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Neoclassical Overvie

Neoclassical Lit Overview WGU

Restoration and Neoclassical Monarchy Restored, reopened theatres closed due to Puritan censorship, revived drama
New forms of literature Newspapers, Novels, Women's Periodicals, Guidebooks, Pleasure books for kids
Romantic Comedy Appetite and Opportunism, social hypocrisy, sexual power play, Women 'besting'their pursuers. Attacked by Puritans for morals.
Tragedy First time middle class plays a major role in theatre. Story lines about their trials and tribulations.
Satire Made it's way from the written word, to conversation.
Drama Themes Military conquest, masquerade and self delusion, tribulations of the middle class.
Most popular form of poetry Heroic couplet. Complete thought in two lines of iambic pentameter.
"Polite" Holding one's tongue, restraint.
Levels of Middle Class Did not have to be born into money. Could 'buy' your way into becoming a gentleman by investing. Capitalism
New theatre Mixed the old and the new to make it better. Women on stage. Theatre located and accessible to everyone and frequented by the middle class.
Mock Epic High style, low subject matter. A satire or parody mocking classical sterotypes of heroes.
Plots Driven by revelation and concealment. Wore masks to add to the drama.
Refinement Buying the best in clothes, food, earthly goods to advance yourself in class.
Comedy of Manners A form of high comedy, usually about love, that relies on intellectual, not physical comedy. Usually involving high society.
Didactic Poetry A literary work that overtly attempts to instruct or teach a lesson.
Neoclassism Writers that appeal to reason instead of emotion and emphasize order, balance, harmony, and realsim (not romanticism).
Neoclassic Period 1660-1785
Restoration Age 1660-1700 After the puritan ban was lifted on the theatres.
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