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CM-Seminal Fluid

Seminal Fluid

Organic fluid containing spermatozoa emitted during ejaculation seminal fluid
liquid medium which suspend sperm cells to allow movement as well as provide nourishment and protection semen
How is semen excreted ejaculation
Movement of semen towards the urethra emission
propulsion of fluid out of the urethra ejaculation proper
Ejaculation proper involves the contration of what muscle(s) Bulbocavernosus muscle
Emission involves the contraction of what muscles smooth muscles of vas deferens and seminal vesicles
Functions of seminal fluid protection, transportation, energy, alkalization, viscosity, embryo development
Chemical components of seminal fluid zinc, fructose, prostaglandin, galactose, PSA, mucus
Chemical component that keep metabolic cycle running Galactose
Chemical component that induces labor and encourages cervical ripening Prostaglandins
normal appearance of seminal fluid opalescent, gray-white
Collected semen samples must be kept at what temperatures 20 to 40 degrees celsius
deep yellow coloration of seminal fluid indicate flavin concentration or the presence of urine
What is considered as the normal volume of complete ejaculate 2 to 5 mL
Hypospermia is characterized by semen volume less than 0.5 mL
Hyperspermia is characterized by semen volume more than 6 mL
Cell responsible for testosterone production Leydig cells
Gland that releases acidic fluid in seminal fluid prostate gland
source of secretion containing fructose seminal vesicles
secretion from this gland composes majority of seminal fluid seminal vesicles
Test for a-Glucosidase in seminal fluid detects the disorders and function of what epididymis
What is determined when the semen sample of patients reveal azoospermia fructose
What is the Normal pH range of seminal fluid 7.2-7.8
A positive seliwanoff's reaction reveals what colored complex Red
What is heavily influenced by zinc concentration sperm motility
What should the pH of fresh normal semen be fairly basic
What does a purple colored complex in semen indicate zinc
Increase in pH levels in seminal fluid is due to what loss of CO2
What is used alongside a strong acid in semen fructose determination Resorcinol
What is the dilution used in obtaining sperm concentration 1:20
What pipette is used to obtain semen positive displacement pipette
What are the immunoglobulins present in immunologic infertility IgG and IgA
What type of microscope is used for the analysis of sperm concentration Phase contrast
According to WHO, when is agglutination clinically significant when 50% of sperm are coated with antisperm antibodies
What is the term used when no sperm is present in the Semen Azoospermia
When less than 10 sperms are counted in the upper, left corner square, how many squares should you count in a chamber 25
What is the normal sperm count number more than 40 million
What type of motility grade with moderate linear progression Motility grade 3
Condition where There is a total absence of moving sperm
What type of motility grade wherein sperms are immotile and fail to move at all Motility grade 1
What study should be performed when motility is less than 30% viability
What is the normal range for the eosin test More than 58%
Spermatogenic cells or WBC are often referred to as what round cells
Reagent used in Eosin nigrosine test eosin
Sperm viability refers to what percentage of live sperm present in the sample
Where are spermatozoa first formed testes
Nigrosin increases what contrast
Color of dried semen when flashed with UV flashlight faint yellow and off-white
In the presence of alpha-naphthyl acid phosphate and Brentamine Fast BLue. Acid phosphatase will produce what color Dark purple
What portions of the sperm does picroindigocarmine stain Neck and Tail
Nuclear fast red or kernechtrot stains what portion of the sperm Head portion
Acid phosphate is a useful marker to assess the secretory function of what prgan Prostate gland
Semen post-vasectomy analysis confirms the absence of what in semen Sperm
Positive result reveals 2 lines in the window in this test(s) PSA RSID-Semen
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