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the awakening


parrot symbolism women being caged/trapped not being understood or listened to but ignored.
Description of Mr. Pontellier "Mr. Pontellier wore eye glasses. He was a man of forty, of medium height and rather slender build; he stooped a little. His hair was brown and straight, parted on one side. His beard was neatly and closely trimmed"
Description of Madam Lebrun - gave orders "She was a fresh, pretty woman, clad always in white with elbow sleeves. Her starched skirts crinkled as she came and went."
Description of Lady in Black wore black; - She could be a widow mourning for her husband - She could be a nun
How does Mr. Pontellier respond to his wife’s being burnt? He looks at her like property losing value; he worries about her looks because she wouldn’t look as pretty.
What aspect of the Pontelliers’ lives does the exchange of rings represent? Mr. Pontellier gives Edna her rings w/o her asking - Sign of intimacy like they know each other well - They do routine; their life is pretty routine
What is Klein’s? A hotel/bar/billiard place almost sounds like a club.
What does Klein’s provide for Mr. Pontellier? An escape/ a break
Does Edna have a similar place? Edna really doesn’t have a place like that.
What does Mr. Pontellier promise to bring the children? bonbon’s and peanuts
How does this promise reflect his role in the family? men = physical provider - ? Associates bringing them their needs as the role of their family.
Description of Edna Her eyes are quick and bright; clever. (yellowish-brown); dark thick eyebrows and; her manners were engaging, captivating face, she is "handsome" not conventionally pretty
Where is Edna from? Kentucky
What is the name of the island on which the Pontelliers and other wealthy Creole families spend their summer vacation? Grand Isle
What is the home Edna moves into in New Orleans called? the Pigeon house
Where does Edna go with Alcée Arobin and Mrs. Highcamp when Léonce is out of town on business? the racetrack
Why did Edna’s father and sister oppose her marriage to Léonce Pontellier? Because he was a Catholic
What do the Farival twins’ parents intend them to do as adults? enter a convent
In what war did Edna’s father, the Colonel, fight? the Civil War
What object does Robert bring back from his trip that makes Edna jealous? a tobacco pouch
Who does Edna go to get info on where Mademoiselle Reisz lives? Madame Lebrun
What does Madame Lebrun's house look like? a prison
Description of Victor "He was a dark-browed, good-lookin youngster of nineteen, greatly resembling his mother, but with ten times her impetuosity."
Victor was flirty with Edna true
Madame Lebrun's color clad in white
Description of Doctor Mandelet "semi retired physician; bore a reputation for wisdom rather than skill" "He was quite portly, with a profusion of gray hair, and small blue eyes which age had robbed of much of their brightness but none of their penetration"
Description of Edna's father/the Colonel "He had been a colonel in the confederate army, and still maintained, with the title, the military bearing which had always accompanied it. His hair and mustache were white and silky, emphasizing the rugged bronze of his face...wore his coats padded"
When Edna's father visits, she paints him. true
Edna invited Mademoiselle Reisz to play for her father but she declined. true
Mr. Pontellier did not attend the soiree musicale with Edna and her dad. true; he thought they were
the story Edna told to her dad, Leonce, and Doctor Mandalet of a woman who paddled away with her lover one night in a pirogue and never came back
Who does Doctor Mandelet think Edna is having an affair with? Alcee Arobin
"Authority, coercion are what is needed. Put your foot down good and hard; the only way to manage a wife. Take my word for it." the Colonel
What did Edna read the night Leonce left? Emerson
Who does Edna go to the racetrack with? Mrs. Highcamp and Alcee Arobin
Where did Mrs. Highcamp's daughter go instead of the race (the first time)? Dante reading
Description of Mr. Highcamp "He was a plain, bald-headed man, who only talked under compulsion. e was unresponsive."
Who does Edna think about when Alcee kisses her hand? Robert
News of Edna moving shocked Mademoiselle Reisz false
"...he would have to be some grand esperit, a man with lofty aims and ability to reach them; ..... It seems to me if I were young and in love I should never deem a man of ordinary caliber worthy of my devotion" (134). Mademoiselle Reisz
What does Edna admit to Mademoiselle Reisz when she finds out Robert is coming back soon? she loves Robert
"By all the codes I am acquainted with, I am a devilishly wicked specimen of the sex. But some way I can't convince myself that I am." Edna Pontellier
"The bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings. It is a sad spectacle to see the weaklings bruised, exhausted, fluttering back to earth." Mademoiselle Reisz
Who gave 'the pigeon house' its name? Ellen
Who does not go to the farewell house party Edna throws? Madame Ratignolle - Labor Madame Lebrun - sends letters of regret
Who goes to Edna's party? Mrs. and Mr. Merriman, Mrs. Highcamp, Alcee Arobin, Mademoiselle Reisz, Victor Lebrun, Monsieur Ratignolle, Miss Mayblunt, Gouvernail
Description of Mrs. and Mr. Merriman Mrs: a pretty, vivacious little woman in the thirties Mr: a jovial fellow, something of a shallow-pat, who laughed a great deal at other people's witticisms; extremely popular
Description of Miss Mayblunt wrote under the name nom de guerre, who looked at the world through lorgnettes and with the keenest interest; intellectual
Description of Gouvernail connected with one of the daily papers, of whom nothing special could be said, except that he was observant and seemed quiet and inoffensive
How many people were at Edna's gathering? 10
What was Mr. Pontellier's mindset when he learned of Edna's plan to move? he was thinking only of his financial integrity; how it might harm his business
What did Mr. Pontellier do so people wouldn't think his business was failing/doing bad bc of Edna's move? 1. he wrote a letter to architect to remodel his house 2. wrote in newspaper Mr. and Mrs. Pontellier were going abroad during the summer , and their house was being remodeled
What does adele say edna reminds her of? a child; she doesn't think about the consequences of her actions; asks edna to have someone stay w her while she is living alone
How long had Robert been in town when he met Edna? he had come in the day before yesterday
What excuse does Robert give for coming back? the Mexicans weren't congenial
Robert at first does not want to stay and dine w Edna when the meet again for the first time. true; he makes up excuses
What does Robert find when he comes to 'the pigeon house'? a photograph of Alcee
Who comes to Edna's when she is having dinner w Robert? Alcee w a message from Mrs. Merriman --after he talks a lil w Robert, Robert leaves
What did Robert recieve from a Vera Cruz girl in Mexico? a tobacco pouch
What did Edna tell the dealer she was thinking of doing? studying abroad in Paris
Placed that attracted edna in ch 36 a cafe garden w a cat
What does edna like abt the cafe garden? it is undiscovered/ not many ppl come
"I am no longer one of Mr. Pontellier's possessions to dispose of or not. I give myself where I choose. If he were to say 'Here, Robert, taker her and be happy, she is yours,' I should laugh at you both." She has fears labels and being seen as a possession; Mr. Pontellier “letting” Edna go – Robert is still in a conventional mindset - Not on the same page as far as what they want; they don’t understand each other
What does Edna see as she is walking into the beach? a bird with a broken wing
When is Leonce coming back? sometime in March
Description of Robert Mr. Pontellier and Edna are more affluent than Robert is. He is younger than Mr. Pontellier; Robert is closer in age to Edna. He has less responsibility/stress than the older characters in the story. Works in a mercantile house
On what is the relationship between Edna and Robert based? In their friendship: they both chat freely; Robert talks a lot bout himself, Edna talks a lot about herself (Women weren't supposed to talk abt themselves a lot.)
“He thought it very discouraging that his wife, who was the sole object of his existence, evinced so little interest in things which concerned him, and valued so little his conversation.” Leonce
What does this statement reveal about Leonce’s expectations for his married relationship? Mr. Pontellier centered. He wants her to care and value their conversations more, which is not a bad thing, but it is the middle of the night.
What stereotypical gender roles are detectable in this conversation? (Raul's possible fever.) He is guilt tripping Edna for not caring or neglecting their children, made Edna feel like she is BAD MOTHER. the stereotypical role of men in society at the time; does not care for Raul bc it is not his role
Edna cries, goes outside, and listens to “the voice of the sea” (13). What does the voice sound like? mournful lullaby
What do these words reveal about Edna’s understanding of her emotions at this time? (Edna crying after fever scene) She doesn’t know why she is crying.—vagueness; she feels an indescribable oppression. This happens often and weigh less compared to his kindness and devotion that he has for her
How is Mr. Pontellier viewed by others in the community? (15) He is loved and adored by the people in the community. He appears as a “good husband” because he sent care packages.
When Edna thinks about Mr. Pontellier? she thinks he’s great. There is some sort of dissatisfaction. Same for Mr. Pontellier he feels that Mrs. Pontellier is failing as a mother, but can’t put a finger on it.
What is a “mother woman”? women who idolized their children, worshipped their husbands, and esteemed it a holy privilege to efface them selves as individuals and grow wings as ministering angels.
What image is created by the description of a “mother woman”? Image of a bird. “threatened their precious brood” (16). – works because it’s common and familiar; birds care for their young and family. . .
Also, notice the religious language in this description. Is it indicative of connection to religion, specifically Catholicism? You are sinful if you don’t fulfill this expectation.
Description of Adele Ratignolle Adele is beautiful and a gorgeous heroin; she has everything Edna doesn’t have; soft and feminine
What is her “condition”? (18) Adele is pregnant which is why she is growing fat; Baby number four.
What are some characteristics of “the Creole people” as Edna describes them at the end of this chapter? Edna is more prudent than the rest of the women. shocked by their behavior of Adele telling a man about her labor/delivery. Book passed around with overt sexual interactions and she keeps it longer than supposed to which as shamed by the women openly.
Why aren’t other people at the resort concerned about the attention Robert gives to Edna? (20) Because his mother owns the resort, he takes the role of the entertainment guide. At one point, it even was Adele – not be viewed as scandalous or inappropriate.
How does Edna feel about Robert’s “advances” towards her? She is uncomfortable. . . .
Why might she say that he’s annoying? 1. She might feel like he is annoying, if she feels as if he is overstepping boundaries. 2. It might cause discomfort if she is happy about being with Robert because she could feel like she’s cheating.
In light of what we’ve read and discussed, explain the 2 contradictory impulses Edna feels at the beginning of the chapter. Where do these feelings come from? To go to the beach and not got to the beach One comes from her internal conscience and the second comes from society
What is interesting about the time in her life at which Edna is feelings and recognizing these things? She doesn’t really now where this feelings is coming from; she is starting to hear a little voice in her head telling; 28 28 is very late to start thinking about who she is or wants to be in the world; she is old (married with kids) ; irresponsible
first think of as beautiful What is significant about the color of their outfits? How does Edna’s differ from Adele’s? Edna – wore a cool muslin; white with a line of brown; big straw hat Adele – veil about her head, and gloves; pure white, ruffles
“How stupid! But it seems to me it is the reply we make instinctively to such a question. Edna
“Of whom – of what are you thinking?” Adele
Edna’s affections (31-32) [they all leave Edna] 1. Dignified and sad-eyed cavalry officer 2. Young gentleman engaged to Edna’s neighbor 3. The great tragedian
Why did she marry Leonce? - It was an accident; married because of his devotion - He flatters her; really likes Edna - Her father and sister disapprove because he is Catholic; she finds that exciting
What does she feel she is sacrificing by marrying him? (33) romance and dreams
What is the role of the little black girl? A reminder of the large context; passed the time of the civil war and illegalized slavery in the deep South. There was not yet equality. She's pushes the button for
Who is Victor? Robert's younger brother
Who is Montel? sends a letter asking Robert to go w him to Mexico
Who is Madam Lebrun? widow; her husband has “taken off” but she is the main proprietor of the state
Describe Mademoiselle Reisz in both appearance and character. She’s not married, old; not a people pleaser, she doesn’t care about what people think, pessimistic, annoyed w the rest of the people at the resort except for Edna. She did not wear the style everyone else wore. She is a foil to Adele.
As the chapter 10 begins and the house guests make their way to the beach, Edna reflects that she misses Robert. To what does she compare this? The way one misses the sun a loudy cloud
What color is present in the description of the setting in Ch. 10? White - it represents renewal and new beginnings and foreshadows that something positive is likely to happen soon
To what is Edna compared when she first swims by herself in ch 10? a toddler/child
Even though it is first her first time swimming alone, Edna completely confident in herself and never feels afraid false
How does Mr. Pontellier respond to Edna swimming alone? he tells her that she really didn't swim tha far out, and that he was watching her the entire time
What does Robert Edna about the 28th of August (the evening of Edna's first swim? he tells her a spirit rises from Gulf on this particular day, and tonight, it found her
After her swim, where does Edna decide to sleep? On the beach
What does Edna realize about her behavior after Leonce comes home and orders her to come inside? out of habit, she normally gives in to such commands, but she cannot understand why she yielded so easily in the past
The longer Edna stays outside, the more she begins to feel like one. . . waking up from a dream
At the end of Chapter 11, Edna and Leonce . . . seem caught in a power struggle as Leonce decides to stay outside when Edna announces she is coming in
What does Edna do the next day which she has not done previously? she calls for Robert and asks him to go to church with her rather than for him to happen upon her.
Description of Mariequita - she has a sly face -she has pretty black eyes -she does not wear shoes, and she has mud between her toes - she spends a great deal of time talking to Robert in a way that intrigues Edna
When Mariequita asks Robert if Edna is his sweetheart, what does he say? "She's a married lady, and has two children."
When Edna begins to feel sick in church, where does Robert take her? to Madame Antoine, a local women
What is Edna beginning to realize? She herself is in some ways different from her other self
What song does Edna recall Robert singing? "If you knew"
2 images Match: "The sudden and brief flair of the match emphasized the darkness for a while" Fan: "u have to stop fanning sometime & feel all the more uncomfortable afterward." - temporary. he'd go back to hot. can't have Edna 4eva he'd rather not have it all.
Robert's awkward Formal/ Refers to her as Ms. Pontellier -- reminder of her marriage
Who does Mademoiselle Reisz say is Madame Lebrun's favorite son? Victor
How does Mr. Pontellier respond to the news that -- on the particular Tuesday described in Chapter 7 -- Edna did NOT stay for her scheduled reception day? He is frustrated and questions Edna about her reasoning. He scolds her about her lack of hospitality might be perceived by other "important people" in their social/network.
Edna talks to her husband about Robert and how life "dull" without him true
Stomps on her wedding ring Throws a vase on the ground bc it can break
"If ever fusion of two human beings into one has been accomplished on this sphere it was surely their union" Mr and Ms Ratignolle
What does Edna sometimes do while she works/paints? She sings, "Ah! sit tu savais!"
Edna wants to go visit Mademoiselle Reisz but she cannot find her address. to whom does she go to request it Madame Lebrun
“The little glimpse of domestic harmony which had been offered her, gave her no regret, no longing.” (93 The Ratignolle's; The relationship society says she should strive for which is the goal, is not what she wants. It can be very depressing for Edna because what she wants is not available to her.
“There’s Madame Ratignolle; because she keeps up her music, she doesn’t let everything else go to chaos. And she’s more of a musician than you are a painter.” Leonce Pontellier
Edna completely abandoned her Tuesdays at home, and did not return the visits of those who had called upon her. true
Also, Mademoiselle Reisz mentions that Robert had sent her a letter about Mrs. Pontellier. Upsetting to Edna because Robert is not writing to her. Robert recognizes societal expectation & doesn’t feel comfortable writing to Edna so he writes to others to find out how she is doing instead.
“...effort. And, moreover, to succeed, the artist must possess the courageous soul. [. . . .] The brave soul. The soul that dares and defies.” Reisz
Notice the description of Mademoiselle Reisz’s apartment. (103) plenty of dingy windows; smoke and soot,, but lots of light and air; you could see the river and ships and a magnificent piano
How does Mademoiselle Reisz greet Edna? she laughed at Edn; surprised by her visit
How does Reisz feel that Edna looks? she looks healthy, handsome and contented
How does Edna react? she cries
What does the letter say? just tells Reisz to play Impromptu of Chopin and know how she reacts to it
Who is Doctor Mandelet? Friend of the family/semi-retired
“Why, I saw her [. . .] walking along Canal Street, the picture of health [. . .]” (109) When Edna is talking w her husband she looks very depressed/sad but when he talks with others (Lebrun's) or by herself she is comfortable
What do the comments imply about intellectualism in women? Concerned Edna is associating w woman working for suffrage; but she says she does not
Why does Dr. Mandelet ask about Edna’s family? (110) to see if there is any illnesses are in the family
“Let your wife alone for awhile.” Doctor Mandalet
The Doctor advises that Edna go to the wedding; Edna does not want to go to the wedding bc it’s one of the most regrettable moment on earth true
What specific imagery does Kate Chopin use to describe Edna and how might it be related to the title? She reminded him of some beautiful sleek animal, waking up in the sun.” -- Edna is awakening to a new revelation of who she is
The Colonel was perhaps unaware that he had coerced his own wife into her grave.” Edna’s mom could’ve killed herself, or she just lived and died a sorrowful life
How can you explain Edna’s change in attitude towards the household possessions, the garden , and the kitchen? What might she be feeling? She feels peace, relief, and more involved in the house
Emerson taught being a non-conformist, not doing what society tells you to do
“It was not despair, but it seemed to her as if life were passing by, leaving its promise broken and unfulfilled.” Edna
Who is Alcee Arobin? womanizer
What about Edna first draws Alcee to her? (124) She grew up around horses so she feels confident and smart talking about horses (at the race track) this is what draws Alcee to her.
“The fever of the game flamed in her cheeks and eyes, and it got into her blood and into her brain like an intoxicant.” describing Edna
“Madame Lebrun might have enjoyed the outing, but for some reason Edna did not want her.” (127) didn't want to be reminded of Robert
What is significant about Alcee’s appearance at Edna’s door several days later without Mrs. Highcamp? (126) Mrs. Highcamp had no intention of coming; Urges Edna to invite someone else which is very random, spur of the moment; doesn’t straight up say that he wants to go alone w her bc he doesn’t want it to seem social unacceptable
Why does Edna feel like she has committed an act of infidelity? She can see he is clearly motivated to use her but she doesn’t care and only so they can continues acts of passion like this; she doesn’t have any feelings for him and only wants to use him for the intimacy.
"He sometimes talked in a way that astonished her at first and brought the crimson into her face; in a way that pleased her at last, appealing to the animalism that stirred impatiently within her." Alcee Arobin - edna blushes bc of the way he speaks to her/ alcee is flirty - edna blushes bc she is aroused by his words
How does Mademoiselle Reisz explain Robert's tendency to write to her rather than Edna? Robert loves her but is trying to forget her
Does mademoiselle Reisz believe Robert is "ordinary"? Why might she say this? How does Edna respond? tries to provoke Edna and get her to defend Robert bc she likes him, too which Edna does and admits she loves him
Edna seems to want and need Alcee's reassurance. She looks to him for advice on how to feel? false
Which of the following is NOT a feeling Edna has when Alcee leaves? does not feel remorse or shame
colors highlighted in the description of the evening's decor - red - yellow -gold/silver
What word is used to describe Edna's appearance at her party? regal
What evidence is there in this chapter that Edna is completely aware of herself and taking advantage of the opportunity Alcee presents to pursue her passions? she holds his face and has control over the kiss
Why does Edna feel regret? She regrets that it wasn’t out of love/ because of the person she is currently with If she hadn’t did what she did with Alcee she wouldn’t know sumthn abt herself – the experience was meaningful ; wishes this experience would have been w someone else
Although Alcee seems anxious to spend time with Edna, Edna’s behavior towards him can be characterized as indifferent. She’s playing hard to get; Alcee wants to spend more time together but Edna is in a position of power
"but as she sat there amidst her guests. She felt the old ennui overtaking her….acute longing, overpowering her at once with the sense of the unattainable” (147-148). - In this happy atmosphere She feels lonely; longing for the “beloved one” who seems unattainable
The guests pay attention to Victor ..: “the image of desire” – he starts singing the song “If You Knew” that Robert sang first Reinforce Edna’s affection for Robert; she is annoyed by the resemblance of Robert in Victor’s
Her and Alcee are cleaning up after the party and Alcee keeps petting her/touching her he says he will leave but doesn't. . . . She doesn’t enjoy using Alcee/his presence anymore; She just goes along w/ what he wants to do opposed of wanting something herself
this leads Edna to walk into the ocean Robert comes back - His language towards her isn’t the same and that’s not what she wants; she doesn’t know how to deal with that bc it’s not what she wants
“A hundred times Edna had pictured Robert’s return…” she pictured something super romantic where he ran back from Mexico and says I Love You…
Reality of Edna and Robert's reunion sat 10 feet apart at the window -- Edna picking apart leaves and Robert is twirling around on the piano stool; VERY awkward meeting
Robert is very aware of social expectation; Edna is trying to get him to say that he loves her but he knows nothing will come of it true
Robert compares it to bearing a wound for the pleasure of looking at it, without the intention or power of healing it” (176). - he is being selfish - He is also being protective of Edna from society
Edna leaving to join Adele in her labor symbolizes her reminder of Edna going back to her life/responsibilities; she has not thought about the fact she has to take her kids back at some point
“Think of the children, Edna. Oh think of the children! Remember them!” (182). Adele Ratignolle - Reminding her of her obligations; guilt-tripping Edna into remembering to take on the role she is neglecting
“I love you. Good-by – because I love you” (185). Robert Lebrun - He cuts off their relationship ; he has control
Edna drowning in Grand Isle 1. She is exhausted; she thought she would be able to have a relationship that would be fulfilling w Robert but that’s over ; Drowns in the water: baptism/renewal; 2. her suicide gave her control over what she wants
Why does she return to Grand Isle? The beginning of where she started to figure out who she is/what she wanted
"[O]ne is really forced as a matter of convenience these days to assume the virtue of an occupation if he has it not..” Alcee Arobin; his last name being used for a lawyer company
Where are Edna's children throughout most of the novel? With their grandmother in Iberville
what type of activities did they do at the Lebrun party on Sunday? music, dancing, recitation
What are the names of Edna's two children? Etienne and Raul
works occasionally for Edna, and says that she will come stay with Edna and do her work in the Pigeon House Old Celestine
Monsieur Ratignolle's profession owned a drug store
Edna's younger sister, whose wedding Edna refuses to attend because of her distaste for marriage. Janet
Edna's older sister, who raised Edna after their mother died. Margaret
When Edna feels faint at the Sunday service on the island of Chênière Caminada, she and Robert go to her place for the day Madame Antoine
the place were they have Mass Cheniere
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