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ME #1 Notecards-2240

SURG 2240-Pierce Mock Exam note cards

1. All of the following would be on the setup for an open thoracotomy EXCEPT a. Lebsche Knife b. Alexanders periosteotome c. Josephs saw d. Duval forceps C. Josephs Law
2. During a CPR effort in the OR, the scrub nurse a. remains sterile and keeps table sterile b. breaks scrub and mans defibrillator c. assists with traffic control as ordered d. starts time clock and records arrest time a. remains sterile and keeps table sterile
3. Closing the internal os of an incompetent cervix with a ligature of tape is called: a. Machester b. Lefort c. Wertheim d. Shirodkar d. Shirodkar
4. A way to alleviate a presurgical patients anxiety is via: a. preoperative visit b. history and physical review c. review charts and records d. visit by hospital social worker a. preoperative visit
5. Nosocomial infection refers to: a. surgery-related infection b. hospital-acquired infection c. infection in the wound d. infection in the nose b. Hospital-acquired infection
6. Unauthorized discussion of patients surgery outside of the OR constitutes a lawsuit for: a. Defamation b. Invasion of privacy c. Negligence d. Assault and battery b. Invasion of privacy
7. Which of the following suture material is NOT generally used in the presence of infection? a. Polypropylene b. silk c. surgical gut d. staninless steel b. silk
8. During vascular surgery, an arteriotomy is executed with a #11 blade and extended by use of a: a. Potts-smith b. Lahey c. Metzenbaum d. Stevens a. Potts-smith
9. What advantage is phacomulsification for cataract removal? a. may injure cells due to irrigation b. A and C c. Shortened convalescence d. Employs small incision C. shortened convalescence
10. When preparing tubing or any item with a lumen for gas sterilization: a. it does not matter if it is moist or dry b. the lumen should be blown out with air to force-dry before packaging c. a residual of distilled water should be left in the lume c. a residual of distilled water should be left in the lumen
11. The person transporting the patient on a stretcher should: a. push the stretcher from the head b. guide the stretcher from either side c. guide the stretcher from any position that is comfortable d. pull the stretcher by the foot a. push the stretcher from the head
12. The medullary cavity is filled with a. red bone marrow b. yellow bone marrow c. ossein d. osteoblasts a. red bone marrow
13. Meckel's diverticulum is found in the: a. sigmoid colon b. esophagus c. ileum d. duodenum c. ileum
14. A complication of orthopedic surgery is: a. Thromboembolism b. fat embolism c. infection d. All of the above D. all of the above
15. The following are all contraindication to vaginal hysterectomy EXCEPT: a. Adnexal mass b. Malignancy c. Presence of a cystocele d. large uterus B. malignancy
16. A forceps used to grasp lung tissue is a(n): a. crile b. walton c. adson d. Duval D. duval
17. During laser surgery, each of the following policies must be adhered to EXCEPT: a. signs are placed on doors b. all persons within the treatment area wear protective eyewear c. prescription glasses are approved protection mechanisms d. patients c. prescription glasses are approved protection mechanisms
18. After a case is completed, the sterile team members: a. discard gown, gloves, caps, masks, and shoe covers before leaving the OR suite b. Discard gown and keep gloves on to transport soiled equipment c. discard gown, gloves and masks before the roo c. discard gown, gloves, and masks before the room is dismantled
19. Which of the following shunts would be used surgically to correct hydrocephalus? a. Hakim b. Brisman-Nova c. Le veen d. Schribner a. Hakim
20. A culture and sensitivity is done to: a. determine nature of organism and the responsibility of that organism b. diagnose blood infections c. determine if furniture in rooms are being cleaned properly d. culture a single organism responsible fo a. Determine nature of organism and the responsibility of that organism
21. The addition of adrenaline to a local anesthetic provides: a. Vasodilation, increased oxygenation of tissue, decreased bleeding b. Vasoconstriction, prolonged anesthesia, decreased bleeding c. Vasodilation, heightened anesthesis, decreased bleeding B. vasoconstriction, prolonged anesthesia, decreased bleeding
22. Electrical connection of the patient to the conductive is assured by: a. a ground plate under the patient b. a conductive strap in direct contact with the patients skin, with one end of the strap fastened to the OR table metal frame c. a conductiv a. a ground plate under the patient
23. A tonsil suction is a: a. Poole b. frazier c. young d. Yankeur d. Yankeur
24. The action of white blood cells is to: a. produce enzymes b. destroy bacteria c. transport oxygen d. clot blood b. destroy bacteria
25. Crutchfield tongs produce skeletal traction to reduce fractures of the: a. humeral shaft b. cervical spine c. femoral shaft d. phalanges b. cervical spine
26. The needle used for a liver biopsy is: a. dorsey b. silverman c. charnley d. chiba b. Silverman
27. Lacrimal probes are called: a. Bakes b. Bowman c. Serrefines d. Swolin b. Bowman
28. If the patient has a positive breast biopsy, and the surgeon proceeds to do a radical mastectomy: a. the patient is reprepped and new drapes and instruments are used b. the drapes are replaced by the same instrumentation may be used c. the same dra a. the patient is reprepped and new drapes and instruments are used
29. In an inguinal herniorrhaphy, the spermatic cord is: a. clamped with a kelly b. retracted with a penrose drain c. incised for ease of access d. ligated with a hemoclip b. retracted with a penrose drain
30. The term for fluid or water in the ventricles of the brain is: a. hydronephrosis b. Hydrocele c. hydrophobia d. Hydrocephalus d. Hydrocephalus
31. A tenchkoff catheter is placed into: a. peritoneal cavity b. Cephalic vein c. Subclavian artery d. hepatic vessel a. peritoneal cavity
32. The burn characterized by blister formation, pain, and a moist and mottled red appearance is: a. second degree b. first degree c. third degree d. fourth degree a. Second degree
33. Instruments and other items sterilized together in the flash autoclave require: a. 53 minutes at 250 degrees F b. 10 minutes at 270 degrees F c. 3 minutes at 270 degrees F d. 30 minutes at 250 degrees F b. 10 minutes at 270 degrees F
34. The maximum size of a linen pack must not exceed: a. 10x10x18 inches b. 12x12x20 inches c. 8x10x16 inches d. 14x16x36 inches b. 12x12x20 inches
35. When the foreskin of the penis cannot be retracted over the glans it is called: a. ptosis b. balanitis c. phimosis d. hypospadias c. Phimosis
36. Another name for a stay suture is a(n): a. buried suture b. retention suture c. tension suture d. interrupted suture b. retention suture
37. A common radiopaque contrast medium used in the OR is: a. barium sulfate b. ritalin c. baralyme d. renographin d. renographin
38. Unwrapped instruments are sterilized at 270 degrees F (132 degrees C) for a minimum of: a. 3 minutes b. 10 minutes c. 5 minutes d. 7 minutes a. 3 minutes
39. Surgical masks should be changed: a. after each case b. daily c. every 2 hours d. twice a day a. after each case
40. Health care workers are potentially exposed to blood can be vaccinated to prevent: a. Hepatitis A virus (HAV) b. Delta Hepatitis c. Non-A, Non-B hepatitis d. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) d. Hepatitis B virus (HBV)
41. Burn removal of tissue down to the fascia where all superficial layers are denuded is called: a. tangenital excision b. debridment c. fasciotomy d. escharectomy B. debridment
42. Which position would be chosen for a pneumonectomy? a. Kraske b. Lateral c. Dorsal d. Supine b. Lateral
43. At which artery is the blood pressure taken? a. Axillary b. brachial c. cephalic d. basilar b. Brachial
44. Adduction means: a. movement toward the median plane b. movement inferiorly c. movement superiorly d. movement away from the median plane A. movement toward the median plane
45. Which of the following appliances can be used for intramedullary fixation of a femur? a. Neufeld b. Sampson c. Smith-Peterson d. Jewett b. sampson
46. Each of the following relate to shock EXCEPT: a. weak, rapid pulse b. sweating c. clammy, cool skin d. Hypertension d. Hypertension
47. When assisting with a cast application one must: a. Handle cast with flat open hands b. place all rolls to be used in water and remove as surgeon requests each c. provide water in bucket at body temperature d. hold plaster bandage under water ho a. handle cast with flat open hands
48. Which nerve is compressed in the carpal canal as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome? a. median b. radial c. brachial d. ulnar a. Median
49. A protrusion of fat through an abdominal wall defect between the xiphoid process and umbilicus is a(n): a. spigelian hernia b. Diaphragmatic hernia c. Umbilical hernia d. Epigastric hernia d. epigastric hernia
50. all of the following statements are true during deep vaginal procedures EXCEPT: a. sponges are secured on long forceps b. suction is part of the set up c. count is eliminated d. vaginal packing may be inserted at case end c. count is eliminated
51. Vagotomy is performed for peptic ulcer disease to: a. decrease secretion of gastric acid b. decrease transmission of painful stimuli c. increase secretion of gastrin d. increase circulation to the greater curvature a. decrease secretion of gastric acid
52. In which intention of healing is there a wide, fibrous scar? a. Primary b. third c. fourth d. secondary b. third
53. Which two anatomic structures are ligated and divided to affect a cholecystectomy? a. cystic duct, cystic artery b. cystic duct, hepatic artery c. common bile duct, cystic artery d. common hepatic duct, common bile duct a. cystic duct, cystic artery
54. Non-union of bone can be treated with a. medication b. casting c. traction d. artificially applied electric current d. artificially applied electric current
55. which specimen would be placed in formalin? a. Frozen breast biopsy b. Tonsils c. Kidney stones d. Bronchial washings b. Tonsils
56. The gas introduced into the peritoneum during laparoscopy to create a pneumopertitoneum is: a. Nitrous Oxide b. Carbon dioxide c. Nitrogen d. Oxygen b. Carbon dioxide
57. Staphylococcus is usually transmitted by: a. Urine b. Sexual contact c. Feces d. Upper respiratory tract d. Upper respiratory tract
58. When applying a sterile sheet on the patient: a. Adjust the drape by pulling it towards the sterile area b. Unfold from the patients foot to the operative site c. Protect the gloved hands by cuffing the end of the sheet over them. d. the gloved h c. Protect the gloved hands by cuffing the end of the sheet over them
59. In which surgical specialty would a perfusionist be necessary? a. Transplant surgery b. Microsurgery c. Cardiac surgery d. Neurologic surgery c. Cardiac surgery
60. Hemorrhage is suspected if: a. The blood pressure drops and pulse rate rises b. The blood pressure drops in direct relationship to the drop in the pulse c. There is no change in the blood pressure, only in the pulse rate d. The blood pressure el a. The blood pressure drops and pulse rate rises
61. The pounds of pressure necessary in a flash steam sterilizer set at 270 degrees F is: a. 20 b. 27 c. 15 d.17 d. 17
62. The part of the eye that receives images and transmits them to the brain is the: a. Retina b. Cornea c. Choroid d. Lens a. Retina
63. The principle hazard encountered in splenectomy is: a. Hemorrhage b. Trauma to adjacent structures c. Hypertension d. Poor visualization a. Hemorrhage
64. The function of the endocrine glands is to: a. maintain acid-base balance b. Manufacture sugar c. Digest fat d. Produce hormones d. Produce hormones
65. The suffix it is means: a. Condition b. Inflammation c. Study of d. Pain b. inflammation
66. Dead space is the space a. caused by separation of wound edges that have not been closely approximated. b. Where the tissue has been approximated with sutures c. Where the suture line has broken down d. That has no blood supply a. caused by separation of wound edges that have not been closely approximated
67. In the lateral chest position, a sandbag or padding is placed under the chest at axilary level to: a. create good body alignment b. facilitate respiration c. prevent pressure on the lower arm d. aid in position stability b. facilitate respiration
68. Which piece of equipment is used to make a skin graft larger? a. Mesh dermatome b. brown air dermatome c. reese drum type dermatome d. Knife dermatome a. Mesh dermatome
69. A prosethetic implant which requires nonadherence to tissue for the sake of creating normal flexion and extension is: a. Biofixation b. Nonconstrained c. Methylmethacrylate fixation d. Constrained b. Nonconstrained
70. A femoral-popliteal bypass is scheduled. Which self-retaining retractor would be used to facilitate exploration of the femoral artery? a. Craford b. Mason-Judd c. DeBakey d. Weitlaner d. Weitlaner
71. When the patient is being transferred from the OR table after surgery, the action should be: a. Performed with comfort of the patient as the prime concern b. Gentle and rapid so that the patient does not wake up c. Gentle and slow in order to prev c. Gentle and slow in order to prevent circulatory depression
72. All of the following are true of self-adhering plastic incision drapes EXCEPT: a. scrubbed area must be moist at application b. Drape is smoothed away from incision c. Alcohol may be used after iodophor to hasten drying of the skin d. Usual skin a. Scrubbed area must be moist at application
73. In which case would a Frazier suction be used? a. Ear b. Eye c. General d. Gynecology a. Ear
74. The legal doctrine res ipsa loquitor applies to: a. damage of personal property b. an employers liability for an employees negligence c. invasion of privacy d. injuries sustained by the patient in the OR due to negligence d. injuries sustained by the patient in the OR due to negligence
75. Each of the following treat glaucoma EXCEPT: a. Laser trabeculoplasty b. Trephining c. Keratoplasty d. Iridectomy c. Keratoplasty
76. Which part of the pancreas is the most common site of malignant tumors? a. Body b. Head c. Splenic portion d. Tail b. Head
77. Each statement regarding OR room ventilation is true EXCEPT: a. ventilation provides a minimum of 20 to 30 air exchanges in an hour b. humidity is kept at 20-30% c. Room temperature is 68-76% d. scavenger systems prevent buildup of anesthetic gase b. Humidity is kept at 20-30 %
78. Constant monitoring of cardiac function, a requirement for vascular surgery is effected by the use of a: a. Greenfield b. Doppler c. Fogarty d. Swan-Ganz d. Swan-Ganz
79. Which term denotes low or decreased blood volume? a. Hypoxia b. Hypocapnia c. Hypovolemia d. Anoxia c. Hypovolemia
80. What part of the cell is destroyed in steam sterilization? a. Basophil b. Ovum c. Monocyte d. Cell protein d. Cell protein
81. What is the action of Lasix? a. Central nervous system (CNS) depressant b. Contrast media c. Diuretic d. Anti-inflammatory c. Diuretic
82. For surgery on a known AIDS patient, all of the following precautions should be followed EXCEPT: a. masks and protective eyewear worn b. Double gloves worn c. Universal precautions undertaken d. Needles resheathed d. needles resheathed
83. How many feet above the ground are considered safe for electrical outlets and fixtures that are not explosion-proof? a. 3 b. 1 c. 5 d. 7 d. 7
84. The surgical procedure performed electively as a permanent method of sterilization is: a. Orchiectomy b. Orchiopexy c. Epidydectomy d. Vasectomy d. Vasectomy
85. When transporting a patient, drainage systems should be placed: a. Below stretcher level b. at stretcher level c. Optionally d. Above stretcher level a. Below stretcher level
86. A slowly progressive contracture of the palmar fascia is called: a. Dupuytren's contracture b. Talipes valgus c. Volkmann's contracture d. Carpal tunnel syndrome a. Dupuytren's contracture
87. Bradycardia is: a. Irregular heartbeat b. Heartbeat less than 60 beats per minute c. Heartbeat over 100 beats per minute d. Threat, weak heartbeat b. heartbeat less than 60 beats per minute
88. Microorganisms that grown in the absence of oxygen ar: a. anaerobes b. aerobes c. spores d. facultative bacteria a. Anaerobes
89. A self-retaining mouth gag is a: a. Hurd b. Jennings c. Cushing d. Castro b. Jennings
90. Which of the following pieces of hardware will be used in an intramedullary fixation of a fracture of an adult femoral shaft? a. Jewett nail b. Kirschner's wire c. Kuntschner nail d. Steinmann pin c. Kuntschner nail
91. What procedure is accomplished to relieve myasthenia gravis? a. Adrenalectomy b. Pulmonary decortication c. Mediastinoscopy d. Thymectomy d. Thymectomy
92. Instruments used to close the vaginal vault in an abdominal hysterectomy must be: a. Non-crushing clamps b. Kept separate from the setup before use c. Considered contaminated after use d. Kept on the Mayo stand after use c. considered contaminated after use
93. A common abdominal complication caused by previous abdominal or pelvic surgery is: a. Endometriosis b. Adhesions c. Adenomyosis d. Vaginal discharge b. Adhesions
94. The item that provides internal drainage of an obstructed ureter is a(n): a. Stent b. Stone basket c. Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) d. Lithotrite a. Stent
95. When intraoperative cultures are obtained, each of the following is true EXCEPT: a. Circulator handles tube following appropriate precautions b. Cultures should be refrigerated or sent to lab immediately c. Cultures are obtained under sterile con d. Tip of swab is placed on back table
96. An elevated PSA test could be indicative of cancer of the a. Lung b. Lymph c. Prostate d. Cervix c. Prostate
97. Sperm are produced and stored in the: a. testes, vas deferens b. prostate gland, testes c. cower's gland, vas deferens d. vas deferens, testes b. Prostate gland, Testes
98. Oxygenated blood is carried to the heart via the: a. Pulmonary artery b. Pulmonary vein c. Carotid vein d. Carotid artery b. Pulmonary vein
99. Nipple reconstruction can be enhanced by the use of a(n): a. Flap technique b. Tattoo c. Laser d. TRAM b. Tattoo
100. A ureteral stent catheter is used to: a. Measure bladder pressure b. Inject dye through during pyelography c. Remove ureteral calculi d. Provide long term drainage in ureteral obstruction d. Provide long term drainage in ureteral obstruction
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