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What is Vs? Vs V Stall 49
What is Vs1? Vs1 Stall speed in a given Flaps Config. 49
What is Vs0? Vs0 Stall Speed in Landing Config. 40
What is Vx? Vx Best Angle of Climb Speed 66
What is Vy? Vy Best Rate of Climb Speed 71
What is Vr? Vr Rotate 50
What is Va? Va Design manouvering Speed 98
What is Vno? Vno Maximum Cruising structural Speed / Normal Operations 110
What is Vne? Vne Never Exceed 143
What is Vfe? Vfe Flaps Extended 70
What is Max LDG Flaps Speed? 70
Final Approach Speed Flaps 0 70
Final Approach Speed Flapps T/O 65
Final Approach Speed Flaps LDG - 60
What is the White Arc on the Airspeed indicator? 40k-70k Positive Flap Operating Range Lower limit is VSO at specified maximum weight. Upper limit is maximum speed permissable with landing flaps extension
What is the Green arc on the Airspeed indicator? Green Arc = 49k - 111k Normal operating range (Lower limit is VS1 at specified maximum weight and most forward c.g. with flaps retracted Upper limit is Maximum Structural Speed VNO
What is the Yellow arc on the Airspeed indicator? Manuvers must be conducted with caution and only in smooth air
What is the Red arc on the Airspeed indicator? Vne
4 types of cloudyness? FEW SCT BKN OVC
What is the AOA? Angle of Attack - Angle at which the chord line interacts with the relatave wind
What is the max RPM> (5 mins and continuous) Max RPM (5 mins. max) - 2388 Max RPM Cont. - 2265
What is the Max Altitude? 13,000ft
What is TAF? Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
What is ATIS? Automatic Terminal Information System
VMC Minimum for Controlled Airpsace above 10,000ft? * Visibility Min: 8KM * Horizontal Seperation from Clouds: 1500M (1.5KM) * Vertical Seperation from Clouds: 1000ft
VMC Minimum for Controlled Airpsace between 3,000ft and 10,000 ft? * Visibility Min: 5KM * Horizontal Seperation From Clouds: 1500M (1.5KM) * Vertical Seperation From Clouds: 1000ft
VMC Minimum for Controlled Airpsace below 3,000ft (or 1,000 ft AGL)? * Visibility min: 5KM * Horizontal Seperation from Clouds: 1500M (1.5KM) * Vertical Seperation from Clouds: 1000ft
VMC Minimum for UNcontrolled Airpsace below 3,000ft (or 1,000 ft AGL)? * Visability Min: 5km * Horizontal Seperation from Clouds: Clear of Clouds * Vertical Seperation from Clouds: In Sight of Surface
QNH? QNH The reginal pressure setting adjusted for current pressure at sea level - When Set Altimeter reads Altitude
QFE? QFE Pressure set at 0 on the ground so Altimetre will show height above aerodrome
QNE QNE Altimetre set to 1013.2 shows height above MSL // used above transition level //used for measuring pressure Altitude
What does the Pitot Static system control? Air Speed Indicator Altimeter Vertical Speed Indicator
How does the ASI work? Measures Static and Total Pressure Ram Air is taken from the Pitot Static pressure taken from Static Port Uses a Differential Capsule to measure Static and Total Pressure
How does the Altimeter work? Measures Altitude (when set to QNH) Anuroid wafers expand when pressure in casing drops
What does the take off Briefing consit of? Pilots • Runway • Take-off method • Flaps • Emergency procedures • Departure • Questions
ATC: What should be said to obtain Start up clearance? At Bartolini hangar, information K. Request startup and ATC clearance, our intentions are ______ Bartolini XX
ATC: What information will be provided after start up clearance is obtained? QNH Startup approved, Time 35 after departure instructions Altitude Report before base
Flow: Line Up Runway and Approach Sector Clear Parking Brake Released Fuel Pump On Pitot Heat - As req. Transponder Alt All External Lights ON
Flow: Take Off Nose Wheel Aligned Full Throttle 2100rpm Engine Instruments Check Airspeed Alive Rotate 50 Brakes Apply
Flow: After Take Off (200 agl) Fuel Pump Off Flaps up Landing and Taxi Lights Off Fuel Pressure Check
Flow: Before Landing (abeam) Fuel Pump On Carb Heat as req Speed Check <80 Flaps Take Off Landing and Taxi Lights ON Engine Instruments Check
Flow: Final Approach Carb Heat off Speed Check Flaps as Required
Flow: Go Around Full Throttle Speed 61kts Fuel Pump: check On Flaps: T/O Flaps: Up
Balked Landing Speed 61
Flow: After Landing Apply Brakes Fuel Pump Off Pitot Heat: Off Carb Heat: Off Flaps: Up
Flow: After Vacating Strobes: Off Landing Light: Off Transponderr: SBY (tell ATC Runway vacated, thank you)
What is CAVOK? * Ceiling And Visibility OK, * No cloud below 5,000 ft * No cumulonimbus or towering cumulus at any level * visibility of 10 km or more * No significant weather change
What are the oil level limits? 2.55L
What is the maximum crosswind component? 15 degrees
What is the maximum oil capacity? 3L
What is the total usable fuel? 120 L
What is the total fuel capacity? 124L
What is the oil grade? SAE 10W-40
How does the cooling system work? Mixed Air with Liquid Cooling System
What type of fuel can be used? AVGAS / MOGAS
What is the maximum Baggage capacity? 20kg
What is the max oil consumption per hour? 0.1
How many feet in a metre? 3.28
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