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Cerebrospinal Fluid

Colorless fluid found in the brain CSF
Chemical composition of CSF water, sodium, potassium, and chloride
Most common practice to collect spinal fluid lumbar puncture
Which region is the spinal tap performed in L3-L4
What is the puncture that uses a needle placed below the occipital bone Cisternal puncture
What puncture is recommended in people with possible brain herniation Ventricular puncture
Term used to describe CSF supernatant that is pink orange or yellow Xanthochromic
Normal amounts of protein in CSF 15 to 45 mg/dl
Normal amounts of glucose in CSF 50-80 mg/dl
Thicker CSF may be indications of what kind of disease Some types of cancers or meningitis
Most common diagnosis with a Xanthrochromatic CSF Meningitis
Meningitis is commonly caused by what bacteria Neisseria meningitis or meningococcus
What is indicated by evenly distributed blood in CSF Cerebral hemorrhage
What does a diminishing amount of blood in CSF indicate? Traumatic tap
What forms a clot in CSF collection Traumatic Tap
What does not form a clot in CSF collection Intracranial hemorrhage
What happens when the needle used during the lumbar puncture inadvertently enters an epidural vein during insertion in the patient Traumatic tap
What is the condition when the pellicle appears web-like after 24 hours and is enhanced by refrigeration Tuberculosis Meningitis
What is the spontaneous arterial bleeding into the subarachnoid space and is characterized by xanthochromia of the CSF sample Subarachnoid hemorrhage
What should normal CSF look like Distilled watter
What causes the yellow discoloration of CSF Bilirubin
What causes the pink discoloration of CSF Oxyhemoglobin
After centrifugation of the CSF sample from a traumatic tap, what should it look like? Clear
India ink nigrosine stains which show Cryptococcus capsular halos indicate what type of meningitis Fungal meningitis
Meningitis: Viral, tubercular, syphilitic, leptospiral, parasitic Increased in CSF lymphocytosis
Meningitis: bacterial, Viral, tubercular, mycotic, and amoebic Increased in CSF neutrophilia
What is also known as quotient of albumin CSF/Serum albumin index
What is the reference interval for CSF IgG index 0.34 - 0.7
What catalyzes the interconversion of lactate and pyruvate Lactate dehydrogenase
What is the cytokine that can be found in the brain CK-BB
What is the chemical test used for the diagnosis of Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease? Lactate dehydrogenase
Which chemical test differentiates TB meningitis from other types of meningitis Adenosine deaminase
Which WBC is elevated in viral and TB Meningitis Lymphocytes
How many hours must blood be drawn before spinal tap to allow equilibration between the blood and glucose 2 hours
Which precipitating agent is most commonly used in the turbidimetric method SSA and sodium sulfate
Which compound is able to remove the toxic metabolic waste of ammonia Glutamine
What is the most common type of dementia Alzheimer's disease
What condition occurs when Aβ42, a protein, decreases and Total-tau (t-tau) and phosphorylated tau (p-tau) increases Alzheimer's disease
What is a rare but serious autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in the PNS Guillan-Barre Syndrome
What is the condition when the intracranial pressure increases idiopathically Pseudotumor Cerebri
What is the condition where the immune system attacks and damages the myelin sheath Multiple Sclerosis
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