysis Eosin in 10% ethanol
What is the normal range of neutral fat globules Fewer than 60 droplets
What can be determined with the fecal fat test Short-gut syndrome, crohn disease, whipple disease
What does qualitative fecal fat test show? Triglycerides, fatty acids and cholesterol
What is the normal range of fatty acid globules fewer than 100 droplets
What is the normal range of feces pH for children and adults 7-7.5
What test is used to differentiate carbohydrate malabsorption from maldigestion Xylose test
Which test is a specific carbohydrate test for carbohydrate maldigestion Lactose intolerance test
What can be detected using the Clinitest tablet test Maltose, Galactose, Lactose
In the clinitest tablet test, what is the color of the precipitate that indicates a 1% concentration yellow
What is the inability to convert dietary foodstuffs into readily absorbed substances called Maldigestion
What is the increase in fecal water output proportional to the solute load osmotic diarrhea
How much lactose should be ingested for the lactose intolerance test 50g
What digestive enzyme breaks down proteins Proteases
What is the inactive precursor of Trypsin Trypsinogen
What is the inactive precursor of Pepsin Pepsinogen
What is tested for in Fecal analysis tests? Chymotrypsin, Elaastase-1. Trypsin
What is most resistant to degradation in the digestive tract Elastase-1
What is the main reagent for spectrophotometric assay of trypsin TAME
What causes pancreatic exocrine insufficiency CF, Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis
What does a result of <200 micrograms/g of stool mean in testing for Elastase-1 Chronic pancreatitis and Pancreatic exocrine insufficiency
What can cause a false positive test for trypsin Proteolytic activity of bacterial enzymes, trypsin degradation, presence of trypsin inhibitors
What is considered the gold standard for diagnosing fat malabsorption van de Kamer titration
What is the normal fat diet for a patient 100 g/day
Which method requires no reagents Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Which method does not account for medium-chain fatty acids van de Kamer titration
Which method measures the length of fatty layer and solid layer in the stool sample Acid Steatocrit
What is the normal range for fecal fat in adults 2-7g/24h
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