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The Watsons Go to Birmingham (TWGTB)

confrontation acts of opposing or standing face to face against someone or something
demonstrations public meetings or parades in which people show how they feel about and issue
picketing marching or standing outside a business, government building, or other place and carrying signs to show opposition to a policy or practice
banned made illegal/forbade
boycotts protest in which people refuse to buy someone's merchandise or use someone's services
sit-ins protest in which people sit down in a place and refuse to leave
strove tried hard
segregation practice of keeping different races or groups of people apart
interracial between people of different races
prohibited outlawed, forbidden
pervasive widespread
discrimination show of prejudice or bias against a group of people or an individual in that group
amended changed, revised
curve balls baseball pitches that unexpectedly change direction
fluttered shook rapidly, trmbled
sonic boom an explosive sound caused by planes moving faster than the speed of sound
electrocuted killed with an electric shock
whirlpool dangerously spinning body of water
scolding correcting angrily, nagging
wilier more crafty or sly
frequencies the tone or level of sound vibrations
bad - dispositioned unhappy & irritable
pathetic inspiring pity
facilities rooms or building used for a special purpose, such as restrooms ad restaurants
sanitation relating to hygiene especially a clean water supply
offended had one's feeling hurt, was insulted
transferred moved, sent
grapevine an informal means of spreading information from person to person
eavesdropped listened secretly
accustomed get used to something
maestro master of an art such as musical conductor
swoon faint
patter informal/rapid chatter
enhance improve/make better
technician person who is expert in the mechanics of some device or machine
hacked carelessly cut or chopped
haphazardly randomly, by chance
grasped understood/realized
exculsive unique
phonic having to do with sound
dispersal condition of being spread out or scattered
seniority privilege that comes from being older
pinnacle peak or highest point
ultimate something that is the greatest or highest possible
tolerate put up with
linoleum smooth floor tiles
conscience sense of right and wrong
peon impoverished laborer, especially one who does menial work
traitor betraying
flamethrower a weapon that shoots fire
frostbite freezing or partial freezing of part of the body
hypnotized in a trance - like state
zombie person in a sleep like state and with a strange appearance
pliers a tool used for gripping or bending objects
radioactive giving off dangerous levels of nuclear radiation
reinforcements additional or supporting forces
desperate wanting intensely
punctual on time
bravo very good
emulate imitate or copy
intimidate to bully or threaten
assure encouraging by promising
incapable not able
hostile unfriendly or threatening
Flypaper sticky paper made to catch flies
landlord person who rents property to others
juvenile delinguent person under 18 who gets into a lot of trouble
thermostat device for controlling temperature
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