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Renaissance overview

Renaissance Lit Overview WGU

Renaissance means? Rebirth
Individualism Stresses independence and self reliance rather than community.
Printing Press Gutenberg
Democracy Demographic features where the power rests within a small elite (oligarical)
Astronomy Leonardo DaVinci made observational drawings of anatomy and nature.
"New Science" Scientific Method, (data, observation, experimentation, hypothesis) Copernicus and Galileo
Blank Verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter
Elizabethan Drama During the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Considered a great age of drama. Shakespeare's time.
Humanism Careful study of and the imitation of classic authors. Striving to speak and write well.
Pastoral Writing that describes the life of shepherds/shepherdesses. Celebrates a golden age characterized by idleness, innocence and simplicity.
Renaissance Period following the middle ages in Europe. Use and adaptation of classical forms. Flourish of the arts.
Romantic Comedy Themes of young lovers almost always with a happy ending. Usually involves a movement from unhappiness to happiness.
Sonnet 14 line love poem. Shakespearean: 3 Quatrains, and a couplet. Italian: Octave and a sestet.
Tragedy Brought on by a character's flaw.
Tragedy of Blood Also called "revenge tragedies"
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