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Excel Lessons 7-10

mixed cell reference a cell reference with absolute and relative references in it
Ctrl C keyboard combination for copy is
equal sign every formula begins with
fill command copies data or formulas to adjacent cells
Ctrl ` shortcut to show formulas
Sheet the option to add gridlines is under the ___ tab in page setup
active cell the cell that is ready for data entry
drag and drop the method of copying data while holding the Ctrl key
format painter a tool that copies the format of data in a cell
sum the function that adds a range of cells
formula a worksheet instruction that performs a calculation
complex formula a formula with more than one calculation
left columns are inserted to the ________ of the active column
order of precedence the order of evaluation of a formula in Excel
transpose a method to rearrange data by switching the positions of the columns and rows
scale allows the data in a worksheet to print larger or smaller on the page
absolute a cell reference that stays the same when copied or moved
hide removes a row or column of a worksheet from view
above rows are inserted ____ the active cell
relative a cell reference that changes relative to the new locations when copied or moved
fill handle the green square at the lower right of a cell
print titles the command that allows row and column labels to reprint on each page of a worksheet
autofit a command in Excel that determines how wide the column needs to be based on the longest entry
currency a number format in Excel that adds a dollar sign before the value
margin the option to center a worksheet horizontally and vertically on the page is on the _____ tab of page setup
wrap text a feature that formats long text entries in a cell on multiple lines within a cell
range a block of cells in a worksheet is called a range
max a function that determines the largest value in a range of values
min a function that determines the smallest value in a range of values
dollar sign this makes a cell reference absolute
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